Expert Tips to Find Your Ideal Rental in NYC

As you probably know, living in one of the most expensive cities in the USA can be challenging. Other than the fact that it offers everything you’ve ever dreamed of, many factors need to be considered before you decide to start a new chapter here. Since you decided to find a new rental home, following certain steps can make this whole process much easier. The financial part also plays a vital role here, so we’ll help you find your ideal rental in NYC that will fit your wallet too. If you’re limited with money, that doesn’t mean you can’t find an affordable home with a good location and other characteristics that conform to your standards.

The best thing you can do from the early beginning is to start looking for an experienced team, and Best Movers NYC is always on your side. In this article, we will provide you with expert tips on how to find a suitable rental, and here are just some of them.

The best tips to find your ideal rental in NYC

If you don’t have enough experience with calculating an ideal rental, there are many tricks you can learn to make this process straightforward. Considering factors like location and your budget are a must, so here is how to do it at the same time:

Consider your needs

This step is crucial and will surely help you find your ideal rental in NYC. Different lifestyles can affect your rental. For example, if you’re living alone and have always had a busy lifestyle, you’re surely looking for something different than people who live with their families. The main distinction is that you would probably be able to pay higher rent if you had your whole salary for yourself. However, people with kids and large families wouldn’t be able to think this way, and their budget planning is much more dissimilar to yours. If you’re thinking about finding a great location, be prepared to set aside a substantial amount of money because having a great view in NYC costs a lot. It’s completely the same if you want to live in the middle of a crowded center or near your office.

Put everything on the paper and think about calling long distance movers NYC to make your relocation straightforward.

A living room.
Always consider your needs and lifestyle, and determine the number of rooms you’ll need.

Calculate budget

As soon as you start thinking about this whole relocation idea, the best advice we can give you is always to stay realistic. Don’t take a too a big step that will cost you more than you can afford at the moment. We know that you have great expectations from this city, but it’s always better to take it easy. If you’re not quite sure how to find your ideal rental in NYC, there is a way to calculate it. Just take your annual income, without taxes, and divide it by 40. That should be the best rental for you. Still, there is a rule that says that you shouldn’t spend more than 30% of your total income on rent. Followed by this, you can start considering other factors.

Multiple sources

In order to find an ideal rental in NYC, consider multiple sources. Don’t limit yourself to private landlords only. Consider real estate agents and property management companies. Sometimes it’s much better to go with a few options at the same time, so you can determine which one fits you best. If you are one of those who have a limited budget, real estate agents usually charge fees to find rentals for people. It’s good to be aware of that fact. Still, private landlords can make the best offer, after all, if you are lucky. They require fewer stipulations for renters, which is definitely a plus. Anyways, residential movers NYC will be there to help you relocate.

Last but not least, check out some of the apps and websites with rentals around the new York city area. This way, you can find more information about neighborhoods or get inspired by new places you haven’t considered before. Social media can also help a lot.

Calculating budget.
Set your limits right away and choose the apartment you can pay for without interrupting other expenses.


List all the neighborhoods and sort them properly. Be ready to spend time asking around about the neighborhood itself, its attractions, public transportation, and other general information. Then, start thinking about the possibility of affording that apartment you wanted. Some of the most popular parts of the city are definitely Upper East Side, Astoria, East Village, Gramercy, etc. Keep in mind that you need to calculate the exact number of rooms you’ll need, and that is what mostly dictates the price. Most of these apartments are not furnished, so you’ll have to count moving costs above this. One more thing you can’t expect in the City of New York is reserved parking, especially in rental apartments. However, if the landlord offers this parking option, be sure that you’ll have to pay extra.

Real estate agent in the office.
Finding a real estate agent can help you choose the exact location, but be prepared to pay fees.

The final word

Since you’re still trying to find your ideal rental in NYC, following some of these expert tips from above can help you. Maybe the best option is to put everything on paper and start searching deeply. Finding a suitable apartment itself is not an easy process, and you’ll surely have a lot to do, especially in a crowded city like New York. Now that you know what to expect, start your search online in the first place. Then you’ll have an opportunity to see certain neighborhoods that satisfy all your criteria, including the price. As we already mentioned, there are methods of calculation you can implement. Just keep in mind that your rental can not interrupt your other expenses. One of the ways to find suitable rent is to ask your friends and family for a recommendation.

When you finally find a rental that fits your budget entirely, you can start packing. Local movers NYC are at your service and always there to help with packing and relocating all your belongings. Be sure that everything will come to the new address without damage, so you can start enjoying your new apartment right away.

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