Things to know before moving to Astoria

Are you thinking about moving to Astoria? If yes, we may say you are making an excellent choice.  Astoria NY movers are glad you won’t miss out on living in one of the coolest neighborhoods in NYC.  Astoria is one of the most affordable parts of New York and just as exciting. It is a neighborhood in Queens County with a population of 88,620. The area feels is dense urban and the vast majority of residents or precisely  84% rent their apartments in this neighborhood rich in bars, restaurants, coffee shops, and parks.  Many young professionals live in Astoria and take advantage of its extraordinary position of 15 minutes ride or less from Midtown Manhattan. It’s also a very short drive over to Harlem and the Bronx. You will certainly not waste your time commuting if you live in Astoria. Read on to find out other benefits Astoria offers.

Moving to Astoria – benefits

Affordable rent

Notably, real estate in Astoria has boomed recently but it’s still not as expensive as Manhattan. It is one of the most affordable NYC neighborhoods. If you don’t want to break a bank but still live in a great neighborhood, Astoria is your choice. Median rent is $1,717. This is a much better price than you’ll get in the rest of NYC. In Astoria house prices are lower than in other parts of NYC. Some may say that the area lacks real New York spirit but it’s far from the truth. There is a recent survey stating that 20 percent of New York residents would readily move to Astoria. And it is not just the price of apartment rent that is cheaper here. In addition, food, utilities, and other costs of living are lower here, too. For example, if you move from Manhattan to Astoria, you will save a lot of money for a year. If you have a family and choose to make a residential move to Queens, you will save up a significant amount which you can transfer to your children’s education fund compared to New York.

Moving to Astoria
The view of the city from Astoria park is magnificent

What to do in Astoria

As the whole of NYC is, Astoria is also a melting pot of cultures with respectively high Greek and Middle Eastern inhabitants. The food scene is huge in Astoria and there’s always something new to try. Taverna Kyclades is one of the best Greek delicacy spots in all of New York.  Here you can meet with residents from over 100 nations and hear as many languages. Without a doubt,  you can see and hear all the world here without leaving New York. So, it is not a surprise that you will have access to so many different amazing cuisines.  Ditmars Boulevard is the place to have so many diverse foods, you can eat Afghani, Maltese, Spanish, Mexican, Pakistanis, North African, Australian, Thai, Chinese, Czech, Japanese, Brazilian, Italian, classic American, Egyptian, Tex-Mex — and it’s all out of this world.

running in the park
Besides swimming pool, skatepark, magnificent views of the city, there is an excellent running track in Astoria park

Relaxation and recreation

After recommendations of Best Movers in NY,  and successfully settling in, you won’t have the feeling that you are living in the concrete jungle in Astoria. There is a famous green space there, a crown jewel of the neighborhood is Astoria Park. Point often overlooked, the park lays on 60 acres, a space large enough for everyone to find something for themselves. Special attractions include New York City’s oldest swimming pool, a running track, fourteen tennis courts, children’s playgrounds, and a skatepark. You get a beautiful view of Manhattan, the water, and green space. This makes a great place to recreate, take your dog for a walk or take your children out to play.

The Atmosphere in Astoria

New York City is a fast-paced city that never sleeps and many love it because of that, but if you belong to those who appreciate more of a  closer and relaxed community feel, you will find out that the small neighborhood of Astoria is the right place for you. Astoria has always been a real neighborhood and there’s much more of a community here. Moreover, it has all the amenities of  Manhattan:  cultural spots, restaurants, places to go, and things to do, but it has smaller crowds, more parking space, and almost no tourists. Life is calmer and more relaxed here. 


Crime statistics are below the medium. To be precise crime rate is 4 out of 10. Statistics show that approximately 10.3423 crimes happen per 1000 residents. Have a look at Crime Grade’s crime map which shows the safest places in Astoria in green.

city traffic

Cultural spots – Museum of the Moving Image

The Museum of the Moving Image is a lot of fun. Both adults and children will find something to love here. You can catch a film at the Museum of the Moving Image and explore its incredible exhibits, including the one about Jim Henson and his Muppets. Be sure to check the museum’s calendar, you might get lucky and get admission and movie screening on the same day for a price of one if you are lucky or informed.

The Noguchi Museum

A famous sculptor Isamu Noguchi himself designed the intimate, meditative museum in Long Island City.  The museum displays his abstract sculptures and famous paper lamps across two levels of exhibition space and all the way through a quiet garden. Clearly,  modern meets past here. There are light sculptures hanging from the ceiling like indoor paper clouds. In the garden, there are massive stone monoliths that look like prehistoric pieces.

To sum up, Astoria is a synonym for New York City’s incredible community. Moving to Astoria will ensure that you enjoy history, art, and culture, live entertainment, and spectacular bars, bakeries, and restaurants. Those living in Astoria will have only words of praise for it and those who have left it, speak about it with sentimentality. If you are planning to visit or move to New York City with local movers in Queens or if you already live in one of its communities, make sure to come and visit  Astoria before you make a final decision.

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