Should you trust moving reviews when picking a moving company?

Are you about to move and searching for the right moving company? Don’t know where to start searching from? There are a lot of moving companies on the market, the choice is wide, and companies, more or less, offer similar services. It may lead you to think that you can hire any company. However, you should be very careful when choosing one. If you don’t thoroughly research the companies, you may come across moving scams. So, what are the ways of finding movers? Well, the most common way is to read the reviews. Wonder should you trust moving reviews when picking a moving company? Best Movers NYC will provide you with the answers. Read this article and find out whether and in what cases you can rely on moving reviews. Choose smartly.

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Finding the right moving company requires a thorough research

Finding the right moving company is a complex process

Relocation is a process that consists of many demanding tasks which should be done carefully. So, for a relocation to be successful, you should have professional movers by your side. However, choosing the right movers is not always easy. There are many factors you should consider when hiring a moving company. These are: the types of moving services they offer (local or long distance, residential or commercial move NYC, packing or storage services), types of moving estimates they provide, whether they are licensed, whether they offer moving insurance, and whether they are trustworthy. Considering all these factors, finding the right movers is a complex process. However, there are some ways you can find the right ones:

  • Getting friends or family recommendation
  • Reading online reviews on moving companies’ websites
  • Using specialized websites with large moving companies’ database
  • Checking Better Business Bureau site

Hiring movers based on reviews – yes or no

Reviews have become very important in every industry, and the moving industry is not an exception. However, the question is whether you should trust moving reviews when picking a moving company. The question of hiring movers is almost as difficult as the relocation itself. It may be hard to differentiate whether you should or shouldn’t trust the testimonials. However, if you have your eyes wide open and do thorough research, moving reviews can lead you to the right moving company. More importantly, you should know what you are looking for. Depending on whether you’re moving locally or long distance or you’re moving your office or home, you’ll need to hire adequate movers. For example, if you’re moving your home to New York, you would want to hire residential movers NYC. On the other hand, if you don’t have a clear relocation plan, reviews may lead you to moving scams.

Trust moving reviews when picking a moving company: choose a website with a database

If you want to trust moving reviews when choosing a company, you should find specialized websites with large databases. Only check the ones that offer the list of licensed and insured movers. For example, if you are moving from, to, or across New York, check Best Movers NYC moving companies database to pick the right movers. By reading the reviews and testimonials, you’ll easily find a suitable company.

feedback stars may reveal should you trust moving reviews when picking a moving company
Hiring movers based on reviews may be a two-edge-sword if you don’t find the proper source

Trust moving reviews when picking a moving company: How to spot fake reviews

Despite being very helpful, customer reviews may be fake sometimes. Wonder how to know whether they are scams or not? Well, it’s quite simple. Just follow our tips on how to spot fake reviews. First of all, if the reviews sound like advertisements, they are probably fake. It’s easy to spot such reviews since they usually contain excessive call-to-action discourse. The next way to recognize fake testimonials is to pay attention to whether they sound too positive or too negative. On the other hand, if there are too many negative reviews, it may also be a scam. Last but not least, pay attention to the length of the testimonials and the tone. So, the best way to avoid moving scams is to check specialized websites that gather the necessary information about different moving companies. Besides, trust your intuition and the way of judgment.

What are the features of reliable reviews?

Nowadays, reviews have become so important that the first thing customers do before using a service is to check the reviews and ratings. Yet, if you want to rely on them, you should know the main traits of reliable testimonials. Here are five signs the reviews are trustworthy:

  1. Testimonials come from a reliable source: they include non-generic names
  2. Reviews are linked to reliable sources such as a business website or social network
  3. Well-worded and good spelling: an authentic review will contain non-generic phrases and stress different moving services and aspects
  4. The reviews contain specific details and personal experience
  5. The reviews are verified which means they come from real customers
Five stars
Trust moving reviews when picking a moving company only if they come from reliable websites

Should you trust moving reviews when picking a moving company? The answer is yes, but beware of scams

There are indeed more advantages than disadvantages of hiring movers based on reviews. By reading the testimonials, you can find many useful things, from types of services a company offers to the way movers perform the relocation. Besides, you’ll have an insight into the other people’s experiences so you can compare their reviews with the synopsis of the company you want to hire. Most importantly, reading reviews will shorten your time searching for the right movers. All in all, customers’ reviews will show you how companies treat their clients and whether they can meet your requirements. However, don’t take for granted everything you read. Keep your eyes wide open, and beware of false reviews. Luckily, Best Movers NYC is here to assist you with research. Contact us, and let us help you hire a suitable moving company. You can trust moving reviews when picking a moving company from our database.

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