Best Places To Raise A Family in NYC

Do you plan to move to NYC with your family? If the answer is positive, rest assured you’ve made the best decision. Living in NYC brings so many opportunities for you and your kids alike. However, the question is – what are the best places to raise a family in NYC? Generally speaking, it depends on your preferences what area of this city will be the most suitable. At the same time, you must make sure the area you choose has everything you need at hand. The goal is to find a place both you and your kids will benefit from. So, make sure to take a look at this guide we at Best Movers NY came up with for you!

What do families search for when looking for the best place to move to?

All family-friendly places have several distinctive traits in common. First and foremost, the safety rate is at its highest. Second, the neighborhood is usually diverse in a way people from all cultural backgrounds are welcome. The School system is another important aspect for parents. This is also one factor that inspires parents to completely change their place of residence. In addition to safety and a welcoming community, quality education is a must.

happy family having fun in the park
Many parts of NYC are perfect for families.

On the other hand, even these basic requirements aren’t often enough to convince parents to relocate. This is where personal preferences come in:

  • Arts and culture – Some families appreciate art and cultural scene very much and want the same for their kids.
  • Outdoors – Families that lead an active lifestyle and prefer hikes and picnics on weekends will seek places not so far from nature.
  • Good public transport connections – Although it seems odd, the public transport system matters to most parents. They want a smooth transition between the neighborhoods and to make life easier for their kids and themselves.

Brooklyn and Bronx have the highest percentage of family relocations

Due to valid reasons. Brooklyn has remained the best family-friendly borough with excellent schools, an art scene, and impeccable public transport. The housing market varies from neighborhood to neighborhood. However, families gladly move there. Plus, they get to choose between either old-school or modern housing options. Last but not least, parks and greenery, in general, make Brooklyn livable and easier to handle during the summer heat. According to some of the best movers in Brooklyn, families make around 57% of relocations in 2022.

Bronx is the second most popular NYC borough among families. Its real estate market is still affordable, and living financially comfortable is the least of an issue. Prices tend to be lower compared to other areas in NYC, yet the quality of groceries and other products remains the same.

These are the best family-friendly NYC neighborhoods

Many parts of the infamous New York City developed over the last two decades. That’s how the list of family-friendly areas has become longer than before. It is expected from many other neighborhoods, other than the ones mentioned in this article, to become highly recommended places to move to in the future.

Carrol Gardens, Brooklyn

One of the most popular Brooklyn neighborhoods is definitely Carrol Gardens. This is where families find peace, quiet, and excellent housing! It’s close to excellent schools. From there, you can easily commute to other parts of NYC.

What makes Carrol Gardens family-friendly is also its cozy appeal. Coffee shops and restaurants – with Buttermilk Channel being the most popular – lined down the streets and are filled with guests. They serve your favorite drinks and tasty menus worth trying. Once you are done with work, you can stop by before you join your family. But first, book one of the best local movers Carrol Gardens has on offer!

Battery Park City, Manhattan

Families who target Manhattan often choose Battery Park City. By moving there, you get to access the waterfront and lots of walkable areas and remain well-connected with other parts of Manhattan. Battery Park City has over 20 excellent schools. Plus, it’s one of the safest Manhattan areas, which makes it perfect for families. In case you’ve already made up your mind, and decided to move there, find your best movers in Battery Park City!

NYC bridge during sunset
There are many family-friendly places in NYC that can match your preferences.

Riverdale, the Bronx

Did you know that Riverdale is a highly underrated family-friendly neighborhood in the Bronx? There is a lot to see and do. Most people in Riverdale rent their homes. However, there are good chances to purchase one in the future, considering that the Bronx, in general, has cheaper housing. Furthermore, this area is rich in greenery. Also, you can’t miss out on amazing restaurants with different settings that appeal to everyone’s taste. If Riverdale sounds like a perfect place for you and your family, make sure to check out some of the best movers Riverdale has on offer.

Forest Hills, Queens

Forest Hills is the most desirable neighborhood in Queens – by anyone! This place welcomes people of all ages and motivations to move. This is why families who relocate to Queens – from other NYC neighborhoods and beyond – claim the quality of their life is much better. Not only do they live affordably, but they also have access to events, an excellent commuting system, and more. These are just some of the reasons why you should choose one of the best local moving companies in Forest Hills and start your new life in this amazing part of Queens.

Prospect Heights, Brooklyn

There are many reasons why you should hire one of the best moving companies in Prospect Heights and pack all your stuff. This is another place in Brooklyn one feels safe and sound. Plus, it’s full of business enthusiasts, young professionals, and young families as well. Here, work-life balance is the norm rather than a luxury. Life in Prospect Heights runs at a moderate pace, and people tend to be way more laid-back. Schools in this neighborhood are among the best ones in Brooklyn. A high percentage of High School graduates succeed in entering their desired colleges.

Great Kills, Staten Island

Staten Island is where the suburban vibe meets the luxury. That’s why living in a neighborhood like Great Kills is pure bliss. You also get access to hidden nature gems by moving to this area. Parks, sports, and the outdoors are a big deal in Staten Island. Plus, it has all one family needs for a peaceful and comfortable life. So, wait no more and find your best movers in Staten Island!

a park in NYC
There are excellent places to raise a family in NYC.

Park Slope, Brooklyn

Brooklyn doesn’t seem to be run out of neighborhoods that are perfect for families and all age groups. This is why hiring long distance movers Brooklyn to relocate you to Park Slope is something you should consider. Park Slope is a place where everyone starts feeling at home right away.

Tribeca, Manhattan

Home of the worldwide famous International Tribeca Film Festival, Tribeca remains a favorite place in Manhattan among families who look forward to relocating. From housing to schools and amenities – all your needs are covered. Also, Tribeca has some of the best movers Manhattan residents find trustworthy, so make sure to choose some of them.

Families choose reliable movers when moving to or within NYC

After you find the neighborhood where you see your family thriving, the next thing to do is find a proper moving company. There are several ways to do this:

  • Recommendation –  Someone you know might give you the best suggestion regarding the company you should choose.
  • Online search – This doesn’t mean the first company that shows up will be the best one. The research will be necessary.
  • Specialized companies – This is by far the easiest, time-saving option. All you have to do is pick one of the reputable companies that connect customers with movers, and fill out their estimate.

Make sure to research a company first after you pick an ideal place to raise a family in NYC

When you know for sure the company is registered and top-rated by customers, your worries go away immediately. A trustworthy company is worth the search time. Jumping into hasty decisions will just do you a major disservice. You might end up disappointed if you realize the company isn’t as good as it’s presented to be.

a guy from a moving company estimating the cost and talking about places to raise a family in NYC
Responsible and trustworthy NYC movers will make our move seamless.

Whether you get a suggestion from someone close to you or rely on online reviews, it’s your responsibility to make sure the company fulfills basic criteria:

  • It can be easily found in, for example, FMCSA’s database.
  • Offers commitment-free moving quotes and doesn’t charge extra fees that aren’t mentioned on their websites.
  • The company’s team is transparent and ready to give you all the answers you want.

Don’t skip storage units

No matter where you are moving from, your move will take time. That means, will have to store your belongings in a safer place than a spare room or basement. This is why hiring a company that has storage solutions on offer is a must. It costs you much less to rent storage at a long-distance moving company than to look for it separately. Furthermore, you get a whole team of movers and packers who can easily get all your items ready for storage and transport.

What you must pay attention to is the quality of the storage unit. If it’s sanitized, surveilled, climate-controlled, and big enough for your items, then it’s worth the coin.

Moving to NYC is a good idea in general

In case you don’t find any of the above-mentioned neighborhoods great for your family, there are many other ones. For instance, Harlem is one of those areas that is developing into another prominent neighborhood. And that is exactly what’s so great about moving to NYC.

family members talking about best places to raise a family in NYC
Moving to some of the best places to raise a family in NYC is worth the effort.

NYC has one of the strongest job markets in the US

If you want to advance in your career while living in a family-friendly city area, then NYC is excellent for you. The city has such a diverse job market where the majority of occupations fit in. IT industries, the medical field, government work, design, and civil engineering are just some of the top ones. The companies in this field are top employers, which is why it’s safe to say the competition in NYC’s job market is high. It might (or not) take you some time until you land the job you seek. Therefore, make sure to get this matter out of the way before you start packing your bags for the move. With patience and continuous search, you’re more than likely to succeed.

Remote work and entrepreneurship are quite prominent in NYC. Many startups reside there, and their number is still growing. The fact that NYC has a 55% success rate when it comes to startups speaks volumes. Plus, more and more mentorship seminars and programs are becoming available to those who have a business idea to launch.

Life in NYC is far from dull

As you know, NYC is a fast-past city. Unless you live on the outskirts or in a peaceful neighborhood, you’re going to feel the daily buzz going on. However, life in NYC is far from work-focused and nothing more. In fact, the city has so many festivals and events happening every year that it gets difficult to stay at your home all day. Furthermore, New Yorkers are quite sociable people and are always out there in parks jogging or having picnics with their loved ones.

people chilling in Central Park
There’s so much to do, see, and experience in New York.

The number of top places to raise a family in NYC is increasing

New York is the city where poverty and crime rate are going down every year. Many neighborhoods got rid of bad reputations and instead became known as safe areas with lots of things to do and see. Now that big cities are popular moving destinations, the ratio between people moving in and out of NYC is almost even.

Rest assured there will be more places to raise a family in NYC that are worth moving to. Just make sure to do research before bringing a final decision, and then book the movers!

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