Which NYC borough is the right for you?

If you plan to relocate to NYC, it comes in handy to learn important facts about its main boroughs. Only then can you decide which part of this amazing city is the best one for you or your family. NYC is big enough for people of all kinds of occupations to fit in. It’s a multicultural melting pot where everyone can feel at home. This is exactly why it’s beneficial to do a little research on housing, amenities, and everything that interests you. Our team at Best Movers NY brings you this ultimate guide so you can choose which NYC borough is the right for you based on valid information and data. We also stand at your disposal once you start looking for movers who will pack and move your belongings in no time. Just search our website and contact us whenever you need additional help!

How to decide which NYC borough is the right for you?

It comes in handy to make the list of requirements first. Based on them, you’ll easily decide which NYC borough works for you in every way. For example, if you’re moving with a family, proximity to great schools and a low crime rate is a must. As an entrepreneur, you’ll probably appreciate boroughs with better connections to the center and other crucial parts of the city. If you need a place where you can exercise after a long working day, then neighborhoods with parks will be ideal for you. Bottom line – it all comes down to your personal preferences. Luckily for you, NYC has all you need for a fulfilled life.

NYC street
So, which NYC borough is the right for you? The answer depends on many factors.

Pay attention to the housing situation in each borough

Not all parts of NYC have the same house market. For instance, Manhattan is on a pricier spectrum, while Queens and Brooklyn have some of the most affordable housing options. However, keep in mind that apartment or house prices don’t necessarily mean a better life in any particular neighborhood. Rest assured you can find an excellent deal when it comes to housing in NYC, and remain within your budget.  

Think of proximity to your workplace

Commuting from your home to anywhere you need to go is mandatory in NYC. It’s something that will consume a lot of your time. If you move to the magnificent New York City for work, your company’s location will choose the borough for you. However, it’s wise to choose a decent neighborhood with good connections to your workplace. Furthermore, hiring a credible real estate agent can be of great help. They can guide you through the real estate market and recommend housing options that may fit your needs. Just make sure a person you’re entrusting your home search process is an experienced professional that knows the market to the fullest. 

See which neighborhoods have good schools and parks

If you plan to move with a family, then you should focus on schools and proximity to areas where your kids can go and play. Also, make sure the neighborhood you chose isn’t as far from you your partner’s workplace. Thankfully, you can find a neighborhood within the borough that has all your family needs in one place.

Focus on neighborhoods with low crime rates

Let the crime rate be among the top requirements. No matter if you’re moving by yourself or with kids, it means a lot to feel safe in the place you live. If you choose Queens, for example, search for neighborhoods that have super low crime rates first. Make sure to stick to updated information as they’re changing every year.

two people helping you decide which NYC borough is the right for you
The best way to decide which NYC borough is the right for you is to make a list of preferences and search for the best place accordingly.

Which neighborhoods in all five main boroughs are the best for living?

New York City consists of five main boroughs:

  • Bronx 
  • Queens
  • Manhattan 
  • Staten Island
  • Brooklyn 

Each of them is like a city within NYC, with distinct neighborhoods. Each of them tells a different story and gathers a community with specific personalities. So, make sure to learn more about these boroughs so you can quickly decide which of them is your cup of tea. It’s useful to also go online and see what former and current residents have to say about their life in any specific borough, and neighborhood.

Queens has some of the best neighborhoods in the entire NYC

If you seek to live among laid-back people that respect community values and art, then Queens is the place to go. It’s one of those urban and culturally diverse places you definitely happened to see in the movies multiple times. The fact that neighborhoods within Queens rank among the best ones in NYC doesn’t come as a surprise. Thanks to the steady development of Queens over the past few decades, more and more people look forward to moving there. The good news is that Queens welcomes people of all ages!

Basically, everyone – seniors, young families, entrepreneurs, etc. – can have a life in Queens according to their needs and preferences. Whichever neighborhood in Queens you choose, be sure you won’t make a mistake. If you already decided to pack your bags and boxes and move to Queens, then all you have to do is browse among some of the best movers in Queens that offer top-tier services.

Astoria City

Astoria is one of the most popular Queens neighborhoods where you will feel cozy from the moment you arrive there. There’s a special vibe about Astoria which both former and current residents may confirm. Living is easy, and far from being monotonous. After a demanding working day, you can simply enjoy the waterfront, relax at Astoria Park, get something tasty to eat at a local street food shop or have a picnic on the East River. Are you looking forward to moving to a place like this one? All it takes is to browse some of the most trusted moving companies Astoria City has, and pick the one that works best for you.

Jackson Heights

Since the 1900s, Jackson Heights has been the best place to buy a home with front yards. If you are the one looking forward to living in a place full of greenery, then this neighborhood within Queens is the right one for you. Plus, it has lots of diverse dining spots! Whenever you want a taste of Lebanese, South-East Asian, or French culture, restaurants in Jackson Heights are there to serve it to you! In general, living in Jackson Heights is bliss. So, make sure to check local movers Jackson Heights locals speak highly of, and book the movers that will carry out your relocation without stress!

NYC sunset
If you have difficulty deciding which NYC borough is the right for you, take time to learn as much about them as possible.


As the fourth largest business hub in NYC, Flushing is where job-seekers look forward to moving. With so many job vacancies on offer, it’s evident that the job market in Flushing is highly competitive. In addition, Flushing is one of the oldest parts of Queens. Its origins date back to the 17th century when Dutch settlers came there to build a small shop. Ever since its founding, this neighborhood was one of the crucial economic points of New York City. This is why some of the best moving companies Flushing has to offer are among the busiest as well.

Flushing is ideal both for families and entrepreneurs. Although it has one of the busiest intersections, it also includes more quiet parts with various housing options. The majority of residents rent their homes, however, rent prices remain below the national average. You can own a house or apartment in this area at some point as well.

Manhattan embodies life, arts, and culture

The most famous NYC borough that boasts so many museums, and galleries that host jaw-dropping museums is Manhattan. Although known for affluent neighborhoods like Upper East Side, Manhattan actually has a lot to offer. If you look forward to living in a less affluent (and more affordable) place, there are other neighborhoods you’d definitely like. At the same time, you remain close to the famous Metropolitan Museum of Arts and so many other interesting places. Furthermore, commuting from Manhattan neighborhoods to important company headquarters actually comes easy due to the developed public transportation system.


Living in a smaller yet convenient Manhattan neighborhood like Soho has many benefits. First, you get to experience eye-gazing waterfront views, various dining spots, as well an easy commute to other parts of Manhattan. Although the smallest community in this part of NYC, the best moving companies in Soho are often busy relocating people from other boroughs and beyond

the Metropolitan Museum of ART
Manhattan is one of the main cultural hubs in NYC.


Famous for its International Film Festival, Tribeca has become one of the most sought-after neighborhoods in Manhattan. If you enjoy good food, rich arts, and a cultural scene, then all you need to do is to choose among the best movers Tribeca locals trust the most, and get ready to move! Tribeca is the neighborhood that is riding in popularity among New Yorkers, and those from other parts of the world who look forward to moving to NYC. Due to its steady progress during the previous decade, Tribeca is now a place to be.

Moving to Brooklyn is a popular choice for many

Imagine living in a brick-wall apartment, in the middle of various cultural and entertainment events. That’s why people simply love Brooklyn. Over the years, Brooklyn has become a part of NYC with a rising safety rate. The neighborhoods are safer than ever before and much better organized. Plus, Brooklyn has become a notable place with extraordinary street murals, and unique exhibitions at The Brooklyn Museum with modern artworks, concepts, and more.

Brooklyn Heights

Would you like to live in a neighborhood that’s included in New York City’s 1965 Landmarks Preservation Law? If so, wait no more, and book Brooklyn Heights movers! Authentic architecture, cobblestone streets, and proximity to Brooklyn Bridge all in one place is what Brooklyn Heights residents highly appreciate. House prices range from affordable to above-the-national average. Keep in mind that the majority of residents mostly rent their living space.

a view on Brooklyn Bridge
Brooklyn has so many different housing options.

Bay Ridge

Waterfront view, affordable housing, and a great public transport connection are what people love about bay Ridge. Plus, it includes restaurants with a variety of menus – from Nordic cuisine to East Asian.

The neighborhoods in the Bronx also attract the attention of those who wish to relocate to NYC

The Bronx embodies a family-friendly environment and affordable living – all in one place! The community is yet another reason why people move there and start a new life chapter. Life in The Bronx goes at a slower pace, and people appreciate work-life balance above all. Lower home and rent prices combined with affordable living is what you can expect once you move to The Bronx. The good news is there are many top-rated local movers in Bronx who can help you pack and move stress-free.

University Heights

The most popular neighborhoods with lower-than-average home prices can be found exactly in the Bronx. One of them is University Heights- a comfortable neighborhood with a low crime rate, and all amenities one needs at hand. Over 45% of families who relocate to the Bronx rather opt for University Heights. If you are already on the quest to find a capable moving company, make sure to check the top movers University Heights has on offer.

wine and dinner served at a restaurant
NYC boroughs have lots of great dining spots.


An unofficial downtown of the Bronx, Melrose is a unique neighborhood that lots of young professionals have in mind when moving to NYC. Living there gives you a small-town vibe, where everyone is familiar with everyone. However, be sure the community in this area of the Bronx consists of some of the most generous people you’ll ever meet. Furthermore, you get to access better job opportunities, as Melrose is becoming a serious business center as the years go by. As for housing, even today there are available rental places that may fit your preferences and budget. So, if Melrose seems like an ideal future home, wait no more and book some of the best movers Melrose residents highly recommend!

Staten Island is where you can find peaceful communities, away from the daily hustle and bustle

As a part of NYC with lots of green surfaces, Staten Island has persisted as a part of NYC where living is easy and green! The best air quality is measured exactly in this borough due to various green policies implemented in the last decade. Besides this, there are plenty of reasons why you should search for local or long distance movers Staten Island has on offer, and move there without looking back. In comparison with the rest of NYC, income in Staten Island is much higher. This is why they say Staten Island is an entrepreneurial hub that gathers so many thriving small business owners with fresh ideas. Furthermore, living in Staten Island means being close to hiking areas you will definitely enjoy – The Borough Parks. Sports and outdoors are big deal among the residents of this borough.

The interest in Staten Island grows every year. Within the last few years, people’s preferences shifted at large, and now areas with access to nature landscapes attract more attention. That’s why neighborhoods in Staten Island are considered excellent places to work and live an easy-going lifestyle.

random man jogging in the park
Outdoors and recreation are some of the main criteria among people moving to NYC.

Great Kills

Great Kills is arguably the best Staten Island neighborhood with all you need at hand. It’s ideal both for families, due to the excellent school system, and young professionals. Besides easy access to The Borough Parks, Great Kills boasts many walkable areas, as well as a huge Great Kills Park. Runners, elders walking dogs,  and yoga practitioners are some of the people you might come across there. Living and working in Great Kills is just joyful! The residents often speak of it as a town instead of a neighborhood.

Oakwood Beach

Bordering Great kills, this charming neighborhood gathers a diverse, welcoming community. What’s great about Oakwood Beach, besides home and rent prices, is its proximity to the beach! For these reasons, the number of people wanting to move to this lovely neighborhood is significantly growing. Which remote worker would say no to a peaceful community with a low crime rate, and close to the beach?

The inbound-outbound ratio of NYC boroughs is always changing

As of 2022, Queens remains a top inbound borough in NYC with over 60% of people newcomers. Thanks to safety policies and impressive development, almost every neighborhood in Queens can be rated as a top-notch place for working and living. Affordable house prices, variety in housing options, and affordability of groceries are also among the reasons why people rather choose Queens over other places in NYC. Furthermore, healthcare in Queens is not only accessible to the wider population, but also the most affordable in the city. Brooklyn and the Bronx come right behind Queens, while Manhattan has a slightly higher percentage of people moving out. Staten Island has remained as a great place to live, according to the surveys, with an almost equal number of people moving in and out.

NYC Central Park
The number of people moving in and out of NYC boroughs is always changing.

Every neighborhood in each borough has a different reputation

Just because a particular borough (like Manhattan) is more an outbound than an inbound moving destination, it doesn’t mean the quality of life there is necessarily bad. Keep in mind that every borough in New York City consists of numerous neighborhoods that significantly differ from each other.  For example, Manhattan includes affluent areas and parts that are more urban and affordable. Therefore, when choosing your place in NYC, take all aspects into consideration.

Rely on experienced movers who will relocate you to your chosen NYC borough

Moving is a process. First, you have to find a place to live, then a company you can rely on from the moment you call them. Rest assured it’s actually simple to find credible movers when you know how and where. The good thing is that online search for companies is much more simplified. At the same time, you must proceed with caution, since there are various moving scams that appear as professional moving companies. For these reasons, it will take you some time until you find a company you can fully trust.

Consider registered, publicly listed NYC moving companies

Your best bet is NYC movers with years of successful experience behind them. Besides reviews that speak of their expertise, direct communication with the movers also comes in handy. All you have to do is ask all moving-related questions that come to your mind:

  • Price points
  • Insurance options
  • Accessibility to storage
  • Available dates

The companies that match clients with movers can save you lots of headaches

When you have all reputable NYC movers in one place, you don’t have to worry about fraudulent schemes at all. Some of the most renowned customer-oriented companies include various movers who passed a background check. Plus, they offer top-notch services and, most importantly, provide complete assistance to their customers. This is yet another way you can successfully find the right movers and remain within your estimated moving finances. Luckily, NYC is full of some of the best movers in the entire US that provide relocation services, packing services, storage, and supplies at reasonable prices.

two guys discussing which NYC borough is the right for you
Search only for registered NYC local and long-distance movers.

Consider all factors before you decide which moving company is the best one

Keep in mind that moving to NYC is a big decision, especially if you come from a completely different climate and culture. Winters in NYC may be sharp, however, diversity in cultures, foods, art, and so much more will make you feel at home sooner than you think. After you choose which NYC borough is the right for you, make sure the company that will carry out your relocation is up to the task. Your fresh new start in NYC deserves to be marked by successful relocation done by professionals who care about your best interest from the very beginning.

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