Fun and unique date night ideas in NYC

If there is one thing about New York, you should know it is that this city does not lack options. This is especially the case with ideas for a date night. If it happens that you are tired of date nights that go the usual way, we are going to help you. Read this article, and you are going to get fun and unique date night ideas in NYC. Find the most suitable way to get things started, and the sparks will start flying!

Visit Manhattan’s only legal whiskey distillery

In case you like drinking high-quality whiskey, this is going to be the perfect place for a date. Great Jones Distilling CO. opened in 2021. This is Manhattan’s first and only legal whiskey distillery in over 100 years. It took more than 6 years to make this distillery. Once you set foot here, you will see how much love it was made with and how much effort was invested in details. You will have a chance to see a fully functioning distillery, a tasting room, and several drinking and dining venues.

Man drinking whiskey at a bar
One of the fun and unique date night ideas in NYC is visiting a whiskey distillery

There are several experiences for couples: a tour detailing the whiskey-making process, a hands-on mixology class, and a culinary cocktail pairing experience. So, if you have relocated here soon, this distillery is a great place to visit. Let your NYC residential movers do their work and enjoy your visit.

Ye’s Apothecary is also a fun place to visit

If it happens that you want to go for a drink or to have dinner but you want to visit a place that is different from the usual restaurants, visit Ye’s Apothecary. The atmosphere inside is quite intimate and this is why it is perfect for date nights. The first thing you are going to notice is that this place is exceedingly pretty. There is a cinematic bar with gleaming emerald tiles. On the left, there is a jewel-toned venue with marbled tables above which there are elegant light fixtures. In case you have been living in New York, but you did not know about this place, make sure you visit it as soon as possible. If you have used the services of local movers NYC and it is in your vicinity now, it may become your new favorite place.

One of the fun and unique date night ideas in NYC is visiting the Met

Are you a person who enjoys being surrounded by amazing art? In this case, make sure your next date night is in the Met. As a matter of fact, there is such a thing as ‘Date Nights’ organized here. The visitors get an opportunity to become acquainted with informal drop-in gallery chats. The ‘Date Nights’ of this kind are organized on Friday and Saturday nights.

The Met
Another interesting place where you can bring your date is the Metropolitan museum

There will be no need to get your tickets in advance, which is a great thing. So, what you should do is either ask your date to go there or make it a surprise. Do not worry if you are in the process of relocation. Your Manhattan residential movers are going to make sure the entire process runs smoothly.

Enjoy a sunset jazz cruise around Manhattan

Having a romantic evening jazz cruise is easy to organize. All you should do is board the Classic Harbor Line. It is made extra cozy, so all you should do is find the perfect place among ample pillows. Order a glass of champagne and enjoy the music and the view. You will pass the One World Trade tower, the Empire State Building, the State of Liberty, etc. What makes this experience different is that you are going to look at the city as the sun goes down. The light bounces off these buildings and you will have a chance to see the city from a different perspective. So, if you have heard about this cruise after relocating with the help of local movers in Manhattan, make sure you reserve your trip as soon as possible.

Visit the Slipper Room and see a burlesque show

If you want a completely different and unique experience, think about going down this road. Because the space is not too big, there is no such thing as a bad seat. One thing is certain – you can expect the unexpected. There are cheeky performers who will leave you laughing. A number of singers, comedians, dancers, and sexily clad performers are going to perform circus and sideshow tricks. It is not quite possible to find something similar to this either in the Lower East Side or anywhere else. So, if you were not familiar with a place of this kind and you have finished unpacking after long distance movers Manhattan have unloaded your things, the time has come for new experiences.

Think about going to Gallow Green

You may have visited other rooftop bars until now, but this is going to be a completely different experience. A great majority of bars of this kind rely heavily on their views. This is the main reason why the drinks are overpriced. However, once you set foot in Gallow Green, you are going to see the difference.

Two women smiling
Gallow Green can offer a lot more than a nice rooftop view

This is a mix of a highly conceptualized romantic garden party and a cocktail lounge. You are going to love the interior because it makes the view even greater. So, let some of the best residential movers Brooklyn offers to do their job and take some time to enjoy.

Porcelain is a great choice for a first date

If you or the person you are meeting are fond of Austrian-inspired cuisine, this is going to be the perfect place. Porcelain is quite a charming option and you will hardly make a mistake if you choose to go there. You will have a chance to taste coffees of different kinds as well as a great number of pastries. What is great about this place is the prices. They are quite low, which may tempt you to go back and try something else they have to offer. If it happens that you are moving long distance to Queens, this is a place you must visit. You are going to have the sweetest date ever – literally.

In case you like puzzles, visit an escape room

Visiting an escape room is another one of the fun and unique date night ideas in NYC. It does not matter whether it is a rainy day or if the temperature is too high – this is an ideal solution for both situations. What is great is that you have a great number of different escape rooms at your disposal. All you should do is take some time to do research and then choose one escape room the theme of which suits you best.

Escape room
Visit an escape room, and the two of you are going to have a lot of fun

What is also great about this activity is that you are going to learn quite a lot about your date. While you are dealing with a science experiment gone wrong, a bank heist, or you are escaping from an Egyptian tomb, you will see the way he or she thinks. This will surely get you closer. In case you are relocating locally to Queens, let your local movers in Queens do the work while you are having fun in an escape room.

Go to Kick Axe Throwing and sharpen your skills

Something that is completely different from everything you have experienced so far is visiting Kick Axe Throwing. If you are looking for an urban adventure, this is going to be the perfect place. What you should do is visit the Runner & Stone cafe and get some coffee and some pastries. The two of you will have enough time to drink your coffee and eat the pastries until you get to your destination. Caffeine is going to help you concentrate and you are going to look more than good when you start throwing axes. If this is a way to impress your date, there is nothing to think about. Best Movers NYC is going to complete the moving-related tasks while you are there – you have nothing to worry about.

Pips is an ideal place for a date night

If you are looking for a nice place where you can stay for a while if everything goes in the right direction and that also offers great escape routes, go to Pips. This is a bar where you can taste great wines – the selection is more than impressive. In addition to this, there are many small plates that are inspired by coastal Italian cuisine. If your date is great, you can stay there, taste a great number of wines and have a great talk. On the other hand, if you are not really impressed, the good thing is that this bar is situated on Atlantic Avenue. You are going to have a number of subway escape-route options.

Visiting VR World NYC is another one of fun and unique date night ideas in NYC

What is great about New York is that it is brimming with unique and exciting activities. One of the fun and unique date night ideas is visiting VR World NYC. This is a theme park where you can find many virtual reality interactive experiences. You and your date are surely going to find something that you like. As a matter of fact, you may even be tempted to try something more daring.

One of the fun and unique date night ideas in NYC is visiting a VR theme park
In order to have a great experience, make sure you visit this virtual reality theme park

Considering the fact that this is a theme park and that you can find a great number of different gadgets that will help you explore another city or another planet, you are going to achieve your goal. Adrenaline is going to be your main companion and you are going to have a great time together.

What you can also do is take a couples cooking class

In case you are interested in cooking, this is something that can be fun. It does not matter whether you have basic culinary skills or you can prepare some complex meals – the point is to have a good time with your date. The good thing is that the aim of these classes is not only education but also entertainment. You are going to grow closer to your special someone and you will get to know each other much better. You will have a chance to see whether he or she gets competitive and whether you like that or not. So, if you are planning on moving to Staten Island, this may help you make a final decision. If the date does not go as planned, feel free to start packing your bags.

The New York Botanical Garden is quite magical

If the weather is pleasant, you should spend as much time as possible in nature. As a matter of fact, this botanical garden is one of the best places for an occasion of this kind. It has a 50-acre forest, a rose garden, a palace modeled after Spain’s Alhambra, an observatory, etc. There is nothing to worry about even if it is the fall. You can still go there and see its epic collection of pumpkins. Basically, you will escape the city without actually leaving. In case this is what you are looking for, just set the date.

As you have had a chance to see, there are many fun and unique date night ideas in NYC. What you are going to choose depends on your and your date’s interests. If you already know what he or she likes, you can make a surprise. However, if this is not the case, you should definitely consult them. Otherwise, the date may go in the wrong direction before it even begins. Do not worry – if there is the right person by your side, the date cannot be bad, that is for sure.

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