Harlem vs Williamsburg: Living costs & Moving tips

You are either moving from a different New York state city to live in NYC, or you’re moving from a different part of NYC and debating/deciding between Harlem vs Williamsburg. These are both very popular and historically known parts of NYC, so let’s see some similarities or differences they might have, how the living cost compares, or what you should know before moving to either location. Best Movers NY recommends you get as much information as possible before picking Harlem or Williamsburg.

Living and moving in NYC

Go around the world and tell anybody you live in NYC, and everyone will have an extreme reaction. They will either tell you you are the luckiest person alive, or they’ll ask you if you hate it. In any case, NYC is a lot to handle but also a lot to see. Both Harlem and Williamsburg are parts of New York City, so it would be beneficial that we go over some basic “NewYorker” facts before getting into the Harlem vs Williamsburg debate.

You should know that NYC is expensive. But on the flip side, the economy is very strong and opportunities are everywhere. Even though “under one roof”, life can be different in each borough of NYC, so we will go more into the boroughs of Harlem and Brooklyn (Williamsburg). Moving to and within NYC can be a hassle. That’s why you should start discussing your moving plan and quotes as soon as you decide and compare Harlem vs. Williamsburg. If you’re not close to Harlem or Brooklyn, local movers in Manhattan can help you start planning too.

A girl overlooking NYC from a tall building thinking about the pros and cons of Harlem vs Williamsburg
NYC has so much to offer, and different parts of the city offer different experiences. You must explore them so your decision between Harlem vs Williamsburg can be easy.

The good thing about NYC is that you will never be bored. You don’t have to have or spend tons of money to have fun or just enjoy your day off. There are hundreds of public parks and places with free events where you can mingle and have a good time. Or simply relax by yourself and enjoy time alone. Beware of the weather, though! NYC gets quite some rain and snow in the colder seasons. Also, New York is the largest metro area in the United States. This means that trips to different cities in NY and surrounding states are very convenient and affordable. 

What to know about Harlem

Harlem (a district of NYC) occupies the northern side of Manhattan. No exact borders of Harlem are set, but it’s usually described to be between 155th Street on the north, the Harlem and East rivers on the east, 96th Street and 110th street and Cathedral Parkway on the south, and Amsterdam Avenue on the west.

Harlem’s population is about 34,489. The median age in this borough is 36.5, and most of its inhabitants are of African-American descent. The median home price is about $597,700 and the median income is $26,764.

A view of the urban Harlem street and Apollo Theatre
The streets of Harlem are always full of urban people. You can see a lot of artistic as well as historical sights.

Just like anywhere else, there are some pros and cons of living in Harlem. People who have been living or visiting here have emphasized a few good and not-so-good parts of this borough, so let’s see what they are.


  • Harlem is an economic center
  • Harlem’s art and culture are very rich
  • Education in Harlem is very good


  • Housing costs and the cost of living are higher than the average in the US
  • Harlem is crowded, and the lifestyle is fast (if you like crowd, this will not be a con for you)

If you end up moving to Harlem, now that you know it’s quite crowded and busy, make sure you hire professional and skilled movers. Movers Harlem can help you with this since they are familiar with the neighborhood and they know the best ways to get around safely.

What to know about Williamsburg

Williamsburg is a part of the famous Brooklyn. It used to be an industrial area full of warehouses. With time, Williamsburg evolved into a modern town with a growing music and arts scene, diverse restaurants, and shopping options. Williamsburg is bordered by Greenpoint to the north, Bedford-Stuyvesant to the south, East Williamsburg and Bushwick to the east, and the East River to the west.

Williamsburg can offer convenient movers, too, such as movers Williamsburg NY, so you don’t have to deal with movers from other areas that might not know the neighborhood that well.

The view of Brooklyn Bridge
As part of Brooklyn, Williamsburg is a very nice and popular place to live in, with many things to do.

Let’s see what some facts as well as pros and cons when it comes to Brooklyn overall are, and then we can break it down for Williamsburg. Local moving companies in Brooklyn can provide you with more details about moving into this area and how it’s different from other parts of Brooklyn.

Brooklyn vs Williamsburg

Brooklyn’s population is 2,538,934. However, based on the latest 2020 census, Williamsburg alone has 151,308 inhabitants. The median income in Brooklyn is $46,958, but in Williamsburg, that median is $98,284. The average home price in Brooklyn is about $782,800, while it’s a bit over $1,000,000 in Williamsburg. The median age in Brooklyn is 34.8, and 30.8 in Williamsburg.

When it comes to pros and cons, they are almost identical to those in Harlem. The amazing art scene, good education, and good economy are the positives. The negatives are high housing costs and a crowded lifestyle.

Harlem vs Williamsburg

With both places being in very popular areas in NYC, it’s just a matter of slight differences that might help you make up your mind. If you prefer to have that “old school feel” with brick buildings and have a sense of history running through the streets, then you will go for Harlem. However, even with a few lesser transportation options, Williamsburg is closer to Manhattan, so if your work requires you to go there, this might be a better option for you.

We can go on and on with the Harlem vs Williamsburg discussion, but as we mentioned, the differences are just a matter of preference here. We have provided you with some crucial stats and facts about both places and you can now, hopefully, make your decision easier. Good luck with your move! 


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