How to Move to Queens Without a Job?

Moving is something that requires good time management and a budget. Many people would not consider moving to a new place without securing a job, but it’s not as scary as it may seem, especially if you’re moving to Queens! Since you will be moving to one of the most diverse neighborhoods in the world where you will find many different people, cultures, food, and everything imaginable, you will find many job opportunities. So, let’s do some digging and find out how to move to Queens without a job!

Things to know about Queens before moving there

One of the most famous neighborhoods in NYC today, Queens was not always a part of New York City. In the past, Queens was a conglomerate of very widely spread villages that were not connected. It was mostly covered in farmland and forests. This made it hard to create an address system. But it all changed in 1989 when these scattered villages turned into a neighborhood and Queens became a part of NYC.

Wide street in Queens, NYC
Queens was once covered in farms and forests and today it’s a beautiful neighborhood with wide streets.

Queens has around 2.3 million residents and it could easily be a city on its own. If this ever happened, Queens would be in the top 5 biggest cities in the whole country. If you’re flying often, you’re in a great place because both major NYC airports are located in Queens (JFK and LaGuardia). But don’t worry, this does not mean Queens is loud and crazy. Even with the two airports in it, Queens remains a quiet and relaxed neighborhood. 

As one of the most important places in Queens, Flushing Meadows Corona Park is home to the most iconic symbol of Queens – Unisphere. In 1964/1965, Unisphere was commissioned for the New York State World’s Fair. This beloved symbol represents all the planet’s continents and it was built on the theme of “Peace through Understanding.” In 2010, Unisphere was renovated and no one comes to Queens without seeing it.

Figure out how to move to Queens without a job

Moving is a big decision and having things settled in your new home is important. Having a job is one of the crucial factors in this. However, moving without a job is not an impossible mission and others have done it. Let’s see how to move to Queens without a job following some useful tips. Some useful things you can do are:

  • Check what you are up against! This means you should check what jobs are available in Queens. See what companies are located there and if are there any jobs that fit what you’re looking for. Don’t move unprepared and hope to find the best option, try to find it before you’re there.
  • Have your CV on point and ready! You never know if you will have where to print your resume and if you will have time for it when you first arrive in Queens. Think about printing out plenty of copies of your resume and be ready for job hunting after you settle.
  • Side jobs can save your life! While looking to land your dream job, don’t be sitting around stressing out. A side hustle can be your best friend at this time. Try looking for bartending, babysitting, or online jobs that you can do until you get that one job you’ve been waiting for.
A man working in a bar thinking about how to move to Queens without a job
When thinking about how to move to Queens without a job, it’s important to be ready for side jobs when you first arrive.

Make sure you remember these tips and utilize them once you’re in Queens. Also, consider giving a call to any old friends or acquaintances you may have in Queens. Keeping connections can help you with your move before and after it happens. Other than your friends, you might want to think about connecting with Best Movers NY to see how much you might have to save up for this move.

Queens is a good place to move and find a job

Even though you might not have that dream job waiting for you in Queens, the good news is that there are plenty of opportunities waiting for you over there. There are 52 thousand businesses located in this borough! This fact should make you more relaxed and optimistic. What else is good in Queens?

Before we move to some cool facts about living in Queens, remember to find good movers for your relocation. Queens movers offer you full insight into moving to this area so need to waste too much time looking for other movers. You can get in touch and get a quote so you can work out your budget. 

What else is good about living in Queens?

Other than good movers, a cool thing about living and working in Queens is that local jobs require very little commute time. Even better than that, you are not really at a disadvantage if you don’t own a vehicle. Not having a car in Queens is not a problem because multiple subway lines and busses run through all corners of Queens. If you prefer the train, you can always use the famous Long Island Railroad.

In case you don’t have a car and no one is helping you move your important belongings to your new home in Queens, make sure you figure that out. If you’re bringing you’re favorite furniture, TV or microwave, residential movers Queens can help you with that. This way you can focus on looking for a job without worrying about the move too much.

Public transportation in Queens is very convenient.
Commuting in Queens is not something to worry about since both public transportation and parking are very convenient.

However, if you are lucky enough to have a car, the good thing is you won’t have to go through parking spot frustration. The cool thing about Queens is that there are plenty of street parking spots and garages.

You should look forward to be living in Queens!

As previously mentioned, living in Queens will give you an opportunity to experience the whole world in one place. Even though you might worry about how to move to Queens without a job, with over 52.000 businesses around you, the jobs will find you if you don’t find them.

You will be in a great place to settle and grow. With so many big and small businesses around you, you might want to start your own business! Don’t forget who helped you move and if you grow enough to relocate your business, commercial movers in Queens can help you efficiently move your office anywhere.

You’ve already made this big decision to move, so don’t be worried about how to move to Queens without a job, you will do just fine! If you make sure to follow the tips above and look at the pros of moving to Queens, you’ll be an employee of the month at any job in no time!


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