How to spend the 4th of July in NYC

Moving to New York City during summer is extremely exhausting, but a worthy task. Thanks to one of the best moving companies NYC has to offer, your relocation is now over and you are ready to settle and enjoy your life in NYC. There are many things to do there, whether when it comes to job opportunities, or during your free time. NYC is steeped in history, but at the same time, it is the modern and cultural center of the USA. Relocating in summer is great, even though it can be difficult to find free days, avoid the traffic, and you usually have to pay a bit more. However, it is more than worth it. Why? Because when you relocate at the beginning of the summer, you get to spend the 4th of July in NYC. Read more to find out what are the great things you can do.

Summer in New York City

First, you are extremely lucky to live in NYC during the summer. Second of all, congratulations on avoiding moving during the 4th of July. This is important for two reasons. The first one is that you have avoided immense traffic jams, crowds, and busy movers. In addition to that, you didn’t have to deal with the surge of tourists. The second reason is a more pleasant one. You get to enjoy the 4th of July in NYC fully. You will immerse yourself in many different activities, depending on what you like. What is the best part of this? Even though the grand final and all of the biggest events (including incredible fireworks shows) are on the very day of the 4th of July, that is not all.

People on the streets near the bridge in NYC
You can watch the fireworks from many streets in NYC

There are many activities that you can do during the whole summer, but especially on the days before Independence Day. Some of those activities are:

  • Macy’s 4th of July fireworks,
  • Fireworks cruise,
  • Barbecue in some of the beautiful parks, or on a boat,
  • Enjoying at Honorable William Wall.

Thanks to long distance movers NYC, who have made your relocation seamless, you now get to enjoy July in NYC. Whichever of these incredible activities you choose, one thing is for sure – you will be astonished and mesmerized. Keep reading to find out what exactly to expect during these events and what else you can do.

Macy’s 4th of July fireworks are one of the best ways to spend the 4th of July in NYC

Now that you’re in NYC for the 4th of July, you can’t miss Macy’s 4th of July fireworks show. Every year, the 4th of July is commemorated in New York with the firing of a spectacular fireworks display sponsored by the well-known department store Macy’s. The 46th annual fireworks display dazzling New York’s skyline will take place in 2022. New York’s Independence Day fireworks display is the country’s largest, with over 60,000 shells exploding to light up the night.

Fireworks display
One of the best ways to spend the 4th of July in NYC is to enjoy the fireworks

The event starts at 9 p. m. on the 4th of July, of course. Officially, the three best places to watch the display are East 42nd Street, 34th Street, and 23rd Street. however, there are more spots along with the city from where you can get a spectacular view. Don’t worry if you don’t get to be in the very center of the happening. Other places are not as crowded as these central ones, so you may enjoy them even more. Some of those places include streets such as Montgomery Street and Cherry Street or Pearl Street and Dover Street.

Watch the fireworks from the water

Watching the fireworks from the water is one of the most incredible ways to spend the 4th of July in NYC. You can choose from many cruise lines and get on the boat to enjoy the happening. Once you get to live this, you will be forever thankful to local movers NYC, who have moved you swiftly. Now you may enjoy a lot more calm 4th of July evening instead of charging into the masses on the streets, or worse-still being in the process of relocation. The night cruise provides unrestricted views of the fireworks, as well as stunning vistas of New York’s skyline, cuisine, and refreshments. Tourists and locals alike are interested in 4th of July cruises for these reasons. There’s no need to worry about getting there early or vying for a good place before waiting an eternity for the fireworks to start.

Attend or make a BBQ in the nature

If you are a fan of having a barbecue in nature, especially in one of the amazing New York City parks, we have to disappoint you slightly. This activity is forbidden on most days of the year. Luckily, Independence Day is one of the three days in the year when you can do it. So, make the best out of it. If you don’t like crowds, traffic jams, and noisy streets, enjoy the time in nature with your friends and family. When you add food and drinks, there are not many ways that are more pleasant to spend the 4th of July in New York City than this one. If you still want to socialize, go to Sheep Meadow in Central Park and join the many others who are barbecuing. Use every moment of this day as best as you can.

A man barbecuing
Enjoy the BBQ in the nature

Visit Honorable William Wall

This is one of the activities that you can do in New York City even when it is not Independence Day. Of course, enjoying it on the 4th of July would be special. But, unless you reserve them early, there might not be tickets. Honorable William Wall is the name of the building, and it is located immediately adjacent to Ellis Island. It’s wonderful there, especially in the evenings, when you can see the lighted Manhattan. When you add fireworks to the equation, it will be an unforgettable experience.

Unique 4th of July in NYC

We hope that you like our suggestions on how to spend the 4th of July in NYC. The first Independence Day celebration after your relocation to NYC must be memorable. Choose any of the activities we have mentioned and enjoy this unique and unforgettable experience.

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