Best neighborhoods in Queens to live in

Interested in making New York City your home? We’re here to share with you some of the best spots to live in NYC. Queens is one of NYC’s most beautiful boroughs, right after Manhattan. Choosing a borough to call home is important if you’re moving to New York City. People commonly think of New York City’s most populous boroughs like Manhattan and Brooklyn, yet many choose Queens. Diversity, more affordable housing, an old-world charm, and an abundance of things to do are some reasons why this borough is so well-liked. If you like old-money style, here are some of the best neighborhoods in Queens to live in. Best Movers NYC is here to help you decide which neighborhood is ideal for you.

Best neighborhoods in Queens to live in

It might be a bit intimidating at first since Queens has over 90 distinct neighborhoods. This area of New York City is unlike any other in the city. We are sure you’re going to love it. If you already have your heart set on Queens, now is the perfect time to book residential movers in Queens. We’ve compiled a list of the greatest Queens communities to help you locate the perfect place to call home. Read on to see whether you prefer Astoria or Sunnyside as a place to live.

Queens, New York
Living in Queens, New York is a dream come true for many.

1. Astoria

This is one of Queens’ top areas for young professionals. Astoria may be a good option for those who commute to Manhattan for work. Astoria is approximately a 20-minute subway trip from Manhattan, making it convenient to travel to work in Midtown Manhattan. Living in Astoria offers you a perfect life-work balance. As we all know, Manhattan is quite chaotic. And Astoria, on the other hand, is a very charming neighborhood. Private apartments and co-living spaces may be found for a fraction of the price in this western Queens area. But there are a couple more things to know about Astoria before you make your decision.

There’s a lot to do in Astoria as well. Astoria Park is a lovely and historic place to spend some time outside. The Hell Gate Bridge and the East River are only a few blocks away from this recreational area. Astoria Park also has pathways, basketball courts, tennis courts, and playgrounds in addition to its stunning views. We’re sure you would love to wake up with a nice view of New York City Skylines. Additionally, the city’s oldest and biggest pool can be found in Astoria.

Astoria Park, however, isn’t the only notable location in the city. Restaurants like Trattoria L’incontro and Christos Steak House are also available. If you’re a foodie, Astoria is the place for you. Restaurants serving cuisine from across the globe are available amid the neighborhood’s variety. Bohemian Hall and Beer Garden, as well as a thriving nightlife culture that rivals Williamsburg and Bushwick, can be found in this Queens neighborhood.

2. Forest Hills

This is one of the nicest locations to call home in Queens. We’re sure it will manage to sweep you off your feet. This eastern Queens neighborhood is known for its bucolic atmosphere despite being only a short subway journey away from Manhattan’s lower and upper reaches. Row homes with groomed lawns on tree-lined avenues to stylish high-rises for folks opting for apartment living are all available.

Forest Hills also has a reputation for providing some of Queens Borough’s nicest green areas. Two of New York City’s most popular parks are Flushing Meadows Park to the north and Forest Park to the south. There are hiking trails, bridle routes as well as man-made attractions, including a golf course and playgrounds in Forest Park. There is also a superb mix of sports, environment, and history at Flushing Meadows Park. It has hosted two World Fairs and several other events. If this neighborhood sounds like the perfect match for you, call local movers Queens right away.

picnic in Forest Hills
Forest Hills is one of the best neighborhoods in Queens, with some of the best picnic spots.

Additionally, this area is a terrific spot to go shopping and dine out. The farmer’s market in Forest Hills Greenmarket and the stores on Austin Street are usually popular. Cabana’s Cuban cuisine and Portofino Ristorante’s traditional Italian dining are just two of the many restaurants in the area. Finally, if you’re a music fan, Forest Hills Stadium is a great place to see a show.

3. Jamaica Estates

Due to their similar names, Jamaica and Jamaica Estates may be mistaken by newcomers to Queens. Jamaica, on the other hand, is mostly a retail and business district. This is neighborhood is in the heart of Queens. You might have watched Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl shop there in the series a couple of times. Jamaica Estates, on the other hand, is more residential. Jamaica Estates, one of Queens’ most desirable communities, tends to be calmer and more suburban. Classic single-family houses with convenient access to Manhattan and excellent schools are common in the region.

When you live in Jamaica, you’re only a short walk away from all the exciting and intriguing stores, restaurants, and events the area offers. If you’d like to live a lavish life, Jamaica is the place for you. Jamaica Avenue is a treasure trove for bargain hunters and fashionable boutiques like Jimmy Jazz, which specializes in hip hop and urban clothing. The 400-seat Jamaica Performing Arts Center is a great place to go for some fun in the sun.

You won’t be dissatisfied with the cuisine, either. In Jamaica, Sybil’s Bakery NYC is one of the most prominent restaurants specializing in Guyanese food. O Lavrador has been mixing Spanish and Portuguese cuisine in Jamaica Queens for almost 40 years. If you like cocktails, casinos, and endless fun, you would love it here. Everything from Irish pubs like Maloney’s to sports bars like PreGame Sports Bar & Lounge may be found if you’re thirsty. Our long distance movers Queens will happily show you the way to Jamaica.

4. Long Island City

Long Island City has become one of the most popular neighborhoods in New York City, beating both Manhattan and Brooklyn in terms of popularity. It may come as a surprise if you don’t come to NYC often. Because of this, many people have started to expand their businesses to Long Island City. If you have a business that you think may thrive in this area, commercial movers Queens can help you move all of your office equipment and furniture.

There are several art galleries, restaurants, pubs, and breweries in Long Island City, which is located in western Queens. Apartments, condominiums, and tiny single-family houses may all be found in the area. We are sure anyone can find something to match their taste in Long Island. Once you land your dream apartment, feel free to contact Long Island movers to help out.

Long Island City, one of the best neighborhoods in Queens
Long Island is quickly becoming one of NY’s most desirable spots.

Regarding recreational pursuits, Long Island City has something for everyone. Interactive displays at the Museum of the Moving Image let visitors get their hands dirty while learning about the craft of filmmaking. Daily climbing tickets and memberships are available at The Cliffs, making it ideal for climbers of all skill levels.

With so many options, dining in Long Island City is never difficult. There’s Brazilian food at Beija Flor and Asian fusion at SHI, both of which provide spectacular views of the Manhattan skyline. If you opt to leave Long Island City, you can go to Midtown Manhattan in just a few minutes by using the train. Public transportation in this area is truly stellar.

5. Ridgewood

Queens’ Ridgewood area comprises a mix of low-cost apartments and single-family houses. In this community, you can anticipate a more laid-back atmosphere where you can get to know your neighbors. Ridgewood’s uniqueness is a big part of what makes it so appealing. Not only Hispanics and Poles call Ridgewood home; there are also people of Asian and Egyptian ancestry. Ridgewood is also a popular destination for foodies due to its abundance of restaurants. You may have Himalayan momos one day, and Korean delicacies the next, thanks to the wide variety of cuisines available in the city. Antica Trattoria and Rosa’s Pizza are two of the most popular places to dine if you’re looking for a piece of pizza.

The history of this Queens area is very well-known. A total of ten national historic districts and three landmark districts in the city are located here. The Vander Ende-Onderdonk House (erected in 1661) and the Ridgewood Theater Building are two of Ridgewood’s most recognizable monuments. We have a fully-furnished coliving house in this area if you want to see it. We are sure you would thrive in Ridgewood and its’ diverse community. It is entirely possible to move to Ridgewood stress-free with a little bit of our help.

6. Bellerose

When you step foot in Bellerose, you almost get a sense of not being in a city. This neighborhood is located on the easternmost fringes of Queens. It’s not a very popular choice, but it is still great. Bellerose is one of the quietest and safest residential districts in all of New York City since it is far from the bustle in the more urban sorts of neighborhood Queens. If you’re looking for some peace and quiet, Bellerose is the place for you. It is a wonderful neighborhood in Queens to consider if you are searching for a suburban community that offers a lot of space and private backyards.

Also, the housing market in Bellerose is a little bit better than in the rest of Queens, in our opinion. You can get a better and bigger apartment, and you’ll also have more choices. Bellerose is an excellent choice for a family, and it has one of the best school districts in the borough. If you’d like to move to this neighborhood, residential movers NYC would be eager to take care of your relocation.

7. Sunnyside

This borough lives up to its enticing moniker as one of the prettiest in the borough. Sunnyside is essential to any ranking of the top neighborhoods in Queens. The East River may be seen from this location, and the subway is just a few blocks away. Though close to Manhattan, this area has a suburban, middle-class ambiance despite its proximity to the Big Apple. Apartments, co-living spaces, and condominiums are all available, and many locals congregate in a private communal garden for social gatherings. Sunnyside’s food is a wonderful example of Queens Borough’s cultural variety. Bolivian Llama Party, Bajeko Sekuwa, and Cardamon Indian Cuisine are some of the most popular restaurants in the city, offering a wide variety of cuisines. Donovan’s Pub also serves delicious burgers and beer.

Sunnyside, New York
Sunnyside’s proximity to Upper Manhattan makes it an appealing spot for newcomers.

Sunnyside Queens has a lot more to offer than just dining and drinking. To get the whole thrifting experience, stop by the thrift shop, which will satisfy your need for a good deal. Sunnyside Gardens Park, a members-only facility, includes sports, bicycling, ice skating, and other activities.

Let us help you move to one of the most desirable neighborhoods in Queens, New York.

Now that you’ve made the decision to settle in one of Queens’ most desirable boroughs, allow us to assist you with your relocation. With Best Movers NYC, you can only expect to find the best services at the best prices. We only partner with highly reliable and efficient, fully licensed, and insured moving companies that have proved time and time again that their work is top-notch. Whatever service you may need, be sure we can find it for you at an acceptable rate. No matter the size of your move or the distance, when Best Movers NYC is on your side, you’ll have nothing to worry about. Whichever one of these best neighborhoods in Queens you choose, be sure you won’t have any regrets. We wish you all the best and happy relocation.

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