Must-see places for newcomers in NYC

First time in the Big Apple? Buckle up, because you’re up for a big adventure. NYC is one of the most popular places on the planet. Nobody can name all the places you have to visit when you’re visiting this city. However, Best Movers NYC has put together a decent list of must-see places for newcomers in NYC, and we sure hope this will help you when exploring this amazing city. 

Places you cannot miss in NYC

Some places are too iconic not to be seen. We will talk about some classic NYC spots that every tourist or newcomer visits, but we’ll also mention some less touristy places. There are plenty of neighborhoods in NYC that are worth visiting. First, let’s see what are some all-time favorites. 

The Statue of Liberty is the fists on the list of must-see places for newcomers in NYC

Lady Liberty is the symbol of the whole country and it’s located in NYC, on Liberty Island, to be more specific. This is one of the largest statues in the world. You can see it from land depending on where you are in NYC, but taking a trip to Liberty Island gives this a special feel. A great option is the tour of the Statue of Liberty that takes you to Liberty Island but makes a stop at Elis Island. On this island, you can visit the National Immigration Museum. This is a great chance to get the feeling of America and NYC and learn how it all started. You will walk through history and become part of it. Residential movers Manhattan recommend you start exploring NYC by visiting Lady Liberty.

The lively Central Park

Probably the most famous park in the world. You can freely enter the park and walk around. There are no fees that you need to pay. The park is located in central Manhattan, and it’s about 3.5 miles away from the city center. No matter what time of the year you visit Central Park, you will find people wandering around and enjoying their walks or picnics. Many other attractions and sights of NYC are located close to Central Park which makes it very convenient when exploring. Some of them are the Guggenheim and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Some other must-see places for newcomers in NYC within and close to Central Park are Central Park Zoo and The Lake, the Belvedere Castle, and the Strawberry Fields. 

Central Park is one of the must-see places for newcomers in NYC
Central Park is on the must-see places for newcomers in NYC list because of its lively atmosphere.

Rockefeller Center and Top of the Rock Observation Deck

This famous plaza is a place where you can spend half a day or even a full day. You can find everything in this place! Famous for its enormous skating rink, Rockefeller Center is the right place to visit during the winter. However, that is not the only time you’ll have fun here. You’ll find a lot of restaurants and stores here as well. During the Christmas holidays, thousands of people go to Rockefeller Center to see the amazing illuminated Christmas tree that lights up the whole area. There are no fees for visiting this place, and even though you’ll find big crowds there, it’s definitely worth visiting. If you’re coming to the Big Apple with a partner, visiting the Rockefeller Center is surely one of the best date ideas in NYC.

The famous Broadway

No matter if you are into all-time classics or new Broadway shows, you must visit Broadway and the Theater district. Make sure you buy your tickets way in advance since this is a very popular place, and shows are always sold out. When it comes to the Theatre district, a good walk you can take is on the Shubert Alley, which is reserved only for pedestrians. This street is famous in theater history because way back, young and aspiring actors would walk around this street hoping to see Sam S. Shubert. He was the theater baron who sometimes sponsored these young actors and allowed them to be in one of the plays.

The shiny Times Square

You can’t be in NYC and not walk through Times Square at least once. Even though it’s crowded 24/7, it’s a unique feeling to walk up and down the square and look around numerous different buildings, big stores, and little shops. You will probably recognize some sports from your favorite movie or show. We recommend you visit Times Square at night. This is because all the lights and billboards give Times Square a magical glow. You will often find free art shows, musicians performing or festivals and fares happening.

A man playing an instrument
You will hear some amazing live music while walking down Times Square.

Empire State Building

This 102-floor building was opened in 1931. To this day, it’s one of NYC’s landmarks and among the must-see places for newcomers in NYC. There are two observatories on top of the floors of the building, and they both offer breathtaking views. One of them is the city’s tallest open-air observatory, it’s 1,050 feet tall, and it’s on the 86th floor. However, be aware that, as this is one of the most famous tourist visiting spots, there are always long lines of people waiting to get in. It can be a bit frustrating, especially at the peak of the season. That’s why, if the Empire State Building is on your list of places to see, be ready to spend a few hours getting in.

American Museum of Natural History

When it comes to best museums for families in NYC, this is definitely one of them. There are eight permanent exhibit halls in this museum. These halls showcase all that’s amazing about the nature of our planet. You can see and learn about animals, fossils, the environment, and science. Aside from permanent exhibits, there are also special ones that run for only a specific period of time. What’s usually the most fun for the American Museum of Natural History’s visitors is the Butterfly Conservatory. This space is climate controlled and inside it, you can share space with 500 different butterflies.

Brooklyn Bridge

This Goth-style bridge has been an inspiration for painters, poets and writers for centuries. Even to this day, most tourists don’t consider their NYC trip complete without visiting the Brooklyn Bridge. This is the world’s first steel suspension bridge and it was finished in 1883. Just like Lady Liberty, you can see the Brooklyn Bridge from other sides of NYC, but it’s best to go and see it close up. You can take an hour-long walk on the bridge. The wooden walkway that’s only open for pedestrians and cyclists makes it easy to stroll around. Once you’re at the bridge, you can enjoy amazing views of the East River, busy Manhattan, and mesmerizing Statue of Liberty.

Brooklyn Bridge at night
Brooklyn Bridge is perfect to walk or cycle on and enjoy the scenery.

Other than the Brooklyn Bridge, you can see a lot of other interesting spots in Brooklyn. It’s a very unique area where a lot of art was made and “invented” You can visit different museums in Brooklyn and learn about its history. You also visit local shops and restaurants that have been around for decades. If the places aren’t too busy, you might even have the chance to meet the owners or main chefs who can tell you a story or two about the place or how a famous person used to come there as a kid.

Fifth Avenue is another one of the must-see places for newcomers in NYC

If you like shopping, this is the area for you. Most top designers have their flagship stores right here. This is considered to be a “posh area”, so make sure you fit in if you want to go there or “skip it” if you don’t like posh things. Of course, even if you’re not shopping, it’s still a very interesting experience to walk down this shiny avenue that stretches between 60th Street and 40th Street.

New York City Library and Bryant Park

On the Fifth Avenue, you will also find the New York City Library and Bryant Park. The actual name of the library is the Stephen A. Schwarzman building and it was opened in 1911. The Main Reading Room stretches on two blocks. There are over 10.000 current magazines in the Main Reading Room. You can access New York City Library by going through the relaxing Bryant Park. You can spend some time in the park and enjoy one of the many live performances or exhibitions that happen very often.

New York City Public Library
This beautiful building will give you a sense of peace and offer you more than 10.000 magazines to choose from.

Wall Street is for sure on our must-see places for newcomers in NYC list

If The Wolf Of Wall Street is one of your favorite movies, you’ll have to visit Wall Street. This area is home to New York Stock Exchange, the New York Mercantile Exchange and the NASDAQ. Wall Street is the most important place in the world regarding exchange. If you are already in this area, you should not miss out on visiting the beautiful Trinity Church, Federal Hall, and the famous Charging Bull.

Lincoln Center

If you enjoy performing arts such as symphony, ballet, or opera, this is the right place for you. There are 30 indoor and outdoor stages in the Lincoln Center. The Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra,  the Juilliard School of Music, Lincoln Center Theater, the New York Philharmonic, the Metropolitan Opera and the New York City Ballet all call Lincoln Center their home. Aside from live performances, innovative movies are showcased every single day. There is almost a hundred percent chance that an event will happen while you’re discovering your must-see places for newcomers in NYC list.

Ballerinas performing their choreography
Lincoln Center is a great venue to visit if you enjoy ballet shows.

Carnegie Hall is also one of the must-see places for newcomers in NYC

Carnegie Hall was the first great concert hall in NYC, and it was opened in 1891. Some consider that this venue has some of the best acoustics in the world. Artists from Tchaikovsky to The Beatles have performed at the hall. Local Brooklyn movers recommend that, before enjoying a performance at the hall, you join a guided tour. This is the best way to learn about the place before actually attending an event.

Other must-see places for newcomers in NYC

Other than the specific venues, buildings, and locations, we would like to mention some “broader” terms. There are whole neighborhoods in NYC that are worth visiting, and that will give you more of the “New Yorker” feeling. Here is a list of some cool spots in NYC.

  • Astoria, Queens – The biggest of five boroughs in NYC is the neighborhood of Queens. It’s also the most diverse and urban area in the city. Astoria is an especially nice area and a must-see when in Queens. You can see fancy restaurants, waterfront properties and modern art in Astoria. The place is popular because the atmosphere is very relaxed and the area is affordable. Definitely a place to go have drinks or dinner while visiting NYC.
  • Williamsburg, Brooklyn – Located over the East River in colorful Brooklyn, Williamsburg is one of the most creative and stylish neighborhoods in NYC. In this area, you will find plenty of foreign restaurants and cool local shops. In this area, you can also visit the Brooklyn Academy of Music. According to Brooklyn residential movers, many young aspiring artists are moving to Williamsburg because if its energy.

The “sides” of NYC

There are a lot of upper and lower sides of NYC, so don’t get confused. Here are the ones we believe you should visit.

  • Upper West Side – This place is a very family friendly area. There are plenty of playgrounds and parks in the area. It’s also home to a children’s museum. Upper West Side is a very popular residential district. With beautiful condos in it, many wish to move there. This is one of the best neighborhoods for renters in NYC.
  • Upper East Side – This is a famous luxurious part of Manhattan. It’s perfect if you love shopping at expensive stores and explore museums. This area is home to several vintage cafes and the famous Museum Mile. You will see some of the most beautiful residential streets when walking through the Upper East Side. This side of NYC is for sure one of the most fun neighborhoods to live in New York.
  • Lower East Side – This is a downtown neighborhood and it’s a very popular nightlife location. It’s a good mix of traditional and trendy locations.  You will find some of the best coffee shops in this area.
Landscape of New York City buildings
Every corner of NYC has something to offer.

This should be more than enough to visit and get familiar with NYC. You can always add more places to the list, but everyone will agree that these are the must-see places for newcomers in NYC. We hope you enjoy exploring and discovering New York City and that the city treats you well!


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