NYC Neighborhoods Research Guide

When moving to any particular place, one should research as much as possible about their future neighborhood. This is extremely important if one of your goals for this year is successful relocation to NYC. The fact that NYC involves 5 main boroughs and nearby suburbs, it’s evident why it matters where you live in such a big city. Each borough has its set of neighborhoods that are also quite different from each other. That’s why Best Movers NYC team brought you this ultimate NYC neighborhoods research guide to help you find your next place of residence.

How to research NYC neighborhoods?

List all advantages you’d like to have by living in a particular NYC neighborhood. Whether it would be proximity to downtown, a quiet environment, or lots of parks is completely up to you. New York City is big enough for everybody and has all kinds of neighborhoods and living options to offer. Make sure to learn more about NYC boroughs. Each of them is like a separate town within New York City. The more you know about them, the easier it will be for you to make decisions based on verified information.

NYC neighborhood
New York City has so many neighborhoods with unique history and aesthetics.

Factors to consider

Rest assured you can find a perfect place in NYC that follows your budget. If you aim for high-end neighborhoods with maximum safety, Manhattan’s Upper East Side, Tribeca, and SoHo are the best. The Bronx, on the other hand, is much cheaper. However, don’t be deceived by the level of affluence and appearance of any of the boroughs. While Manhattan is known as a cultural hub in NYC, the Bronx also has its own arts and music scene. Plus, living in the Bronx is blissful and financially comfortable at the same time.

Keep in mind that public transport connections matter a lot. When the neighborhood has excellent connections to other parts of NYC, it’s easier to travel to work from a bit more remote neighborhoods.

Staten Island has the safest neighborhoods in NYC

Aside from a high safety rate, Staten Island is a borough where you have lots of space for an active lifestyle. If you live in Great Kills, you’ll have access to Great Kills Park spacious enough for runners, families having picnics, and so on. Besides hiring movers in Staten Island, you can also check other top-rated neighborhoods:

  • New Dorp – Another super dense neighborhood that has all you need. The diversity makes everyone feel at home, and people tend to be welcoming and helpful.
  • West New Brighton – This is one of those neighborhoods that still has buildings from before the 1930s. If you seek old-school NYC housing options, then this neighborhood is the best one.
  • Oakwood Beach – You can access a beautiful waterfront from there.

Manhattan is an arts and culture center with elite neighborhoods

Before you hire some of the best movers Upper East Side has on offer, take a few steps back. Living in such an affluent neighborhood, or anywhere in Manhattan, costs a lot. The safety rate is high, however, life in Manhattan isn’t cheap. Living there is bliss if your income allows you. However, an expensive lifestyle doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be happy and content. Fortunately, Manhattan has other interesting neighborhoods that offer much more diversity when it comes to sites, people, and so on. Tribeca, home to a worldwide-known International Tribeca Film Festival is one of them.

smiling woman talking about preparation of NYC Neighborhoods Research Guide with a colleague via phone
Moving to NYC is worth the effort.

On the other hand, Harlem is a great example of a developing neighborhood in one of the most expensive areas in NYC that kept its urban vibe. While the Upper East Side is deemed the most expensive Manhattan neighborhood, Harlem on the other hand, is much more affordable in comparison. You don’t have to be a celebrity or a businessman to live there. The streets are lined with old buildings that speak of the dynamic history this neighborhood prides itself in. Plus, the community is noticeably diverse and way more welcoming. Whether you’re an IT specialist, small business owner, etc., rest assured Harlem will be your cup of tea. In case you decide to relocate there, check some of the best long distance movers Harlem locals trust the most!

Brooklyn has the best neighborhoods according to surveys

The worldwide reputation of Brooklyn is there for a good amount of reasons. By moving to Brooklyn, you get to experience authentic music and the art scene, ranging from concerts to exhibitions. Also, Brooklyn neighborhoods are quite livable. Brooklyn Heights is one of the most inhabited neighborhoods in NYC. It’s close to Down Under Manhattan Bridge Overpass you’ve probably seen in an array of movies. Because of its mixed traditional and modern architecture, you can choose among some of the most beautiful home options. This is just one of the examples of a neighborhood in NYC that has a unique story to tell through its architecture, culture, and also – food!

cute house maquette
Some NYC neighborhoods are more affordable, with diverse housing options.

Contrary to popular opinion, Brooklyn does have family-friendly neighborhoods, like Carrol Gardens. There, you can enjoy a more peaceful environment, away from daily buzz. At the same time, this neighborhood is close to Manhattan. As you may notice, Brooklyn, just like other NYC boroughs, has lots of diverse neighborhoods ideal for everyone’s preferences. So, wait no further, and check some of the best movers Carrol Gardens and other neighborhoods in Brooklyn have on offer!

Queens neighborhoods attract more young professionals

Housing in Queens is slightly cheaper compared to Brooklyn. However, rent prices depend on which neighborhood you live in. In general, Queens is ideal for remote workers in terms of costs. Plus, it’s easy to get to other crucial parts of the city and commuting doesn’t take too long.

Currently, Jackson Heights is sought-after by basically everyone: families, young professionals, etc. That’s why some of the best movers Jackson Heights has on offer are quite busy these days. Considering the benefits you get by moving there, this doesn’t come as a surprise. Its multicultural appeal shows in a variety of South-East Asian and Middle-Eastern restaurants, for instance. Other than Jackson Heights, neighborhoods like Astoria and Forest Hills are also family-friendly and safe.

The Bronx is perfect for people of all ages and interests

If there’s a place in NYC that fits almost everyone’s preferences, it’s definitely the Bronx. No matter where in the Bronx you decide to relocate, you won’t make a mistake. In comparison with the rest of NYC, neighborhoods in the Bronx are super affordable. However, that doesn’t mean low quality of life – it’s actually the opposite. Groceries are excellent, there are many housing options and amenities, as well as museums, galleries, and sports centers. Plus, it’s where lots of graduates go to get a higher education. Hence why it’s ideal for everyone. Whether you book the best movers in Riverdale or Parkchester is completely up to you.

people chilling in Central Park
Our NYC neighborhoods research guide will help you find your next place of residence.

Make sure to research NYC neighborhoods when moving for specific reasons

If you already got a job in NYC, it’s best to choose the closest borough to your workplace. It will benefit you timewise since there won’t be a need to commute to work for too long. That’s why it’s best to pick the neighborhoods that are known for their excellent public transport connections. Write down the pros and cons of living in each neighborhood, then compare them. Do the same if you’re moving for family reasons. Research family-friendly neighborhoods that have all you need at hand, compare them and make a final decision. However, pay attention to the housing market, as it’s not the same in every neighborhood.

Other reasons for moving can be art and creation. If you are an aspiring artist looking forward to expanding your work in NYC, Brooklyn might be an endless source of inspiration. Plus, it’s an area with a distinctive artistic community. Designers, painters, and many others look forward to moving to Brooklyn. On the other hand, Brooklyn is also great for young professionals and aspiring business owners.

Move to a neighborhood where you can imagine yourself living

Your research isn’t complete after you weigh all the general pros and cons that come with moving to any particular neighborhood. Once you pick a couple of them that seem the best, take time to learn more about them. You will be spending the next period of your life there, which is why it’s good to know what to expect.

two people discussing NYC neighborhoods research guide
Make the most of our NYC neighborhoods research guide and find reliable movers!

Here’s the best way to familiarize with your future neighborhood from a distance:

  • Parks – Look up nearby parks online. If you enjoy a nice morning workout, try to imagine yourself jogging in the morning, or walking your dog. If you happen to live near Central Park, you’ll remember why moving to NYC is one of the best decisions you could make this year.
  • Cafes and restaurants – Check interesting coffee shops and restaurants that are located not too far from you or your workplace. Most New Yorkers have that one special place where you go after a tiring workday. After all, it’s good to know first-hand where you will spend a leisure rainy afternoon with friends, or have a family dinner.
  • Gym – Find the right gym where you can blow off some steam.
  • Museums and galleries – Luckily for you, each NYC borough has unique museums and interesting installations.

Contact long-distance movers to execute your relocation project

Moving can be a tough endeavor if you’re not prepared on time. Plus, moving to big cities – like New York City –  is extremely tiring more often than not. If, however, you opt for some of the best moving companies NYC residents trust the most, your move is very likely to run smoothly.

Consider only licensed NYC companies that offer a free quote

A licensed company with years of experience is the one you should rely on. Also, make sure to conduct a quick background check in order to ensure the company is to be trusted. There’s no shortcut to moving, which is why it requires a team of versatile long distance movers in Queens (or other NYC borough you plan to move to) to handle the endeavor for you.

two guys carrying boxes
Entrust your move to some of the best movers in NYC.

Another important aspect of a professional moving company is a free quote. It’s available on the company’s website (homepage, or navigation bar). Once you book it, the movers will reach out to you to schedule the best time for estimation. You can choose between the on-site or online option. Either way, you’ll get a roughly estimated cost of your move. That being said, your final budget will be higher than the estimate. It all depends on the additional service you choose, and the weight of the items.

Rent storage on time

Check if a moving company you want to hire also offers storage services. Usually, experienced long-distance moving companies provide top-notch storage solutions in various sizes. That way, you can rent proper storage size, and avoid paying for extra space. Before you rent the unit, let the movers know you’d like to see it in person. After you make sure the storage is climate-controlled, clean, and fully secured, rent it and load it with items.

Inquire about the future neighborhood as you’re preparing for the move

The best mental preparation for an upcoming, tedious moving period is learning as much as possible about your future home. Therefore, put this NYC neighborhoods research guide to good use and explore further. Now that you know what and how to research a particular place in NYC, you’ll save plenty of time. Plus, you’ll feel much more at ease and motivated to keep the move going. Remember that moving is a process that takes effort and commitment. With the right team on your side, be sure your move will become joyful.

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