Top 10 NYC neighborhoods for people with pets

Even though looking for the perfect place for you and your four-legged friend can be hard, nothing compares with the feeling you have when you enter your new home together. People who have pets know that they are more than just an animal. They are our friends, companions, our happy place when we’re sad. That is why searching for a home that will make you and your pet happy is really important. And sometimes, we think that living in a great city like NYC is not convenient for pets. But we could not be more wrong. There are some of the best NYC neighborhoods for people with pets that you and your friend will enjoy. And when the time for the relocation comes, hiring Best Movers NYC is there for you to give you the fluent and easy relocation.

What makes a certain neighborhood a good place for people with pets?

There are no rules or any other terms that you must follow and respect to have a pet in some neighborhoods. Also, there is no perfect place for people with pets. Because everybody is treating their pets and giving them some stuff on their own. You might think differently than others. Some people are okay with leaving a dog outside of the house during the winter. Some other people do not let their pets outside at all. That is why determining the best place for people with pets will be hard. However, some factors will determine whether the place is suitable for you and your pet, no matter how much and how rarely you take the outside or play with them.

A neighborhood that is suitable for people with pets must have more than 30 percent of restaurants, bars, places, and shopping centers that are pet friendly. There is no point living in a city where you cannot bring your dog with you to the bar or for a drink. On the other hand, there are just some people that do not like to be around pets when they go for a coffee or take a lunch break.

woman kisses her pets after he has found some of the best NYC neighborhoods for people with pets
Think about your pet’s needs.

There is one more thing to keep in mind!

The other thing you must search for is that the place must have some kind of green area or little green land where your pet will be able to walk, run, play, etc. This is important mostly in the summer days. Concrete on the streets may be really hot, and your dog can hurt their feet. That is why having grass or some shadows where your pet can rest or run is a must-have. This is, of course, in case you have a pet that requires going outside.

The third but maybe the most important thing you must look for when moving somewhere with a pet is whether you can find a pet-friendly home. Lucky for you, NYC has more and more pet-friendly places. So whenever in NYC you decide to move, local movers NYC is offering will be glad to relocate all of your stuff and belonging to your new neighborhood.

Top 10 NYC neighborhoods for people with pets

Considering many facts that will determine the best place for people with pets and going through some studies, we have gathered a list of the top 10 NYC neighborhoods for people with pets. Please remember that nnot all of these 10 places might be suitable for you. So keep your minds open and make sure that you bring the best decision for yourself, your family, and your pets.

pets on the rain
No matter which one of the best NYC neighborhoods for people with pets you choose, your pet will love spending time with you.

West Village

How about living in the center of happenings and still being able to get everywhere with your pet? Well, West Village might be the perfect place for you. This lovely community in Manhattan is giving you a chance to explore numerous dog runs and great connections to the Hudson River Park, where your dogs, cats, rabbits, etc. will be able to enjoy all the free time you have. Although it is the most convenient neighborhood for dogs, moving here with the best movers in Manhattan, no matter which pet, will be the best decision you have made in a while.

The price of homes where pets are allowed is not high, so you will have no problem finding the best home for you and your pets.

Battery Park City

Also in Manhattan, Battery Park City is one of the top 10 places in NYC for people with pets. The reason for this is that there are a lot of public gardens and sidewalks that allow you to take your pet for a walk and make sure you do not bother anyone. One of the benefits of this sidewalk is that there are trash cans and places for bags on almost every corner. So you do not have to worry about whether you have a bag to clean after your pet or not. You will be able to find it on the street and be polite and remove anything your pet has left.

This park is also located near the Hudson River and the Rockefeller Pak. Both of these places will be perfect for your pet to stretch its legs and for you, to enjoy some of the most beautiful sunsets ever. So do not hesitate anymore, hire residential movers Manhattan has, and start preparing r ling in your favorite place with your favorite friend.

two cats hugging
Our pets deserve the best.

Check Upper West Side if you are looking for the best NYC neighborhoods for people with pets

Upper West Side is surrounded by the lovely Riverside Prak and Central Park. That is why this makes Upper West Side the perfect location for people with pets to move. You will need just a few blocks to get to the sidewalk, where your pets will have the best run and walk ever. You will be able to find an “off-leash” area where your pets can run freely and without holding back. This is the most convenient for people with big dogs that need to run a minimum of once a day. There are also numerous pet shops where you can get everything your pet needs. Not to mention the bars and the restaurants where you can even look after the pet’s menu and get some food for them also.

Moving here with some of the best local movers Manhattan has will provide you with numerous things to do. And most importantly, your pet will be so happy that you will not be able to recognize it after just a few walks.

 Hollis Hills

Changing the location, getting out of Manhattan, we have come across some lovely Queens neighborhoods. Still, not far away from the center of NYC, you can find the best places for you and your dog to live for a reasonable price. There are a lot of lakes, meadows, and woods in Alley Pond Park. There will be a place for your pet to have long and exciting adventures.

Houses here are mostly single-family places, so if you have ever been thinking about expanding your current number, you will be able to do it here. Houses are also usually with some kind of yard, so this will be great for people with big dogs that need to be outside during the nice weather. Moving here with the best movers in Queens will bring you joy and happiness that everyone around you will feel it. Not to mention the chance for your pet to live among other pets freely and without holding back.

two wet dogs
Give your pet everything it deserves.

Park Slope

Brooklyn is not far behind Manhattan when it comes to the best neighborhood for people with pets. On the opposite, it has become more and more popular among people with pets who can go for a walk and have some adventures with humans. There are a lot of parks and areas where your pets will be able to walk without a leash which is great. Giving freedom to animals is something that we should be thinking about all the time.

It is nice to have a pet around your legs all the time, but we must not forget about their needs too. Brooklyn has thought about them and is giving you a chance to find your perfect home in Park Slope. The best movers in Brooklyn you have hired to help you relocate will also recommend you visit this park with your little fluffy friend.


If you are looking for the most private neighborhood and still live in the center of NYC, you will find your place in Fieldston, in the Bronx.  It is the most peaceful, sunny, and beautiful. Just like the homes you can get here. This place is located near NYC’s biggest park, Van Cortlandt Park. This is maybe the most beautiful place for dogs. Some pet owners have cats, rabbits, and parrots, but if you have a dog, this neighborhood is the perfect one for you. 

Living here is not so expensive because it is separated from the Bronx. However, before you hire some of the best movers in the Bronx, you might consider calculating the living and moving costs. Just be sure that you will be able to pull everything up.

man and dog blowing candles
If you love spending time with your pets, you will enjoy yourself together no matter where you live.

Eager to hear one more of the best NYC neighborhoods for people with pets? It is Upper East Side time!

Although it is considered to be the most expensive part of Manhattan and New York, Upper East Side has become of the most popular places for people with pets. Three blocks from Central park, your pets will have the perfect chance to spend almost all their free time outside. Besides the fact that commuting is very easy and you will be able to spend less time traveling from home to work, your pets will have a lot of time to explore the park with you by their side.

Since the commute is very easy and there are tons of options for you to travel from one neighborhood to another, living in the other neighborhood and getting here to Central Park is very easy. So, since you are, for example, living in a neighborhood called Staten Island, you will need not more than 20 minutes to get here and have a walk with your dog or cat. That is why even if you live in Staten Island and you have hired some of the best moves in Staten Island to relocate you to your new home, you will go for a walk the moment you relocate.

Brooklyn Heights

Between Brooklyn Bridge and Downtown Manhattan is the most natural and best-looking place for your pets to walk and enjoy some quality time spent together. You will be able to find a great place with balconies and enjoys mornings in the sun. Plus, you will be able to commute to another neighborhood easily and maybe take your pet to some other park that will make their day more beautiful.

Something new for you – Kew Gardens

Located in Queens, this place offers pet owners some of the nicest and most well-designed trails for their pets to exercise and have fun. You will be able to watch your pet running and you will be able to bike with them without any problems. Some programs can allow you to enjoy with your pets your favorite activities out in the open. That is why people choose to live here and choose this NYC neighborhood for pets.

The last one on our list of best NYC neighborhoods for people with pets is neighborhood Rockaway Beach

The great thing about Rockaway Beach is that dogs will be able to walk on the beach. However, pets cannot go directly into the water. However, thinking about the fact that pets can be on the beach is something priceless. You will be able to find some of the nicest places with tiny yards where your pets will enjoy the time you are spending together. 

woman and dog playing with blanket
Having a yard for your pet is something priceless

Enjoy spending time with your little best friend. And start doing that by finding the most suitable home for both of you. There are places and some of the best NYC neighborhoods for people with pets that are affordable and have great ways of living.


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