Best NYC neighborhoods for renters

There are numerous reasons that attract people to move to NYC. It is one of the most vibrant cities on the globe. It is a never-sleeping city, with 24 hours of rush, and entertainment. And a city where energy is awakening the creative spirit, be it a painting, acting, or writing. So, everything is available, no matter what time it is. This convenient lifestyle of New York City is very addictive. Thus, no wonder that a lot of people are requesting the services of Best Movers NY to move there. However, living in the City is rather expensive. So, families and young professionals are often in search of affordable accommodation. For this reason, we are giving an overview of the best NYC neighborhoods for renters.

In case you are a newcomer, inform yourself about the rental application process

People living in NYC know it already. However, as a newcomer, you might get surprised. In general, people from other places don’t know about the application process for renting an apartment. Renting prices in NYC are about 20% higher than the national average. Nevertheless, the demand is very high, since about two-thirds of residents in NYC are renting.

Manhattan bridge and skyline - best NYC neighborhoods for renters.
Finding the best NYC neighborhoods for renters may take time.

To be ready for the application process, keep the essential paper with you at all times. These are the most basic ones that you need:

  • Identity verification (any state-issued document with your photo – ID, passport, etc.)
  • Any kind of employment verification
  • Last payment slip
  • Bank statement (as a rule, you have to confirm that your annual income is 40 times your monthly rent)
  • Your latest tax return
  • Referrals from the previous landlord

Renting in NYC, you have to be fast. Soon you find the apartment that suits you – apply. Namely, in case you hesitate, it will be already rented out next time you come.

As a renter, you may like to consider some neighborhood features

Not all neighborhoods will be right for you. So, our recommendation is to make your list of priorities. You should actually have it ready even before you start looking for an apartment and affordable NY moving companies. This further means that you will check the neighborhoods which meet most of your expectations. Such a list may include:

  • affordable rents
  • size of the apartments
  • vicinity of parks
  • sit-down or delivery restaurants in the area
  • vicinity of good schools
  • walkability
  • access to public transportation/ commuting time
  • parking possibilities for the car-owners
  • neighborhood safety and crime rates

If you have kids, good schools and low crime rates in the neighborhood will be very important to you. So, once you are satisfied with a neighborhood, the next step will be to check apartments within it.

Best NYC neighborhoods for renters

In NYC, a good part of your salary will go to rent. So, affordability will be a very important factor when renting. Therefore, let us see which NYC neighbors have the best rental deals for 2022. 

Street in Brooklyn downtown.
Several Brooklyn neighborhoods are attractive for renters.

Riverdale, Bronx can be among the best NYC neighborhoods for renters

The real estate prices in Riverdale are high. Surprisingly, the rental market is very different. So, renting in Riverdale is very affordable. In this neighborhood, there are many condo buildings. So, finding an apartment for renting in there will be an easy task. After moving there with one of the best movers in Riverdale, you will realize how peaceful and quiet the area is. There, you will enjoy plenty of greenery, sweeping views of the Hudson River, and interesting historic homes.

Apartment sizes and average rental prices in Riverdale

Apartments in the Bronx are typically larger than those in the other boroughs. So Riverdale is one of the neighborhoods where renters can find nice apartments for affordable prices.  

Here is a list of the average prices that renters are paying in Riverdale:

1 bedroom      $1,929

2 bedrooms     $2,430

3 bedrooms     $2,500

4 bedrooms    $4,995

Transportation and commuting possibilities for renters

You will need about 20 minutes, using MetroNorth, to reach the Grand Central Station. However, Riverdale is not having a train stop. In case you need to use a train, you will have to catch it in the neighboring Kingsbridge. Besides, you can also use your own car to drive to Manhattan. In that case, using Henry Hudson Parkway, you will cross over to Manhattan in minutes.

Access to shops, restaurants, recreation possibilities, and safety

Riverdale, Bronx is a highly residential area. So, as a new renter in the neighborhood, you will have to find the closest shops. Mostly, shops and restaurants are clustered in the southern part of Riverdale. Also, you can find many of them in the nearby North Riverdale. Riverdale has several parks, with many recreational possibilities. Safety in the area is satisfactory and most crimes are related to nonviolent petty crimes.

Bridge, buildings, and a bat on the body of water.
There are several nice neighborhoods for renters in Queens.

Kew Gardens, Queens is also one of the good neighborhoods for renters

Located in central Queens, Kew Gardens is one of seven NYC planned neighborhoods. It was built in the 1950s and is today a quiet residential area, regardless of being densely populated. In this neighborhood, the renters can find one-family homes, apartment complexes, and condos. And, after finding accommodation, you can easily secure the affordable services of Kew Gardens’ local movers.

Apartment sizes and average rental prices

The size of the apartments in Kew Gardens is above average for NYC. However, the rental prices are rather affordable:

Studio             $1,625

1 bedroom      $1,950

2 bedrooms     $2,550

Transportation from Kew Gardens

The Kew Gardens residents can use several public transportation possibilities:

  • Union Turnpike Subway (lines E and F)
  • Kew Gardens Railway Station
  • Buses, including Q10, Q37, Q46, Q54, Q60

Shops, restaurants, recreation possibilities, and safety in Kew Gardens

Living in this neighborhood renters can easily visit the Queens Center shopping mall. There are also several very affordable restaurants. Kew Gardens is surrounded by Forest Park. So, the residents have numerous recreational possibilities. Also, the neighborhood enjoys very low crime rates.

Sunnyside is one of the interesting neighborhoods for renters in Queens

Nestled between Long Island City and Astoria, Sunnyside is a family-friendly neighborhood. There, the renters can choose between row houses and low-rise apartments. In Sunnyside, you will find a rustic area, with many historic cottages and towering trees. It has recently gained in popularity, due to affordable accommodations and good transportation solutions. That is why so many people are lately moving in, with the help of Sunnyside local movers.

Sunnyside rental prices for apartments

The apartment sizes in Sunnyside exceed the New York City standards. The prices range:

Studio             $1,625

1 bedroom      $2,100

2 bedrooms     $2,650

3 bedrooms     $2,800

Transportation and commuting solutions for renters

Commuting from Sunnyside to Downtown Manhattan is a lot shorter than from many other neighborhoods. Using the subway, bus, or a taxi, you can reach it within minutes.

The shops, restaurants, recreation possibilities, and safety that renters can expect in Sunnyside

Sunnyside is a residential area. So, for shopping, the renters are usually going to Astoria, Greenpoint, or Midtown. Contrary to that, you can find many restaurants in the neighborhood. Some of them are open round the clock. The residents can relax in one of three nice parks:

  • Sunnyside Gardens Park
  • Lou Lodati Park
  • Windmuller Park

Safety is high in this quiet residential neighborhood, and criminal activities are rarely occurring.

Botanical Garden in Bronx.
The Botanical Garden is one of the places that residents like to visit in their free time.

Inwood, Manhattan is also among the best NYC neighborhoods for renters

The Inwood is located at the northern tip of Manhattan and is bordering Marble Hill and Spuyten Duyvil Creek. Although the late belongs to the Bronx, the border between those three neighborhoods is not always clear. So, in case you decide to move to one of them, it is good to know that you can use the affordable services of Inwood movers NYC.

Average rental prices and apartment sizes

In Inwood and bordering neighborhoods, you can find single houses, rental buildings, and condos. They are relatively more spacious than apartments in mid-Manhattan areas.

Here is the average price range:

1 bedroom      $1,980

2 bedrooms     $2,751

3 bedrooms     $2,895

Transportation from Inwood to Downtown NYC

Although located at the northern tip of the island, Inwood has a good connection to Manhattan and Downtown. You will be able to use the bus, subway, or taxi. Driving your own car, you will need about 8 minutes to reach your destination.

Shops, restaurants, recreation possibilities, and safety that renters can expect in the area

This is a quiet neighborhood, with many possibilities for recreation.  In Inwood Hill Park, you can enjoy numerous sports activities. You can also enjoy shopping at farmers’ markets, or in many grocery shops. The whole area is safe, with very low crime rates.

Sunset Park, one of the good neighborhoods for renters in Brooklyn

Sunset Park is located just east of the New York Harbor. It offers its residents great city views. Before, this area was one of the most dangerous areas of Brooklyn. Luckily, the situation changed in the past 15 years. There is nothing fancy about this neighborhood. But it offers a strong community feels that many appreciate. And it offers affordable housing options. The neighborhood is mostly residential, with beautiful architecture. It has numerous well-kept historic brownstone buildings.

Besides, the former warehouses in the area were restored and converted into shopping areas. Also, you can find there many recreational possibilities. In case you decide to make this place your new home, count on the excellent services of the Sunset Park movers. They can also move you to the neighboring Bay Ridge area, known for good public schools.

Apartments and rental prices in Sunset Park

In Sunset Park, the apartments are slightly above the average size. Here is the list of the median rental prices:

1 bedroom      $1,750

2 bedrooms    $2,100

3 bedrooms     $2,400

4 bedrooms     $3,200

Transportation and commuting possibilities

The average commuting time from Sunset Park to Manhattan is 30 minutes by subway, in one direction. Using your own car, you will need about 20 minutes to reach the same destination.

Access to shops, restaurants, recreation possibilities, and safety in the area

Due to the high number of Hispanic residents, the restaurants in the area are Latin-based. Sunset Park is known for Brooklyn Flea, which is NYC’s coolest market for antiques, art/crafts, fashion, food, and much more. The area is mostly safe. However, although the crime rate has been steadily declining, it is better to avoid some areas after dusk. Such areas are the 3rd, 4th, and 5th Avenues.

Group of people are bumping fists after finding the best NYC neighborhoods for renters.
You can also consider renting with roommates, to save up on costs.

Crown Heights, Brooklyn

Crown Heights has lately gained a significant amount of popularity as a good neighborhood for renters. It is also more affordable than Park Slope and Prospect Heights. Besides nice housing opportunities, living in Crown Heights, you can enjoy visiting the Brooklyn Botanical Garden. There are also many other attractions in the area. So, you will easily reach Prospect Park and the Brooklyn Public library. The area is full of beautiful tree-lined streets and brown brick houses. If you decide to call this area home, you can count on the exceptional services of the Crown Heights movers. The area also has rich nightlife, so it can be an attractive place for young renters.

Apartments and rental prices in Crown Heights

The average apartment size is above average size in Manhattan or North Brooklyn. Here is a list of the median rents in Crown Heights:

Studio             $2,100

1 bedroom      $2,100

2 bedrooms     $3,200

3 bedrooms     $2,900

4 bedrooms     $3,500

Transportations and commuting possibilities for renters living in Crown Heights

You can use the subway or bus lines to reach Manhattan. It will take you, on average, about 30 minutes to reach your destination.

Shops, restaurants, recreation possibilities, and safety in Crown Heights

In Crown Heights, you will enjoy one of the most thriving nightlife scenes in Brooklyn. You may find excellent restaurants there as well. Besides, in your free time, you can visit numerous museums, libraries, and parks. As this neighborhood is located in the central part of Brooklyn, you will easily find various shops. Regardless of the rich nightlife, the area is safe.

Kensington, Brooklyn is one of the best NYC neighborhoods for renters

Kensington is located in the central part of the Brooklyn borough. It is known for its cultural diversity since there are many immigrants living in there. So, walking around, you will hear bout 20 different languages. Besides the immigrants, Kensington is popular among young professionals. Living in there, they are not far from Manhattan. And the rents are lower than in places like Park Slope and Windsor Terrace.

Apartments and rental prices in Kensington

Apartments are affordable and more spacious than average in NYC. So, if you decide to safely move in there, it is enough to give a call to Kensington movers.

Here is the overview of the rental price range:

Studio             $1,200

1 bedroom      $1,200

2 bedrooms     $1,800

3 bedrooms     $ 2,200

Transportation and commuting in Kensington

Reaching Manhattan from Kensington is also easy. Using a subway, you will need about 30 minutes. Using your own car, you will reach your destination within 17 minutes.

Shops, restaurants, recreation possibilities, and safety in Kensington

Kensington is a calm, safe, family-friendly neighborhood. When it comes to shopping, the residents like to visit shopping malls. Having several of them in the vicinity, it is very easy to reach them. Also, they can visit parks and find entertainment there. Or, if they like it better, they can easily visit museums, or participate in numerous neighborhood events.

Many people are not sure is it better to rent an apartment or a house in NYC

Moving to NYC, many are not sure what is better – renting an apartment vs renting a house. Well, this will depend on the best NYC neighborhoods for renters. In some of them, the houses will be more affordable. And especially, in case you have a family and kids, houses can show more practical. In other neighborhoods, renting an apartment could be a much better option. Also, in case you are moving alone, it is wise to consider renting with roommates. That way, you will be able to cover rent easier. Regardless of cheaper options, it is always nice to save up some funds for other purposes.

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