Common items NYC companies refuse to relocate

If you’ve already started to figure out your move, you might have noticed that it’s gonna be a complicated process. While we all know you can’t move certain items abroad, you don’t really realize how many of your items you actually can not move with you to another state until you start looking into it. Even when you’re moving locally, moving companies have a list of quite a few items they will refuse to move. So, if you’re curious to know what are some common items NYC companies refuse to relocate, stay with us till the end of this article.

9 common items NYC companies refuse to relocate

Before we start listing all of them, you need to understand why all these companies refuse to move certain items. Including, Best Movers NYC – one of the most trusted and reliable moving companies in NYC.  First and foremost, they’re not gonna let you sneak in any illegal item. That is any item that is illegal to possess in New York.  Secondly, if there is a chance that the object you’re trying to move could potentially damage some of the other goods in the moving truck, you can not bring it with you. Your movers will refuse anything toxic or risky to move. For a more detailed list, continue reading.

money and drugs
A moving company will not tolerate any illegal items.

1. Any items or substances that pose a danger

Most of these things have to do with protecting yourself and your loved ones. In terms of safety, everyone views things from a somewhat different perspective. Even if you believe something to be completely safe, it may be classified as a hazardous item. To name a few, there’s paint or thinner, batteries, extinguishers, aerosol cans, and so on. In most cases, movers are expected to submit a list of non-movable objects. Anything that you can’t just throw away in the garbage or transport to another area is likely to come under this category.

2. Explosives

Explosives, of course, are among the goods that movers, for example Manhattan residential movers, would not transport. If you have a collection of some sprinkles for special occasions, you will not be able to have them transported by movers. As a result, the primer, ammo, and black powder, among other things, are off-limits.

3. Any fuel-powered machinery

When calculating the cost of a move using a relocation calculator, many individuals count all of their goods. However, you should use caution while moving fuel-based power equipment. Our movers in Manhattan will be able to move them only if there is no fuel in the power equipment. Therefore, make sure that the gasoline is removed from your motorbike or lawnmower before hiring a moving company. Run the machines to spend it, or do both. However, this must be done at least 24 hours in advance of the move.

4. Corrosive and flammable items

Goods that are corrosive, such as acids or batteries, are also included in the list of prohibited items that movers refuse to transport. You can only relocate the unspillable gel-type of batteries. Charcoal, kerosene, paint stripper, lighter fluid, and similar substances are prohibited. During the transfer, people’s lives might be put in danger. All combustible goods should be securely disposed of prior to the move, according to experts.

5. Plants

Why are Queens movers refusing to transport plants? Many people may be surprised by this, but it is the truth. If you’re wondering why movers won’t transport plants, there are a number of reasons. First and foremost, every plant has a certain geographical origin. If you want to transport a plant more than 150 miles from its original location, you will need approval from the local authorities. So, moving some plants may be against the law. Not to mention, insects and bacteria live on those plants. Introducing new parasite species to different areas might put them at risk if you transport them too far away. The Earth’s ecosystem is in peril as a result of your actions. In the event that you are unable to relocate your plants, consider donating them to friends or family members.

plants are common items NYC companies refuse to relocate
Plants are also amongst the common items NYC companies refuse to relocate.

6. Perishable food

Moving companies will not transport perishable items like food. You can’t move perishable or any food in open containers. Preparing meals for the road should be taken into consideration while planning a move. Obviously, you should consume or dispose of everything you don’t intend to carry with you. Try clearing out your fridge before the move or give away some of your food to the homeless.

7. Special category items

Many customers use an online moving quotation calculator to estimate the cost of their upcoming relocation. It’s the easiest approach to figure out how much it will cost to relocate and to get a ballpark figure. Always check the list of prohibited items on your companies’ website. If you’re not sure about an item, check to see if it could fall under this category. If you don’t, you might end up with an incorrect estimate. In most situations, hefty objects or those that need disassembly fall under this group. A pool table, a vehicle, a piano, or even a jacuzzi are some of the most common items that get refused. Hence the need for specialist services that solely deal with these unique circumstances.

8. Personal documentation

And not only identification and passports. Any priceless or vital documents. For example, those pertaining to the bank, taxes, airline tickets, collecting stamps, and cash, as well as goods such as keys, are not accepted. Personal photographs and picture albums are among the items that local movers in Brooklyn will not transfer. You’ll have to carry these documents with you.

9. Alcohol

It immediately makes the list due to its flammability. None of the movers in this area allow alcohol on their moving trucks. If you’re moving locally, you’ll have to move your alcohol stash yourself. And if you’re moving to another country, let’s hope they have good whiskey there too.

lots of alcoholic beverages
You won’t be able to bring any alcoholic beverages in a moving truck.

Convenient relocation with Best Movers NYC

Hopefully, this post clarifies all of the common items NYC companies refuse to relocate. It is beneficial to have this information since it will make the overall moving process smoother. Additionally, any bad circumstances will be avoided. We also recommend searching the web for additional information, since these categories may vary from one place to another. With Best Movers NYC, you will be able to relocate most of the items without any problems.

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