New York Car Transport: What You Need to Know

Are you looking forward to moving your car as well? You’ll need a good car shipping company to handle the whole endeavor in that case. Also, it’s good to learn more about New York car transport and how to find the right company. To many, it seems like a long and dull process. However, with this guide Best Movers NY brought to you, rest assured you’ll get your car ready for shipping in no time! Furthermore, you can save more time searching by contacting us. We keep our database updated with moving and car shipping companies on a regular basis. Thanks to our committed team, it’s easier than ever to match with a company that can make the relocation process effortless from the very start.

Things to know about NYC car transport

If you’re new to car shipping, then it might be good to gain enough information first. Multiple factors influence not only the price of car shipment but also the well-being of your vehicle. Furthermore, a credible NYC moving company that handles car transport must be the one that has lots of experience behind it and a history of successful relocation endeavors.

sports car next to the ship
Organize New York car transport step by step.

There are more shipping methods to consider

Choosing the right shipping method is half the job done:

  • Open trailers 
  • Enclosed trailers 
  • Door to door 
  • Terminal pickup 

Different companies in New York City offer different shipping rates. Therefore, it’s best to call a few of them and inquire about their offer. When it comes to transport, the right timing matters. For instance, the peak summer season is arguably the most difficult one for moving in general, let alone car shipping. Traffic gets crowded, transport delays are more common than not, and consequently, the final price goes up.

The cost of car shipping depends on many factors

Every company has its price range. However, there are common factors that contribute to the final price:

  • Vehicle type and size – Not every vehicle transport costs the same. For example, the price of truck transport is higher than that of car transport. However, keep in mind that the size of a car also decides the final price.
  • Distance – Keep in mind that shipping price increases because of distance. The farther you ship your car, the higher the price goes.
  • Auto storage – No matter how long your move is meant to last, a storage unit is a must. The rental period is another extra cost that comes with car shipping.
  • Insurance – Every serious car transport company can issue insurance.

If you happen to move in a hurry, better prepare a bigger budget for car shipping. Last-minute car transport within a specific timeframe costs more than a regular one. Furthermore, you’ll have to pay a certain amount in advance as a guarantee.

Every professional auto transport company in NYC has verified carriers

An auto transport company works with verified carriers and tracks their performance. Furthermore, any legit company has a database with all the information about the drivers and their success rate.

car road above the sea
Distance is one of the factors that dictate the final price.

What to do before you ship your car

Extend the insurance and solve all the necessary paperwork, registration, etc. Do it at least a month before the move. The longer you wait, the more stressful the whole endeavor becomes. Just like transportation of your belongings, car shipping is of the utmost importance.

Next, inspect your car to make sure everything works properly. The sooner you repair it, the better. Don’t forget to take your car to a car wash and give it a good clean. Make sure it’s tidy inside out and, therefore, ready for shipment.

Rent a car storage

Before you ship your car, make sure to rent car storage in advance. Find nearby car storage and book a meeting. See if the unit is of the right size, sanitized, and safe. After that, ask the staff about access hours. Some companies allow 24/7 visits to stored vehicles, while others have specific working hours.

You can choose from the following car storage units:

  • Indoor car storage is the safest possible way for your vehicle. It will stay protected for as long as necessary.
  • Outdoor storage is a cheaper option. However, it’s more suitable for warmer areas with year-round good weather.
  • Covered storage is an affordable solution and cheaper than indoor units. Your car stays outdoors and, at the same time, protected by a roof.

Choose the right car transport company

It matters what company is going to handle the car shipping process. So, do your best to research before you decide to hire any particular company. Your private vehicle is a valuable possession that is to entrust only to credible professionals. The crew that handles the shipment of your car must be the ones that will treat you and your vehicle with respect.

two people reading about New York car transport companies online
Choose among the best New York car transport companies.

Quick researching steps

First, browse NYC car shipping companies online. Narrow down your company choices to full-service movers that include vehicle shipping services. By hiring a full-service company, you get the best of both – impeccable relocation and secure car shipment. More and more long distance movers in Brooklyn and beyond cooperate with car shipping services. However, make sure the company is registered, has its USDOT number, and is easy to track.

Don’t underestimate the moving company reviews. The amount of information you can get from them alone is valuable in most cases. So, head over to reputable online platforms where people can post freely about their previous experiences. In addition, you may enter social media groups where people discuss and recommend the best company solutions. After all, it’s possible to find the company that does the work well and keeps the services at reasonable pricing. After you’re assured the company operates legally and professionally, give it a call. Interview the staff until you get all information you need.

Search for a car transport company based in a borough you live in

The closer the company is, the easier it will be to logistically handle the whole endeavor Luckily for you, NYC has top-level companies located across the city. For instance, if you’re in Manhattan, simply look for the best moving companies in Manhattan neighborhoods. However, you may opt for the next closest neighborhood if you find more suitable auto companies.

smiling man showing thumbs up
Research the companies as soon as you decide when will you be moving.

A free quote is a must

Before making a final decision, you deserve to know how much car shipping (in addition to other services) would cost. So, feel free to get up to a few moving quotes. If you decide to hire a car shipping company, ask for a car shipping quote. The good thing is that quotes are commitment-free. You can get rough estimations, compare them, and make a decision you’ll feel confident about.

Here’s what an average car shipping company takes into consideration when estimating the costs:

  • Shipping address and distance
  • Vehicle model year
  • Size

Make sure the staff knows what they’re doing

The crew you hire has to be the one that takes its job seriously. Cars are bulky, yet sensitive belongings must be handled with care. So while searching for an NYC car shipping company, check the reputation of their crew. See what the reviews have to say. Is the company’s crew careful and precise? Are they respectful towards their clients? This is another way to learn if the company you want to hire is worth the coin.

Have your budget ready

The average car shipping estimate is helpful when planning a moving budget. However, the actual price will be higher than the estimated one. Once you estimate how much the move would cost you, add extra bucks just in case. You can never be too sure that the move will go completely smoothly. It’s good to be ready for additional costs.

Check with an auto transport company if they allow paying in installments. If so, it will make it easy to pay off all expenses related to your move and car shipment.

Compare moving quotes and all relevant information about the companies

Cross-compare all information about the companies you consider hiring. Compare the estimates, check the reviews again, and make a final decision based on that. Choosing the right car transport company in NYC is important not to rush. Remember that car transport is to entrust only to experienced companies.

a woman in yellow turtleneck speaking about New York car transport
You’ll feel more relaxed about the move once you hire trustworthy professionals.

How to avoid car shipping scams

In order to pick the best car shipping company, you must know how to recognize fraudulent moving companies in NYC. Although the website or ad might seem well put, you never know whether the company is legit or not. So, make sure to look beyond the website appearance, and pay attention to the following:

  • No free quote – If there’s no option to book a car shipping quote, read it as an instant red flag. Every professional company quotes this free of charge.
  • Negative reviews – There’s nothing more telling about a company’s work than customer reviews.
  • Withholding information about fees – As a customer, you deserve to have all the information about the company, shipping methods, etc. So, if company representatives avoid telling you about the fees, move to the next company. Fraudulent schemes usually wait until the client signs a contract, and the fees come out as a surprise.
  • Brokers in a hurry to make a sale Do the company’s brokers seem in a rush to have you sign the deal? Thank them for their time and contact the next company.

Don’t fall for car-shipping deposits

Once you pay a non-refundable fee, you put yourself at a financial risk. As already mentioned, a shipment’s price goes up in the process. While credible car shipping NYC companies get their fees after the delivery of a client’s vehicle, scammers insist on paying a fee in advance. It’s a fixed fee that goes up and ends up draining you financially. In another common scenario, scammers may take the deposit, shut down the website, change the contact number, and disappear.

Additional measures of precaution to have in mind

When your car shipment is scheduled, you’ll receive a message from the company with details about the carrier who will come to pick up your car. What scam companies tend to do is give a call to a random person and present themselves as careers. First, check if the number is the same as your actual carrier’s number. Next, ask directly for the name. The fake broker on the phone will instead try to convince you that they sent you a new carrier because the “old one” had some issues, etc. Don’t fall for this. End the call, and wait for your actual carrier to show up.  If necessary,  contact the company once more to confirm everything.

a woman researching about New York car transport
Verify your carriers by asking them about their name and the company that sends them.

Another important aspect is the expertise of the drivers. So, before you hire a company, ask the staff about the carriers. The company that knows their staff can coordinate the car transport without issues. However, if a company doesn’t have any track record on any of the carriers, then feel free to reject the offer. The last you need is a constant worry about the whereabouts of your car. Therefore, make sure the carriers are trustworthy.

Plan car transport in advance

Car transport requires preparation and step-by-step execution. Hence why rushing the process will only do you a disservice. This is why planning your relocation in advance is a must. That’s how you’ll have a smooth relocation process from the start, and avoid moving burnout. Any rushed moving project is risky for the following reasons:

  • If you choose the wrong company you don’t know much about, the chances for unpleasant surprises are higher.
  • Car transport won’t go as smoothly as you want unless you make sure the company is trustworthy.
  • Moving in a hurry might cost you more.

Research New York car transport companies, book them in advance and coordinate the entire moving endeavor according to the plan. Leave nothing to the case when it comes to your move.


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