New York apartment renovation challenges to look out for

Are you ready to start the renovation of your apartment? Do you think it will be cheaper to do it yourself or hire professionals? Whatever your decision, you must be ready to confront New York apartment renovation challenges. After all, NYC is one of the most difficult places to renovate on time and on budget. The key to success is to make your preparations ahead of time. Above all, you are to hire your Best Movers NYC on time. Remember, renovation is a demanding procedure that requires your complete devotion. Thus, if you are willing to make significant changes in your apartment and create a better place for your life, be ready to handle each situation.

What can you expect from renovating an apartment in NYC?

As already mentioned, the procedure is tiresome and demanding, especially in NYC. Bear in mind the necessity of planning, coordination, acquiring adequate permits, and the amount of money needed. Furthermore, be prepared for surprises that may appear along the way.  You should analyze the situation and make your new home a better place. Or else – renovate, sell, and earn money. Both cases require complete devotion and various steps to achieve your main goal.

Hire a reliable team of people

Though you may do some things independently, relying on professionals is the best solution. How to be sure you have the right team of people? Especially when moving to NYC for the first time and having no prior experience in the matter. Well, you must do thorough research to find a team with enough skills and expertise to respond to all the challenges of renewing your NYC apartment. You are free to test the firm’s expertise, ask for referrals, and see their prior work. Make sure you ask them about prices and the time needed for the project.

Bear in mind that it is difficult to predict the correct timing

Delays are frequent, especially in NYC. Thus, you may predict the end of the renovation. However, the reality is totally different. Unpredictable situations occur. Also, renovation depends on the people included in the process, permitting, and coordinating with a building owner association. Moreover, when hiring a firm to take care of the renovation, ensure you have a firm that has all the trades in-house, such as carpenters, plumbers, and electricians.

an hour glass on a golden frame
Try to stick to your timeline. Respond to New York apartment renovation challenges. Be flexible.

Can you afford it all?

Let’s be realistic. NYC is truly an expensive city. Hence, people will always try to find ways to lower moving expenses here. After all, NYC renovation is quite pricey due to the building rules, insurance, and regulation costs. For instance, the average cost of renovation in NYC is from $100 to $ 200 per square foot.  Of course, this includes both labor and material. Still, the places that are wet with plumbing will be more expensive. For instance, renovating a kitchen will cost around $300, while a bathroom will cost, on average, about $400 per square foot. Hence, you are left to choose. But don’t forget to look for quality, not just the price.

someone holding dollar bills while another person is calculating and writing something
Be ready since the project can exceed the budget. Thus, plan carefully and try to predict all the costs.

Renovating an apartment requires different types of permits

One of the challenges when renovating your NYC residence is the need to obtain permits. It all depends on the type of work. For instance, when remodeling a bathroom, you need a permit to change the plumbing or to handle electrical wires. In the case of intensive renovation, the architect would have to submit the plans to the Department of Buildings, known as DOB. As for refinishing the floor or replacing doors, there’s no need for permits.

Be aware of the responsibility when something goes wrong

Before the actual renovation, be sure of what happens if the contractor breaks something or a worker gets injured. You must know whose responsibility that is. What type of insurance covers it all? For a start, there are 2 types of insurance. Liability insurance is related to the situation when something goes wrong in the building. On the other hand, you have workmen’s compensation when some of the workers get injured.

What could create the main problems when handling New York apartment renovation challenges?

Some things create more trouble than others. Hence, we have chosen the three main reasons renovation becomes a problem.

  • moisture damage
  • foundation cracks
  • bad quality of workmen

Attend moisture on time

Believe it or not, moisture can create problems in your apartment, especially if lasts for a long time. If you need your stuff moved to a safer place, contact residential movers in NYC. Rely on their help and, if possible, rent a storage unit for your things. As for the things that had contact with the water, make sure to replace them.

Cracks appear in old apartments

If your apartment is older than 60, expect to notice visible cracks all over the apartment. If this type of problem appears contact professionals and try to save money. Handling cracks requires time and skills. Hence, make sure true professionals handle the cracks.

a man on the ladders polishing the ceiling
Older buildings usually require more work to do. Pay attention to the slightest details. Fill in all the cracks.

What has been done to the apartment until now?

Prior to the renovation, inspect the quality of work already performed in the apartment. If any mistakes have been done, why would you invest all the trouble and money in renovation? It happens that bad quality workmanship handles things the wrong way. As a result, you’ll get an apartment with many flaws.

With the help of professionals, you’ll have a completely new apartment

All in all, after careful analysis and searching for the most skillful company you are ready to properly respond to New York apartment renovation challenges. Be realistic about the timing and your budget. Get the necessary permits. Cooperate with your team of people to get the best out of your renovation. Also, make sure to find a place to stay until the end of the renovation. Therefore, careful preparation will result in both an adequately renewed apartment and your satisfaction.


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