Efficient NYC home staging ideas

New York is one of the biggest cities in the world. It has around 20 000 000 residents. Many choose to move to NYC for many reasons- career, education, need for change, etc. Therefore, NYC is great for real estate companies and those who want to sell/rent apartments to others. If you want to sell a home, you need staging. A home staging is a preparation of a home for selling. If you have a house or apartment which you want to sell, you need to make it as beautiful and eye-catching as possible. The better it looks, the higher the chance of you selling it. If you are unsure how to rearrange it, Best Movers NYC gives you efficient NYC home staging ideas.

Efficient NYC home staging ideas

The goal of these ideas is to make a home look as good as possible. If something looks nice and affordable, it will sell fast. That goes for home selling as well. Some of the things you need to do in-home staging are:

  • Painting the walls and polishing floors
  • Cleaning all surfaces
  • Buying new furniture
  • Buying decorative furniture
A guy painting a wall
Repainting your walls is one of the first things you need to do.

Painting the walls – a useful home staging idea

Walls are one of the first things potential buyers spot. Before they buy a place and hire residential movers NYC, they will look up many homes. If walls and floors seem old and dirty, they probably won’t want to buy your home. Therefore, you need to repaint your walls. The best choice is to use light colors. White, beige, and peach pink are the best options. Light orange, light purple, and light yellow are great colors. These colors also make your living space seem fresh, light, and relaxing.

Darker colors such as brown and black are not recommended. They make a space seem much smaller and closed. They can also cause headaches, which is why some people do not like them. When you repaint a house, try to maintain one color. You can use light orange in the living room, and then a bit darker shade for the bedroom. As for the bathroom, if your tiles seem old and have changed the color, it’s best to change them. That can be a bit expensive, but it will pay out.

Cleaning all surfaces and polishing floors

Cleaning and disinfecting are vital. You can either do it yourself or pay professionals to do it. If you opt for doing it yourself, the first thing is to clean every surface with a mix of warm water and soap. After cleaning and drying everything, it’s time to disinfect everything. You can use different disinfectants, but bleach is the most famous one. When handling it, make sure to use gloves, protective glasses, and other protective gear. Bleach can cause serious damage to your eyes, mouth, and lungs if you are not protected well. Also, when cleaning with bleach, always open windows to have constant air circulation. After you dry and disinfect everything, let it dry.

As for floors, it is best to polish them. The difference between polished and non-polished floors is very visible. If you do not want to pay for professionals to do it, you can do it yourself. You can make a mix of 2 tablespoons of olive oil, one spoon of white vinegar, and two cups of hot water. You can add some essential oils for a special glow.

A cozy livingroom
Using neutral colors for floor and walls is one of the efficient NYC home staging ideas.

Buying new furniture – a home staging idea for those who want to raise te home value

Buying new furniture is vital. This step should come after the first two steps, that is after cleaning and disinfecting your home. If you have some old or damaged furniture, it’s time to throw it out. If you have many furniture pieces of different colors that do not match, you can sell them on the internet. For example, if you have too much yellow, green or red stuff, it’s best to sell it, since it does not go with neutral tones. It is important to match new furniture with your walls and floor color. Buying furniture can cost you some money, but furniture is one of the many things potential buyers will spot before hiring residential movers in Manhattan and moving in.

Buying decorative furniture

The cherry on top of all efficient NYC home staging ideas is buying decorative furniture. These small things leave big impressions on potential buyers. Furniture pieces you buy should be according to other furniture and your walls. You should buy shelves- buy flying ones, or honeycomb ones. They look modern and are very convenient. You will also need a lamp, preferably a night lamp or a big one that goes to the living room. Also, you can buy small pillows for the living room sofa.

You should also buy some pictures or picture frames. They will add a touch of elegance and art to your home. Buying a carpet is also very convenient. You can buy a bigger one for the living room, and smaller ones for bedrooms and bathroom. Big mirrors should be in the bathroom and one bedroom. Buying plants is another way to freshen up the living space. You can buy a bigger one and put it in the corner next to a window, or buy multiple smaller ones. Cacti and aloe vera are great houseplants. Lastly, buying curtains for windows will bring familiarity to your new home. If you add these, clients will buy your home and hire local movers NYC in no time.

Four pictures on the wall- home staging ideas
Adding pictures, plants and mirrors will make your home look stylish.

Home staging ideas- conclusion

To sum it up, using efficient NYC home staging ideas will help you rearrange your home and prepare it for selling it. The best thing to do is repaint walls, and clean and disinfect everything. Buying new furniture and decorative furniture can also make your home look brand new. And that will raise the value and help you sell it in no time!


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