What to Know About Moving Quotes

When you decide to start the moving process, the first thing you need to do is find a moving company that will be your biggest support but also your help. Best Movers NYC can help you find the ideal solution for your move. The moving process can cost you from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars depending on the type of moving as well as the number of things you want to move. That’s why there are moving quotes that can give you approximate but no definitive information about your move, including an approximate price. Keep reading and catch all the useful information.

What are moving quotes?

The moving quote is an estimate of the move made by the moving company and based on that you get all the information about your move, including the price. The estimate is based on the details you will need to give your moving company such as your current location and the location you are moving to, the number of things to move, and the services you need as well as the number of movers who will provide services.

A person who asks for a free moving quote online.
There are several ways to request free moving quotes, one of which is through online requests.

You can get an estimate of your move by phone, by submitting an online application directly on the moving company’s website. You can also visit the company in person and it can give you all the necessary information on the spot. During the Covid-19 pandemic, some of the companies only did online estimates, because they wanted to prevent physical contact with people and reduce the spread of the virus to a minimum for their own sake and for the safety of all customers. Sometimes your moving estimate reports can be difficult to read, but local movers NYC is here to help you understand all the important details. But they can also help you with the further realization of your move.

Every moving company offers you free quotes

When looking for a moving company at the beginning of your move that can meet all the requirements of your move as well as needs, it’s important to know that almost every moving company can offer you a free moving quote. And we advise you to always use this opportunity. Because it’s the only way to find out all the necessary information about your move forward. People often worry about the price, whether it will fit into their budget, and that is one of the reasons why you should take advantage of this opportunity.

When choosing a company, before signing a contract, we advise you to request a free estimate from several companies. And then compare all the offers and choose the one that best fits your budget and meets all the requirements and needs of your move. Also, the estimate can allow you to catch discounts, and you will certainly be able to choose at least three offers on which the desired day of your move will be free.

How to get a moving quote?

To get an estimate of your move, your first step is to find a few moving companies. You can look at some of the best residential movers in NYC. After choosing a pair of moving companies whose services suit you, you can contact the selected moving companies and inquire about services and offers. Also, you can always visit them in person, or contact them by email. And some companies offer you online free estimates.

There are moving companies that make estimates based on the data you provide, while there are also those that will come to your address and do an on-site estimate. Also, you will receive the most accurate information from those companies that personally inspect your home. Because it’s one of the best ways to get accurate information about your move. Their movers will look live at your belongings, their quantity, and determine the packaging, the amount of packaging needed, the period of preparation for your move, and the price.

Packed things in boxes.
The estimate is often made based on the number of your belongings and the location of your move.

If you move across state borders, your movers must follow the rules of the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Administration. Their rules stipulate that to move more than 50 miles from your current location, the assessment must be based on a personal inspection of your belongings by the moving company.

Types of free moving estimates

There is a good chance that you will come across a lot of different terms when it comes to estimates. It’s very important to know what quotes or estimates a moving company is thinking about. Therefore, we will introduce you to the three different types of estimate:

  • Non-binding moving estimate. Such offers should be avoided. It often happens that some moving companies don’t respect the agreement in general. That is why it’s very important to be well informed. You may find that the company will give you a lower estimate in order to get a job. But after that, at the end of the move, you can see the price almost dropped. Avoid embarrassing situations.
  • Mandatory estimate. This type of estimate is the best. In this type of estimate, the moving company will have to guarantee the compensation they promised you, regardless of the estimated weight of your belongings.
  • Binding not to exceed. In this type of estimate, you will pay only as much as you use. This means you won’t pay the full price estimate if you have fewer items than estimated. This is the offer that people most often choose.

How does a moving company account for quotes?

We have already mentioned that the price of your move can be influenced by several factors. But the main factor in calculating the price of your move is the type of move.

  • Local moving. This type of moving is charged by the hour, as long as your movement is within a 50-mile radius. Additional services, as well as packing and moving, storage services are charged separately. You can request a free estimate with local movers Staten Island, if you reside in this borough, and mention all the services you need.
  • Long-distance moving. When it comes to this type of moving, your estimate will be based on your distance, services, and number of movers. Interstate movers New York can give you all the info based on your needs.
Two people who set the budget before getting moving quotes.
The cost of moving should fit into your budget.

Final thoughts

We advise you to choose to always get moving quotes based on the obtained calculations, you can decide. Choose the offer that fits into your budget. But also one that meets the needs of your move. Good luck with your move!


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