How much are NYC movers per hour?

It is well known that NYC is one of the most expensive towns for living. Everything is quite costly. That includes renting an apartment or buying a property too. That is also a reason why NYC people are moving a lot. They are always looking for more affordable neighborhoods. So, they are ready for hiring movers in New York, soon they find better, bigger, and cheaper accommodation. And also, they are satisfied when they can find reliable, but affordable movers. So, let us see how much are NYC movers per hour?

A person holding a notebook, calculating how much are NYC movers per hour.
Calculating moving costs.

Moving costs are not limited only to a moving day

When people talk about moving costs, they usually think about the costs of a moving day. They are forgetting that there are many costs associated with moving. You are not paying only for relocating your things on a moving day. There are many other costs you have to cover. You have to find good moving supplies. Sometimes, you have to throw some things after decluttering. So, you have to pay someone to haul them. Or you have to spend some fuel doing it yourself.

When should you hire movers per hour?

A lot of times, the NYC residents are moving just a block, or a few blocks away. So, instead of hiring residential movers in New York, they opt for a DIY move. This means that they are mostly hiring movers per hour to load and unload the moving truck. They are also hiring labor per hour when they have to pack some complicated items.

Things to pay attention to when hiring movers per hour

Regardless of the reasons why you are hiring labor per hour, you have to check them well. Hiring the wrong helpers can lead to disaster. So, you can:

  • Hire hourly labor from an established moving company
  • Check if the movers per hour have previous experience
  • Check if they are licensed
  • Ask for their previous recommendations
  • When hiring from labor-only companies, use those that you were hiring before.

Also, never pay them in advance. There are many reliable, hardworking, and trustworthy movers. Still, hiring unknown people and entrusting your goods to them, can be risky. That is why it is advisable to use such a service from proven moving companies.

Couple is packing things into moving boxes.
When you opt for a DIY move, you may hire a moving-only assistant.

Why it is advisable to hire daily labor from the moving companies

Some moving companies have daily labor in their services offer. So, when you are in need of such services, check with them. Even when not included, you can always agree to such services. There are many reasons to hire labor from moving companies. And the first one is security. When hiring movers from the moving company, they will inform you about:

  • Detailed hourly rates
  • The time when the rates are counted from (mostly counting start from the moment when they come to your home. Don’t accept those counting the time from the moment they start traveling from their office)
  • The condition under which the rates can change have to be well explained
  • Well defined conditions (number of employees and services they provide)
  • Before you sign any paperwork, make sure you get a binding estimate in writing from

In case of hiring mover from a company you are also getting insurance

One important thing is that, in such a case, your property is covered by insurance. And also, the movers have injury coverage People are not always paying enough attention if they are moving locally to NYC. It looks like a short task, and they don’t consider some things that can cause problems.

How much is the average moving rate per hour in NYC?

On average, they can charge you between  $25 to $50 per mover, per hour. Of course, the hourly rate will depend on the specific location. It will be less in some parts of the USA. However, if you are hiring movers in some other parts, it may be rather costly. So, hiring labor-only in NYC will cost you between $40 and $60 per person, per hour. And this is answering the question of how much are NYC movers per hour.

Having the hourly rate as a starting point, you can calculate the total labor costs

Time is very important when you are paying movers per hour. This is one more reason why it is better to hire company movers. The company knows how much time they need to complete the job. And unnecessarily prolonging the work will incur higher moving costs. Such a thing can easily happen if you engage the unchecked movers. So, instead of moving the apartment in 3 hours, they will prolong it, charging for the time they were idle.

Moving boxes piled on trolly in a building corridor.
Moving boxes ready for carrying downstairs.

An example of how to calculate the moving costs

Using the average hourly rate, you can calculate roughly your moving cost. So, if we consider the average NYC rate of $50, here are the approximate moving costs. They, as you can see, they depend mostly on the home size. And thus, of the number of the items the workers have to move:

  • Studio apartment – 2 movers should complete the job in 3 to 4 hours. So, roughly, the total cost will be between $300 to $400. Please note that this cost does not include any other service than moving.
  • 2 bedroom apartment – usually you will need 3 movers for this job. And they need 5 to 6 hours to complete the job. So, you can expect the total moving cost of $750 to $900.
  • 3 bedroom apartment – it is a usual practice to engage 4 movers for this task. And the average time to complete it is from 8 to 9 hours. So, the expected moving costs are between $ 1,600 and $1,800.

Of course, there might be some additional fees. For example, if you are moving to a smaller place, you will need reliable Bronx movers to transport your surplus things to storage. However, this is an overview of how much are NYC movers per hour. And we hope it will help you in cost calculations.

You may have some additional moving rates per hour

The average costs for local moving can help you to count the approximate costs. However, during the move, you may realize that moving is more complicated than you thought. Thus, you will need to engage more people. So, you will need to pay for some additional services. What if the elevator broke down on a moving day? Well, the movers will need to carry your things down the stairs. So, they will charge this service additionally. As we can see, answering the question of how much are NYC movers per hour is not simple. There is the average price, but it is influenced by many additional factors too.

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