Apartments vs. houses in NYC – which is better

Are you moving to New York City? Moving to a metropolis like the Big Apple can be pretty overwhelming. You can minimize that feeling if you hire the Best Movers NYC has to offer. Moreover, you will need to find an apartment or house that best fits your lifestyle and budget. Because it is such an enormously populated city, the options seem limitless. Let us raise the question – apartments vs. houses in NYC, and which one is better? Let us dive right in and find out!

Apartments vs. houses in NYC – it is all about the neighborhood

It goes without saying that some neighborhoods favor apartments while others favor houses. Therefore, you first must decide what kind of living space you want. For example, a home would probably work best for you if you have a family. On the other hand, if you are moving by yourself or with your partner, an apartment would probably work great for you. However, this is just a guess – it all depends on you and your preferences, together with your monthly budget. Whichever option you choose, make sure to hire residential movers NYC for a successful and smooth relocation. Furthermore, some of the apartment-friendly neighborhoods are:

  • Downtown Brooklyn
  • Tribeca – Manhattan
  • Belmont – Bronx
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Apartments vs. houses in NYC – which is better? Continue reading to find out!

Apartment-friendly neighborhoods in NYC

Before we get into details about the neighborhoods mentioned above, you should know that New York has one of the world’s most expensive real estate markets. After we go through the prices of apartments vs. houses in NYC, you can decide which one is better suited for you.

The first neighborhood on our list is Downtown Brooklyn. Colleges, governmental structures, and many apartments make up the cityscape of downtown Brooklyn. Locals enjoy a wide range of cutting-edge facilities within their residences, which range from modern all-glass residential towers to historic converted warehouses. It is a terrific neighborhood to call home because of its eclectic art culture and hip eateries, which have excited the locals for many years. If you decide to get an apartment in this neighborhood, the prices usually go around 3,400 US dollars for a one-bedroom apartment. While for a two-bedroom apartment, you would need to put aside almost 5,000 USD a month.

Furthermore, in Tribeca, you have a well-balanced mix of newly refurbished loft-style and mid-rise apartments. Renters are drawn to this seaside neighborhood because of the spacious apartments, which are great for families. The neighborhood’s proximity to Hudson Park is highly appreciated by families. Moreover, a one-bedroom apartment in Tribeca, Manhattan, will cost you around 4,500 monthly. While the two-bedroom apartments go for around 6,000 US dollars.

Belmont is the best budget-friendly neighborhood

A significantly cheaper neighborhood in the Bronx is Belmont. It has a classic charm and rich tradition. Residents appreciate this neighborhood for precisely these reasons. In addition to them, the parks, the Bronx Zoo, and the short commute to Midtown Manhattan are something the local residents value as well. Moreover,  the triangle formed by Crescent Avenue, Arthur Avenue, and East 187th Street contains a sizable portion of the business district. Thus, if your job is in the business district this neighborhood is definitely right for you.

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Belmont is one of the cheapest neighborhoods if you want to rent an apartment in NYC

Additionally, there are several walk-ups and low-rise apartment complexes all across Belmont. The neighborhood is well-liked by students there because of its proximity to Fordham University’s campus. Belmont is one of the most affordable parts of Brooklyn. The average price for a one-bedroom apartment is around 1,000 US dollars a month. While the two-bedroom apartment costs around 1,200 US dollars.

House-friendly neighborhoods in NYC

If you prefer a larger living space like a house. There are great neighborhoods for that as well. Some of them include:

  • Ditmars Steinway – Queens
  • Midtown East – Manhattan
  • Brooklyn Heights – Brooklyn

In the 1870s, Ditmars Steinway was first created for Steinway & Sons Piano Company staff. It is now a well-liked Queens neighborhood with inexpensive row homes, quick commutes into the city, and top-notch schools. The red-brick row homes are generally one- or two-family residences with a tiny backyard or garage. Moving here is a great option if you want to save some money and relocate to a larger house later. Make sure to hire the best residential movers in Queens to help you relocate smoothly. Moreover, when it comes to rent, you will pay around 3,000 US dollars for an average three-bedroom house.

Furthermore, townhomes are typical in Midtown East, Turtle Bay, or Sutton Square. Turtle Bay townhouses typically have three stories, with the main entrance below street level. While Sutton Square houses come in a range of colors, are up to five stories tall, have masonry, and may have a rooftop garden with views of the East River. Now it is clear that this is a bit more expensive than a house in Ditmars Steinway, Queens. The average price for a three-bedroom house is around 7,000 US dollars.

Brooklyn Heights – Brooklyn

Moreover, residents appreciate Brooklyn Heights’ gorgeous mansions close to the Brooklyn Heights Promenade. From its low-rise structures to its pre-Civil War homes. The pre-war residences are three to four stories tall, and many have a private garden in the backyard. On Pierrepont Street and Pierrepont Place, there are several old residences. Middagh Street is home to early 1800s wood residences. While Willow Street is lined with brick Federal-style mansions. If this fascinating architectural style sparks an interest in you, you should know that an average three-bedroom house costs around 6,700 US dollars per month. Moving here can be a breeze with the right crew of residential movers in Brooklyn.

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Brooklyn Heights is becoming one of the most family-friendly neighborhoods

Apartments vs. houses in NYC, and which one is better?

By now, we have looked into some of the neighborhoods in NYC and their average rent for both homes and apartments. Apartments vs. houses in NYC and which one is better depends on your personal preferences. If you still have problems deciding which neighborhood is right for you, you can always ask the friendly staff at Best Movers NYC for additional counseling. Remember to choose wisely and consider all the factors like your work commute, nearby schools, green areas, safety, etc. Whichever neighborhood you choose, good luck with the move!

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