Crucial things to know when moving to NYC for the first time

People who are moving to NYC for the first time are usually surprised by the accommodation prices. Also, the rental process is different than in other cities. Also, it is important to avoid misconceptions and disappointments. So, you have to prepare yourself for what to expect in NYC. Are you expecting huge apartments with stunning views? Well, NYC is full of such apartments. However, in case you are renting on a budget,  your expectations should be more modest. As for rental prices, be prepared for the fact that in NYC they are constantly changing. Hiring a rental agent to help you with renting in NYC is very advisable. And hiring the right movers like Best Movers NYC, you will move quickly into your new place. Besides renting, there are many other things to learn about NYC before moving. 

What makes renting in NYC different from other places?

In other towns, you can usually take time and check several apartments. Only then you can decide which one you like the best. In NYC such a thing is impossible. With so huge demand for apartments, you literally have to be at the right spot, at the right time. And if you like an apartment, you must take it immediately. In case you don’t, it will be rated out, even if you return within the next several hours. 


A man standing on the embankment of the river in a big city when moving to NYC for the first time.
Finding an apartment in such a huge city as NYC is not an easy task.

Hiring a real estate agent when moving to NYC for the first time

You might get surprised by this proposal. But, how much do you know about renting process in NYC? Do you know that you have to qualify for the apartment that you want to rent? And that you have to submit an application. So, you can already see that assistance of a good real estate agent is needed. Also, by learning about your budget and preferences, the agent will know exactly where to start the search. And, which brought and neighborhood will best suit your needs.

Living in NYC for some time, you will be able to look for new apartments on your own. By that time you will already know all the tips and tricks. But, moving to NYC for the first time, you will need all the help you can get.

How to hire a reliable real estate agent?

Due to high demand, there are many real estate agencies and agents in NYC. Unfortunately, some of them are fraudulent. And moving to NYC for the first time, you may be the ideal victim. So, you have to choose carefully. Reading the online reviews is one of the ways to check them. However, you can get even more reliable information from long-distance movers NYC. Being in constant touch with such agencies, they can recommend a good and trustworthy one.

Basic documents that you will need as a first-time renter in NYC

After hiring the real estate agent, you are ready for the next step. NYC is a fast-paced city, with huge competition. So, you must be ready to react fast, whether you are looking for a new job, or a new apartment. Also, don’t forget that many others will compete for the same apartment as you. Thus, you must always carry the documents needed for the application. And here is the list of the documents that the landlords usually demand:

  • A government-issued ID with a photo
  • Employment contract
  • The CPA, in case you run a private business
  • Copy of your three latest bank statements
  • Copy of three lastest paychecks
  • At least two latest tax return papers
  • $20 per person application fee (which is not refundable)
  • Security deposit which amounts to a month’s rent
  • Referral letters from previous landlords (if applicable)

Besides, most of the renters will ask for additional security. That is usually the certificate that your annual salary equals 40 times the monthly rent. 


A person using laptop and smartphone.
Before hiring the real estate agents, check them well.

How to organize moving to NYC?

As you can already see, renting in NYC is not easy. That is why newcomers who are not far from NYC come earlier, to find adequate accommodation. Only after that do they organize the transportation of their belongings. In case this is not possible, they use the services of some of the NYC storage companies. They only live with friends during that time. Or they rent some temporary accommodation. Only when they find an apartment, do they are hiring local movers in NYC, to bring their belongings from the storage.

Additional things to know when moving to NYC for the first time

In addition to the complicated rental system that is unique in the USA, there are some other things you need to prepare for. 

NYC’s living costs are high

Not only that you will have to budget more for accommodation renting. The other costs are also higher in NYC. Expect that nearly all utility bills will be higher. The same goes for groceries, entertainment, restaurants, etc.

High-income taxes

NYC has some of the highest income taxes in the USA. Living in NYC, you will have to pay:

  • federal income tax
  • state income tax
  • city income tax

They depend on your income and can be higher than 50%.

Apartment in Hell's Kitchen, Manhattan, NYC
If you like living in a quiet place, you can find many of them in NYC.

A lot of NYC residents don’t have a car

In most parts of NYC, you will not need a car. One of the biggest problems for car owners is finding the parking lot. Also, many neighborhoods are walkable. And for commuting or going somewhere, you can use a cab, bus, or one of the numerous metro lines. Also, when you plan to relocate, you can choose among many, reliable NYC moving companies. Besides, you will save up on your budget. More precisely, you will not have to pay:

  • car insurance
  • car loan costs
  • gas
  • maintenance costs

NYC has five boroughs and many neighborhoods

This is also one of the things good to know when moving to NYC for the first time. Namely, as you are a young, dynamic person, you will enjoy the fast rhythm of NYC. That can be one of your motives to choose certain neighborhoods. In case you prefer quieter places, you will find many of them in NYC. It may take you a while to get used to the differences. However, knowing what to expect when you move to NYC will definitely help you adjust faster. And like many other residents, once you get used to it, you will start to truly enjoy this unique city.


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