Neighborhoods with best communities in NYC

You might be moving within NYC, from outside the state, or even from a different country. When moving to NYC, it’s important to get familiar with the boroughs and neighborhoods of NYC. Also, it’s good to discover what kind of communities are in each neighborhood. This will help you make the best decision about settling in one of them. And who can introduce you to neighborhoods with best communities in NYC better than Best Movers NYC? So, let’s dive into this together and get more familiar with NYC.

At first glance

What most people have heard about NYC’s neighborhoods usually includes the most popular ones. For newcomers, Manhattan and Brooklyn are the most popular boroughs. When it comes to cultural activities and vibrant atmosphere, the best ones, according to most, are Queens and Bronx. For those who like to be away from all the crowd but still be in NYC, the best choice is Staten Island since it’s the least dense and has more green spaces.

However, within these most popular boroughs, there are plenty of NYC neighborhoods to explore. We’ll go into more detail about neighborhoods with best communities in NYC, so stay tuned. You will certainly learn some new facts that could impact your decision, so pay close attention! 

A view of neighborhoods with best communities in NYC
Everybody has heard about the most popular neighborhoods in NYC. But some less know ones are among the neighborhoods with best communities in NYC.

Neighborhoods of Manhattan

You sure know about Manhattan movers, but did you know there are 17 neighborhoods in this borough alone? Yes, that is a lot of communities. And they all have their different and unique vibes. The neighborhoods of Manhattan are Upper West Side, Upper East Side, Midtown West Clinton, Midtown East, Garment District, Murray Hill, Chelsea, Gramercy Flatiron, West Village, East Village, Soho, Nolita Little Italy, Tribeca, Lower East Side, Battery Park, Financial District, and Chinatown.

Some of these neighborhoods are residential, and some are commercial. Of course, the residential ones offer communities and the home feel – we will focus on those further down the line.


As the name suggests, Chinatown is mostly inhabited by Chinese people. In fact, this is home to the biggest Chinese community in the Western Hemisphere. However, even though most Chinese and other Asian people live in Chinatown as well. This neighborhood was formed by Chinese immigrants who wanted to unite and fight for their rights and against racism together. Today, new immigrants that arrive in NYC can find a lot of help in this very place. The birthplace of this place and its main street is Mott Street. Most immigrants coming to Chinatown are from Hong Kong and Guangdong. 

Of course, Chinatown is the best place to have Chinese (and Asian) food. You’ll be able to choose from more than 200 restaurants around the neighborhood. Also, if you care for counterfeit clothes, bags, or watches, you can find them all in Chinatown. You’ll find hundreds of stores, even houses, and basements that are filled with copies of Gucci, Prada, Dior, or any other brand, really. However, in any case, this is a neighborhood that is a must-visit place regardless of where you end up living.

A couple enjoying Asian food in Chinatown
Chinatown is the best neighborhood to learn more about Asian, specifically Chinese culture, and have some delicious food.

Lower East Side

This is for sure one of the historically important areas of NYC. Lower East Side was established by the first immigrants that arrived in NYC. Therefore this area is very culturally diverse and exciting. This neighborhood extends from Chinatown and Little Italy to East River. It’s close to Ellis Island, which explains why most immigrants settled there. In the past, the Lower East side was a thriving neighborhood with all the newcomers. However, over time this area also became a place for people with lower income since the accommodation was cheaper.

SoHo (South of Houston)

This is the area west of Little Italy and is bordered by Houston Street, Lafayette Street, and West Broadway. It’s a very fancy area with a lot of exclusive stores and trendy restaurants. SoHo was reinvented in the 70s when many aspiring young artists moved to this area because of the low rent. Before this, SoHo was an industrial area known as Hell’s Hundred Acres. An interesting fact about this neighborhood is that, during Prohibition, this area was full of regular places, such as barber shops, convenience stores, etc. However, they all were camouflaged bars where alcohol was served secretly. Today, this area is filled with those bars and they are very cool and unique.

Woman on the crosswalk in NYC
The streets of NYC are always busy, but you will find neighborhoods that are quiet and peaceful.

TriBeCa (Triangle Below Canal Street)

This NYC neighborhood is located in lower Manhattan and is one of the most bohemian areas of the city. It is an expensive area to live in as well. Similar to SoHo, this area was also industrial in the past. Later on, all the old warehouses were transformed into stores, restaurants, and even apartments. Tribeca became famous the same way SoHo did. With young aspiring artists moving to SoHo because of the low rent, the neighborhood became popular and more people relocated there. Those same artists then moved to Tribeca and repeated the same process.

However, this neighborhood became way more famous after actor Robert De Niro set the Tribeca Film Center and the Tribeca Film Festival in this area. This neighborhood is home to many celebrities today. If you want Scarlett Johansson, Mariah Carey, Meryl Streep, Leonardo DiCaprio, Robert De Niro, or Justin Timberlake to be your neighbors, this is the place for you. Even to this day, many young artists use long distance movers Manhattan offers to start their career hunt and settle in Tribeca.

Rooftops in Tribeca
Unlike the 19th century when Tribeca was an industrial area, today it’s filled with luxurious apartments and rooftops.

Neighborhoods of Brooklyn

Brooklyn is the most populated borough in NYC, with approximately 2.5 million people living in it. Brooklyn was a city on its own until 1898, when it “joined” New York City. However, the district culture and feel are still very present in this area. What’s interesting about Brooklyn is that most of its neighborhoods are enclaves where specific ethnic groups of people are predominant and where the common culture of the group paints the area. Most people call up best movers Brooklyn has and settle into areas with “their own” people. There are more than 40 neighborhoods in Brooklyn. We will talk about some of them that are among the neighborhoods with the best communities in NYC.

Brooklyn Heights is for sure one of the neighborhoods with the best communities in NYC

Filled with Federal-style townhouses, this neighborhood is one of the most desirable in NYC. It’s very popular among home buyers and renters as one of the places to raise a family in NYC because you can find several elite private schools in this area. This is an expensive area and is mostly reserved for those with high incomes. Many people from Manhattan move to Brooklyn Heights to exchange their Manhattan apartments with some classic brownstones or pre-war co-ops. You can even find wooden houses from the early 1800s. They are mostly located on the famous Middagh Street. This neighborhood is also wanted by newcomers because the commute is very convenient, and there are plenty of buildings and homes to choose from. These are usually unique and elite, which attracts those who want that lifestyle.

Cobble Hill

Bordered by Brooklyn Heights and Downtown Brooklyn, Cobble Hill is a neighborhood that was formed by Dutch immigrants in the 1600s. This used to be a rural area even after Brooklyn Heights boomed, but once Brooklyn was incorporated into a village, Cobble Hill became a suburban area. This area, like many others in Brooklyn, is popular because it’s a peaceful neighborhood that is still close to all the things happening “in the city”. Many people also choose Cobble Hill because it offers a slightly lower cost of living than the surrounding neighborhoods. Some might argue that Cobble Hill has the best vintage vibes in all of Brooklyn. Many businesses have moved there with commercial movers NYC and adjusted their brand to Cobble Hill’s vintage aesthetics.

Colorful rowhouses in Brooklyn
What makes these Brooklyn neighborhoods so attractive are the beautiful rowhouses.

Williamsburg is another one of the neighborhoods with the best communities in NYC

This neighborhood is considered to be one of the coolest in NYC. You can find all types of homes and apartments here. Many would agree that Williamsburg is one of the neighborhoods with the best communities in NYC. This is a place that is filled with creative people and artists, as well as great food. If you are a foodie, you will love Williamsburg. Numerous restaurants and foods from around the world are available in this area and in Brooklyn. Many people have moved to Williamsburg from other parts of the city and country because of the vibrant and lively atmosphere in this part of NYC. There are also many places to spend your free time, such as McCarren Park, Pete’s Candy Store, Brooklyn Steel, and other Williamsburg’s very own places that attract people from all over NYC.


This neighborhood is located between Bed Stuy and East Williamsburg. Historically, this area is a working-class neighborhood. It started booming when people who didn’t want to live specifically in Williamsburg started settling right outside of it. There are a lot of historical buildings here as well. People looking to settle in Bushwick can look for a place in either those cool-looking buildings or in one of the modern apartment buildings since both styles are present here. Bushwick became famous for its street art, music, and cool eateries.

What’s interesting is that you will find old warehouses in this neighborhood that were transformed into event venues or spaces for street art to be displayed and sold. Places like the old warehouses have also been transformed into nightlife spots since Bushwick likes to have a good time. In conclusion, if you are an artsy and laid-back person, you would enjoy this neighborhood.

Downtown Brooklyn

This neighborhood became the education center of Brooklyn. Long Island University,  New York City College of Technology, Brooklyn Law School, St. Francis College, and the NYU Tandon School of Engineering are all located in Downtown Brooklyn. This area makes life very convenient with a lot of available transportation, great food, and unique culture. There are a lot of green areas in Downtown Brooklyn that give it a special feeling of relaxation. Many people chose this area because it gives the true downtown city experience but it also feels like home. If you like to be in the center of things and close to everything, this would be a good area for you.

Brooklyn Bridge and tall buildings
Brooklyn’s neighborhoods are considered to be some of the prettiest in the state.

Neighborhoods of Queens

This is the largest borough of NYC by area. Queens is home to over two million people. Almost half of Queen’s residents are immigrants, and you can feel the mix and diversity through different Queens neighborhoods. People from all over the world chose best movers in Queens because of its unique culture. We will talk about the neighborhoods with the best communities in this area.

Astoria is among the neighborhoods with best communities in NYC

The first neighborhood we’ll mention is probably the first that comes to mind when mentioning Queens. Astoria is about 20 minutes away from the center of NYC by subway. This is the reason why many professionals working in the city chose to settle in Astoria. A lot of young people are moving to Queens without a job and looking for jobs there as well. The most popular part of this neighborhood is Astoria Park where residents and people from other parts of the city come to spend their free time and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

This part of NYC is known for its two beer gardens, good restaurants, and fun nightlife. You can stay out partying or hanging out until 4 in the morning in Astoria. You will find bars and nightclubs open until late and many young people enjoying their time. This is also possible because Astoria is quite safe. There is no need to worry about something bad happening since street crime is very rare.

People relaxing in Astoria Park
Astoria Park is one of many green areas in Queens where people like to have picnics or relax.

Long Island City

People say that if you live in Long Island City, you might never want to cross the river and go anywhere else. This is because this neighborhood can offer you everything you want. Long Island City residents, as well as other New Yorkers, enjoy  Long Island City’s art galleries, trendy restaurants, and nightlife. This neighborhood also preserved the historical buildings and updated the architecture with modern apartment buildings. Places in Long Island City where residents tend to go for some leisure are Hunters Point South Park and Gantry Plaza State Park. However, if you decide to go to Manhattan, you’re about 5 minutes away by subway, which is another convenience when living in this neighborhood. This area is for sure one of the neighborhoods with best communities in NYC.

Forest Hills

This is another NYC neighborhood that is great for families. Forest Hills is filled with green spaces and parks. There are also great schools in this part of the city. Therefore, many families decide to move here. Another reason is safety. You will not have to worry about crime happening on the streets of Forest Hills. Many buildings in this are done in the Tudor style. Austin Street is filled with boutiques and fine-dining restaurants. You can have some great Italian or Middle Eastern food in Forest Hills. If you like attending concerts, you will find many big names performing at the Forest Hills Stadium. There is something for everyone. In case you prefer hiking, there are 500 acres of hiking trails and hills in the local Forest Park. When speaking of best communities and neighborhoods in Queens, Forest Hill is for sure up there.

Bellerose is a unique place and one of the neighborhoods with best communities in NYC

This neighborhood in eastern Queens is unique. Bellerose is far removed from all the noise and buzz of the city. This area is not connected to the subway system, so if you want to live in NYC but in quiet, this is the place. Bellerose has about 30.000 residents, and most of them are families. Single-family homes are basically the only housing option. The schools in this area are above average. An urban suburb with a lot of coffee shops, restaurants, parks, and space. Driving in this neighborhood is not stressful, and even though it’s not connected to the subway, Bellerose is still convenient.

Neighborhoods of the Bronx

Last borough that we will talk about is the Bronx. A lot of people who want to make a change and move from busy Manhattan, Brooklyn or the Queens decide to ask for the help of Bronx movers. This area is very diverse, and that is what’s specific about it. There are many green spaces in the Bronx as well and a lot of parking space. Home of the famous New York Yankees, Bronx is serious about their sports. Regarding commuting, it might be slightly less convenient than in other boroughs we listed, but it’s still decent. You can find all types of housing in the Bronx. Now let’s talk about its neighborhoods!

Yankee Stadium in the Bronx
Yankee Stadium in the Bronx where you can find some of the neighborhoods with best communities in NYC.

Riverdale, as one of the neighborhoods with best communities in NYC

This North Bronx neighborhood is a leafy area full of trees and parks. This was a summer retreat place for rich New Yorkers who came to Riverdale to enjoy their vacation in their Tudor-style mansions. Many of these houses are still there today, which gives this neighborhood a special look. Today, about 80 percent of Riverdale’s housing is co-op. Many say that Riverdale gives you a small-town feeling because of its quiet streets, wide lawns, and friendly residents. The colorful Riverdale Avenue is the main strip in the neighborhood. You’ll find many locally-owned restaurants and shops on this street. If you like quiet and early nights, Riverdale is the place for you, as there is no loud nightlife here.


This is deemed to be the place where those who are tired of expensive Manhattan rent tend to go. This neighborhood is located south of Riverdale, in the northwestern Bronx. It’s an area that has a unique look to it because it’s very hilly. What makes this neighborhood less dense than the others are the spacious mid-rise apartments. However, you can find single-family houses as well as two or tree-family buildings. This area is attracting a lot of people in their 20s and 30s because of its affordability. You can choose between renting or buying your apartment or house in NYC. This neighborhood is good for you if you are on a budget.


This area is located in the West Bronx and it’s home to many student renters that attend the Fordham University. This neighborhood is popular because it’s very close to Little Italy, the Bronx Zoo and The New York Botanical Garden. This neighborhood has about 95,000 residents. A lot of old prewar buildings are being renovated and adjusted to newcomer’s needs. Fordham is filled with parks, coffee shops, bars and restaurants. Aside from the student renters, there are a lot of families living in this neighborhood and most residents rent their homes.

A giraffe at the Bronx zoo
Visiting the Bronx zoo is a great activity you can do with your family or friends.


With its historical buildings, this neighborhood is located north of the Harlem River and goes until below Van Cortlandt Park. This area is known for the Beaux-Arts, Tudor, and Art Deco style buildings. Some important places are close to this neighborhood. Some of those places are the Bronx Museum of Arts, Joyce Kilmer and Franz Sigel parks,  Pregones/Puerto Rican Traveling Theater and the famous Yankee Stadium. This area, like many in NYC offers great restaurants, bars, and hip nightlife. About 95% of Concourse residents are renting their homes and apartments. The rent prices are affordable in this area.

We filled you in on the neighborhoods with best communities in NYC

We have offered you plenty of options and given some information about neighborhoods with best communities in NYC. It’s your time to make a decision. However, please keep in mind that there are many more good neighborhoods in NYC and that you should do your own research based on your goals and what you’re looking for. One thing is for sure; this city will never disappoint you. You will surely find what you’re looking for in the Big Apple. We wish you the best of luck.


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