Moving from Gramercy to Upper East Side

There are several reasons why people are moving from Gramercy to Upper East Side. Although, the main one is affordability. The Gramercy is a nice, small neighborhood. And, it is good for those who are young. And those who love the fancy lifestyle. It is also somewhat exclusive. And it is well known for the Gramercy Gardens. That is a small green oasis in the middle of the city, where only residents can enter. Reportedly there are only 400 copies of the key. People are usually moving away after they decide to start a family. So, they start to look for bigger apartments that they can rent at affordable prices. In case you are one of those moving to the Upper East Side, you can benefit from hiring the Best Movers NYC.

Costs of living on the Upper East Side

Living on Upper East Side is not very cheap. But, it is much cheaper compared to living in Gramercy. The NYC average living costs are 120.5, compared to the national average (100). This allows us to see the difference between the Upper East Side (279.9) and Gramercy (310.3).

Also, we can compare the NYC median housing costs, which are 132.1, compared to the national average (100). So, we can see that the median housing costs on Upper East Side are 596.2, while the Gramercy index is  699.9.

Cantilever bridge above rippling river under the cloudless sky - Moving from Gramercy to Upper East Side.
The cost of living in NYC depends on the neighborhood in which you live.

Moving to a new neighborhood

Leaving the Gramercy, you will lose the privilege of spending time in its famous park. However, very soon, you will discover that living on the Upper East Side, you can easily reach Central Park. It is much bigger. The entrance is free. And you can walk, or go jogging. Also, you will find many live performances there during the summertime. And you will be allowed to watch them for free.

Also, you will realize very soon that living on the Upper East Side means no rush. And, with time, you will also get more relaxed. So, having a much bigger apartment will give you more privacy. And possibilities to organize your time without disturbing other members of the family.

How to organize your move from Gramercy to Upper East Side

The distance between Gramercy and Upper East Side is not so big. Still, you will have to make preparations. This means, first of all, that you will have to start with decluttering. You get rid of all surplus things. So, chacking what remains for packing will give you an idea of how much packing material you will need. Also, you will have to decide if you will opt for a DIY move, Or will hire the services of the best movers in Gramercy.

Modern apartment with sofa and table.
Moving to the Upper East Side, you will get more space.

When you decide to move, you will have to find a proper apartment

Since you are already living in NYC, you can ask your friends and work colleagues. They may know that some apartments are being rented out. If so, don’t wait. You are also aware that such apartments will not be available for long.  So. visit them immediately. And if you like one of them, apply to rent it.

In case they don’t have information, hire a real estate agent. With their help, you will easily find a suitable place for yourself. Also, since you are expanding the family, think about the kids. Vicinity of the kindergarten and schools should be one of the priorities.

Organizing the DIY moving from Gramercy to Upper East Side

If you decide to move with the help of your friends, you will have to make the moving plan. So, you will give an assignment to each one of them. That way, the packing process will go much faster. Also, in this case, ensure they all know how to pack various items properly. If not, explain how to wrap and pack. And how to seal and label the moving boxes. You will need to travel about 15 minutes from one place to another. Still, loosely packed hard items can get crashed.

Also, make sure that you and your friends know how to disassemble the furniture. How to pack the furniture parts. Also, you will need at least the standard tool kit to complete this task. You may rent the rest of the items, such as moving blankets and trollies. Additionally, if none of you have a pickup, you will have to get a rental truck or trailer. The other thing to bear in mind is the traffic jams. So, to avoid them, plan to move during work hours. Well, you may find this part too hard. If so, you can always hire the movers Upper East Side

Smiling diverse girlfriends walking in the park.
Walkability from school to home would be excellent for kids.

Hiring professional help for moving to Upper East Side

To make your relocation easier, hiring a professional moving company could be the best solution. If you decide to do so, check the companies well. They have to be registered, licensed, and have a physical address. Reading the reviews, you will also learn a lot about the company. Also, you may ask your friend and relatives to recommend some trustworthy movers to you.

The thing is that moving companies like local moving companies in Manhattan have skilled movers, and proper equipment and know the area well. So, they will be able to handle each of your items properly. Also, they will know the right routes to move your things. Besides, they will need less time to load and unload the moving truck. So, since you are paying a local mover per hour, the faster delivery means cheaper moving. Moreover, moving at a proper time will make the whole move even cheaper.

Living on the Upper East Side

After moving from Gramercy to Upper East Side, you may discover that you will need some more furniture. Well, that is good news. That already shows that you have a more spacious apartment. Also, living on Upper East Side you will have to organize yourself a bit differently. You will have to find the best commuting lines. Also, you will have to check where are the closest grocery shops. Like with any other change, you will need some time to adjust. The bottom line, you are still in NYC. And you will find ways to organize your life in a new neighborhood very soon.

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