Prohibited items: The items NY movers won’t move

People relocating think they can relocate and pack everything they think of. If you are in this group of people, think again. There are logically some items that are not worth moving  – that are prohibited. Those certain items are the things professional moving companies will not load in their trucks. To be aware of this and not to come in some surprising and unpleasant situation with your Best Movers NYC can offer, make sure you see this list of items NY movers won’t move.

The items NY movers won’t move – A rundown

There are over 15 items that are prohibited. To make you more clear about what you can move and what you cannot, they will be categorized as the most frequently packed items. But, no matter which items are on this list, if you have some items that you are not sure whether you can relocate or not, the best thing you can do is to contact some of the best local movers NYC has and get the information firsthand.

Let us start with food

The first and the most frequent item people want to pack is food. This is because once the moving day is getting closer, you have no idea what to do with the leftovers in your fridge. The best thing you can do is to start eating them. Even some of the best residential movers NYC has will not accept relocating perishable food items.

The number one reason is that they can not keep it cool. You can pack it into the large cooler and drive it to your new home by yourself. But milk, butter yogurt, frozen treat, and ice cream is better to be ditched before the moving day. As long as anything else that is opened.

But there is some good news here. Movers will relocate non-perishable items, usual food in cans, soup, rice, pasta, etc. Everything that has been left in the pantry.

However, the best thing you can do with all this food is to donate it. There are multiple donation centers and stops where you can give your food. There are even more than a few food banks all over the United States. So, do good, help someone else and yourself by giving away these items.

woman looking for leftovers as some of the items NY movers won't move
Eating all the leftovers is a perfect chance to call some friends over and have fun before the relocation!


Regarding relocating the plants, two factors will indicate whether you are allowed to move a plant or not. First of all, if you are relocating interstate with some of the best long distance movers NYC has, you certainly won’t be allowed to relocate it. The other factor is whether some plants are forbidden in another state.

All of this must be checked before the moving day in order not to get into some unpleasant situation with your movers. The best place you can check this is State regulatory Official. 

On the other hand, if you are moving locally, for example, from Manhattan to the Bronx, you can pack the plant and bring them within you. Make sure you have just properly packed them. You can even ask for some advice from the best movers in Manhattan. Explain to them that you will be packing and relocating your plant by yourself and that you could use some piece of advice to pack it properly and most efficiently.

If this happens to be too much trouble for you, you can always give your plants to local schools, nursery homes, etc.

Equipment like scuba gear

No moving company will accept to relocate your scuba gear. So before you think about the best way to pack it, find an alternative way to relocate these items.

The reason for this is that scuba tanks are under high oxygen pressure and can have some specialized gas mixtures. No one wants to think about what will happen if this thing explodes. Even though this is dangerous to relocate it by yourself, you can prevent some damage if you empty them first.

Some of the items NY movers won’t move are family heirlooms and high-value items

No matter if these items are expensive or have some sentimental value, some moving companies have a strict policy about moving extensive and sentimental items. If you contact the best movers in Queens, you can get information on whether they will accept these items or not. Even if you are moving locally or from Queens to Manhattan, companies do not like to expose these items to some sort of damage. And be realistic, during the relocation, there are multiple situations where you can damage your items.

When it comes to expensive and high-value items, you should know what might be in this group. So if you want to move your expensive jewelry, collectible arts, checkbooks, etc, you should contact the moving company you want to hire and find out whether these movers will accept to relocate these items. There are always some specialized services, like moving art collection, but it will all depend on different factors.

The other reason why NY movers, like some of the best movers in Brooklyn, would decline to transport these items is that if something happens to them, any sort of damage, you won’t b able to get the money refund in the full amount. So if you, for example, damage some valuable piece of art and its value before the relocation was $10000, you will not get even half of it. That is why you should double-think if you want to relocate these items.

pictures on the wall
Art collection and valuable items are the items NY movers won’t move

Outdoor equipment

In this group of items, you can add:

  1. pool equipment,
  2. lawn equipment, and
  3. grill and barbeque supplies.

Generally speaking, you can easily relocate your lawn and outdoor equipment such as generators. You will just need to be very careful and remove as much gas and oil as possible. Do this several days before the moving day, or before loading it into the truck of some of the best movers in the Bronx. If you do this several days before the moving day, you will have plenty of time to be sure that everything is empty and that you have followed local environmental regulations. Also, check with the movers about the proper ways of packing these items.

When it comes to grill equipment, the best movers in Staten Island will relocate the actual grill. However, some items that are related to these cannot be moved by professionals. They are charcoal lighter fluid. These materials are very flammable, but you will read more about these supplies later. Of course, make sure that these items are clean and that you have done everything in your power to relocate them fresh, clean, and without the mess.

Girls, you might want to reconsider packing nail polish and nail polish removers

The main reason why NY movers won’t move these products is that they are very flammable. They do not want to risk and maybe cause some damage to other items they will be relocating. And think again. Finding a store in your new neighborhood that has all of your favorite products can be one of your first activities in your new place.

blue nail polish bottle
Let our first walk around the new neighborhood be the search for a new nail polish

Think about your pets

Even though people think that putting an animal in a moving truck is a great idea, please, do not do it. Consider that if you are relocating long distances, your pets will not have fresh air for a very long time. Pets that movers will not accept to relocate are hamsters, rabbits, lizards, and snakes. The best option is that you relocate your pet by yourself or check if it is possible to relocate it by plane. Also, check with the regulations, and if you are moving to another state, make sure your pet has a passport.

Fireworks, firearms, and ammunition is on the list of items NY movers won’t move

It is pretty obvious why these items are the ones movers do not want to relocate. Do not be conceived by the type of the gun, its size, and whether you are just transporting it from one place to another. Another big reason for relocating your guns and ammunition is that every state has its laws and regulations. So what is legal in some parts of America, it does not mean that it is legal in another state.

There is only one way you can transport your ammunition and guns legally. Hire a federally licensed firearm dealer and make a deal with him.

Relocating fireworks is also something movers will not do. No matter how much you try to make a deal with them, if you think about it, there should be only one spark, and the firework will explode. This will damage the moving truck, items inside, and possibly someone else. So do not mess with these “10 percent sulfur, 15 percent charcoal, and 75 percent potassium nitrate” items.

gun ready to be packed
Check the regulations of the state you are moving to if you want to relocate your firearms


Believe it or not, alcohol is something that not every moving company will accept to relocate. Laws vary in the state, and some states have strict rules about what kind of alcohol can be brought into the country. Do not try to pack it among the other items, such as clothes. The reason for this is if you get caught, you will pay a big amount and maybe even have some penalties. This will mark you so you will be suspicious every time you get to the border. There is no need to mention that alcohol is flammable. Imagine packing it with some other items, and everything gets burned down.

On the other side, companies that do want to relocate alcohol have some strict rules about how you will pack it and where it will be placed.

Hazardous materials are also on the list of items NY movers won’t move

On this list, there are a few things you will not be able to relocate, no matter which moving company you hire. Hazardous materials that your NY overs won’t move:

  1. fertilizer,
  2. paints,
  3. aerosols,
  4. pesticides,
  5. motor oil,
  6. acids,
  7. batteries,
  8. chemistry set.

All of these items have been marked as very dangerous and flammable, and by relocating them, you have a bigger risk of damaging the items and the moving truck. In case you do have these items around your home, and you are looking for ways to get rid of them, there are simple solutions that will help you. One of them is to find local hazardous waste facility drop-off centers. Lucky for you, there are few in every state. So in case you are not sure where to place them, you can always contact the moving company and check if they know where you can drop off these items.

They should be disposed of before the moving day. Some people inform the new buyers about these materials, and in case they need them, they leave them in the house. This is personal and every buyer and the seller have their own rules. So be free to create your own for this.

warehouse full of hazardous materials
Be careful how and where you dispose of hazardous materials

This list is supposed to help you deal with the packing and relocation process easier and efficiently. But before packing anything, make sure you have contacted the moving company. Find out everything you need to know about prohibited items, those items NY movers won’t move. In case you still do not know about a certain product or item, feel free to ask for a piece of advice. Good luck!

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