Questions to ask an NYC commercial moving company

Moving is a stressful time for anyone, and hiring the wrong moving company can only add stress to the experience! In addition, moving your business either to or from NYC will take a lot of time and planning. So, we should be very careful when choosing a professional moving company. We should take our time and screen commercial movers carefully before making our final choice. Still, some people have no experience with moving and do not know the best way to choose the right moving company. To help you, we at Best Movers NY have come up with this list of useful questions to ask an NYC commercial moving company.

The first question to ask your commercial movers is about their experience with moving business

Commercial moving involves many different types of relocation procedures and services. So, it is quite different from residential moving. Some commercial movers might specialize in a few types of commercial relocation services, while others might offer a wide range of services. So, when interviewing some of the best commercial movers NYC offers, remember to ask about the types of relocation they have experience with. They might be a reputable and reliable company, but they might not have any experience with the type of move you require. So, to avoid wasting time, this is the first and one of the most important questions to ask an NYC commercial moving company.

Commercial moves moving boxes
Make sure to ask the movers about their experience with different types of moving

Should the moving company have experience with the type of move you require, then you can move along this list of questions to ask them. If not, you can continue searching until you find a company that is experienced enough to handle your relocation. Also, you will rest assured that, by asking this question, you will get a moving company that will handle the move in the best way possible.

Then, ask the NYC moving company about their credentials and licenses

Another essential question to ask your movers is regarding their licenses. Recently, there have been more and more moving scams, and we should do our best to avoid falling victim to them. The best way to do this is to confirm that the moving company is legitimate. So, remember to ask for the company’s credentials. If they refuse to provide you with a clear answer or they evade the question, then you should understand this as a red flag. The company may not be legitimate, and you should not risk wasting time and resources by hiring them. Ask the local movers in NYC about their DOT number, their ProMover certificate, and their BBB accreditation. Let’s take a look at why they are important.

  • If the movers have a DOT number, then it means they are properly registered with the Department of Transportation and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). Once the movers provide you with the number, you can look it up on the FMCSA website and make sure they are legitimate.
  • The ProMover certificate is awarded to companies with a perfect record by the American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA). This means the moving company has no history of fraud or failure to comply with regulations.
  • The Better Business Bureau (BBB) accreditation is similar to the AMSA certificate. If a company possesses this accreditation, it means they are a trustworthy and professional company.

Remember to ask about the insurance the movers offer

When moving, one important thing to consider is to keep your items safe. It is important that they reach their destination intact, but unpredictable things can happen along the way. So, it is important to ask your movers about the insurance they offer and what kind of damages they cover. Most companies offer one of two types of coverage. The first one is full value protection, and it means all your items are covered. However, you will have to pay for everything to be insured.

The second type is limited value protection. Most companies offer this type of insurance for free, and they usually cover up to 60% of the value of damaged goods. So, consider the type of items you will be moving. Keep in mind to talk with your long distance movers NYC about the type of coverage they suggest.

Asking about insurance is one of important questions to ask an NYC commercial moving company
Remember to ask about the insurance they offer before you sign a contract

Ask the NYC commercial moving company whether they are a carrier or a broker

This is an important question to ask your NYC commercial moving company. Most companies act as a mix of both carrier and broker. A carrier company performs all the services related to moving by themselves. However, a broker outsources the move to other subcontractor companies. You should know who will handle your items, especially if you are moving long distances. So, ask your long distance movers Manhattan for more information on how they organize and handle long distance relocations.

Make sure the NYC movers really know the city well

Movin a business in NYC is an experience that is quite different from moving in smaller cities. So, your movers should know the city well to be able to conduct a safe and efficient relocation. And Manhattan is especially tricky as it is always so busy. So, remember to check with the commercial movers Manhattan concerning how well they know the city. Also, ask them how long they have been working in New York City and whether they are located in the city. Make sure they comply with all the moving regulations that are specific to New York. Asking all these questions will help you feel more at ease, and you will know you have selected the best commercial movers in New York City for yourself.

New York City skyline
Another on the list of questions to ask an NYC commercial moving company is how well they actually know the city

One of the most important questions to ask an NYC commercial moving company is about additional moving fees and hidden costs

Most legitimate and trustworthy companies have no hidden fees or costs. In fact, they provide a detailed breakdown of the bill and all the services they offer. However, some companies give a low estimate, but the final bill that you get is much higher. This is because they do not mention the cost of their additional services. They just give the base price, but obscure the fact that they charge extra for packing, moving the boxes from your home to the truck, climbing up and down the stairs, and many other things. If you are moving from Queens, make sure to ask the commercial movers in Queens about the quote they give you. Inquire if that is the final price or if there can be some additional costs to look for after the move.

Ask the movers where you can read some customer reviews

Customer reviews are a great way to find out more about the company and how they work. They are usually written by people who have experience moving with the given company. So, ask the movers where (and if) you can read some customer testimonials about their company. You can check their website as it usually has some great reviews about the company. However, moving companies usually put the best reviews on their website, and they ignore the bad ones. So, you should also check out independent websites, such as Yelp or Great Guys. This will give you a more realistic idea of the company. You should always be wary of one-sided reviews, be they very good or very bad. The most trustworthy ones are those that list both the good and the bad things about the company.

Customer review
Ask the movers about the customer reviews and be wary of stellar, five-star reviews

Another important question to ask an NYC commercial moving company is whether their crew is experienced

This question is important because you will find out several important things about the company. If the company has an experienced crew that has been with them for a long time, then this tells you the crew is happy with the company. Also, it will tell you that damages are less likely to occur because the crew has lots of experience with moving. Still, you should make sure to ask that they have experience with the specific type of services you will require. Also, you should check whether the crew is covered by workers’ compensation insurance. Moving in New York, including the Bronx, could result in injuries to the crew. If they have no insurance, you could potentially be liable for damages. So, ask the commercial movers in the Bronx about their experience and insurance coverage.

Confirm the NYC movers offer any and all special services you will need

The next question on the list of questions to ask an NYC commercial moving company is about special services. When you look for a commercial mover in New York, you should find one that offers all the special services you may need. Many moving companies offer additional services, such as expedited moving and packing services. Some movers do not charge extra for those services, but others do. There are many commercial movers Brooklyn has to offer, so make sure to ask about the additional services when you look for a mover in Brooklyn.

The nest on the list of questions to ask an NYC commercial moving company is about the special services they offer
Confirm that the NYC commercial moving company offers additional services you will require

Once you find a commercial mover that offers the type of service you need, make sure they have experience with that type of service. Try to find references or ask the movers to verify their claims. It is always better to be safe and to be well informed. And, a professional company will be happy to answer all your questions to put your mind at ease.

Remember to ask the commercial movers for a binding quote

The next important question to ask is whether the movers offer a binding quote. This means that they will give you a final figure they will not exceed. When trying to get a quote from a company, always insist they come to the location. Some fraudulent companies give estimates over the phone, and there is a very high possibility they will exceed them. However, professional companies usually visit the site of the move before they give an estimate. It is very important to be able to avoid a scam, especially when it involves moving. So, getting a binding estimate is essential, especially when it comes to moving commercially. Luckily, legitimate and professional movers always provide customers with a binding quote.

Finally, if you need storage services, ask whether the movers use their own facilities

The last, but definitely not least, question you should ask your commercial movers is about their storage facilities. Moving commercially probably means you will require to use storage for a period of time. Most commercial movers have their own storage facilities. Others hire subcontractors who provide storage facilities. So, you should know whether the company has its own facilities or if they subcontract them. Also, you should ask about the safety and security of the facilities. you could potentially need to use storage for a while, so you should rest assured your items will be safe there. Also, ask your commercial movers in Staten Island about the price of using the storage facilities. Some commercial movers do not charge high fees for storage, but others do. In that case, you should look for a storage facility that offers more affordable rates.

Ask your NYC commercial moving company about their storage units
Ask your NYC movers if they have their own storage facilities

Moving commercially is a stressful time, so we should do our best to make it as easy an experience as we possibly can. Finding a legitimate moving company is a key part of moving successfully. However, there are many fraudulent and less than professional companies out there. Hopefully, you will be able to weed them out by going through our list of questions to ask an NYC commercial moving company. Listen to their answers carefully and always try to confirm everything they claim. And, remember to check out multiple companies to find the best one possible.

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