Guide for preparing moving budget for an interstate move

Preparing for an interstate move is a challenging venture. It’s a project that requires a lot of steps and consists of many stages, and the first one is to plan a moving budget. Of course, additional expenses may happen, but you can prepare for it if you have in mind the optimal relocation price. Although you cannot foresee the exact moving price, you can, at least, plan your budget. Wonder how? Well, you can budget accordingly if you take into consideration the type of relocation, types of moving services you’ll need, and the amount and weight of items you are going to move. Having all these factors in mind, Best Movers NYC made a guide for preparing moving budget for an interstate move. With this guide, you’ll be able to prepare for the relocation without thinking about additional fees and expenses. Stay with us and find out more.

Can an interstate relocation be cheap?

This is the most common question when it comes to interstate relocation. Of course, most of us are trying to find the cheapest way possible when moving. However, it may be a two-edged sword. We should first understand that there’s no cheap relocation, especially if it’s an interstate one unless it’s a moving scam. However, this does not mean that relocation is always expensive. Yes, you can relocate at an affordable price.

A person preparing moving budget for an interstate move
Calculating moving expenses depend on many different factors

On the other hand, if you opt for a DIY move, you should be prepared to have additional expenses in the end. Although it may seem easy to plan your relocation budget for a DIY move, it may cost you way more than you’ve actually expected and planned. So, do thorough research and find the right moving company. Luckily, you don’t have to search any further. Check our Best Movers NYC database and find a company that will meet all of your requirements and which will help you plan or use your moving budget.

Prepare your moving budget based on the moving estimate

If you want to relocate affordably, you should know the main traits of the type of interstate relocation and find appropriate long distance movers NYC. There are many ways to prepare your moving budget for an interstate move. And to prepare it successfully, as we’ve already stated, you should know the main characteristics of the move. Here are some of them.

Interstate move, also called “out of state” or “long-distance” move, is a type of move which crosses state lines. So, it requires a lot of paperwork. So, prepare the budget for obtaining some of the documents. The average moving cost largely depends on where you are moving and how many items you’re moving. Averagely, an interstate move costs about $5000 for average weight and an average distance. That’s why you should get a moving estimate from various moving companies. There are three types of moving estimates. These are:

  1. Binding moving estimate
  2. Binding-not-to-exceed
  3. Non-binding moving estimates.

When it comes to interstate relocation, you should avoid non-binding ones since the price is not set in stone. Instead, choose binding-not-to-exceed. It means the final cost won’t be higher than originally quoted. The good side of this type of moving estimate is that you can end up paying less if the items weigh less than originally estimated. On the other hand, a binding estimate guarantees you the fixed price. However, it doesn’t mean you won’t pay more if you try to sneak additional items into the moving truck.

Two people making a moving plan
Preparing moving budget for an interstate move is easier if you know what moving services you need

Plan your moving budget for an interstate move based on the types of services you need

The cost of your relocation will mostly depend on the types of moving services you’re going to use. So, make a relocation plan first, weigh your belongings, measure your furniture, and declutter what you won’t need anymore. After making the plan, decide what kind of services you need. Determine whether you need packing storage or commercial moving services NYC. We strongly recommend you to use professional packing services since your movers will provide you with the proper packing supplies. This way, you’ll save both money and time.

More things to consider when preparing moving budget for an interstate move

When preparing moving budget for an interstate move, you’ll have to consider other services than just packing or storage. You can choose between some of the best long distance moving companies in Staten Island or any other NY location, and then move onto planning. You should consider the following things:

  1. Liability and valuation coverage: According to the Federal Law, all interstate movers must provide adequate valuation coverage. There are two types of coverages – Full Protection Coverage and Released Value protection. The first one provides reimbursement for all items at current market value, while the released value protection provides liability of 60 cents per pound for an item.
  2. Third-party insurance: If you want to protect your belongings further, you should prepare a part of your moving budget for additional insurance.
  3. Storage: If you need space to store your items before moving, you should plan storage expenses.
  4. Costs of accommodation, food, and beverage: Plan these expenses if you need to leave your current home before the moving day.
  5. Travel fees: Don’t forget to plan fuel expenses or plane tickets.
  6. Cleaning costs: Whether you are moving out from a rented home or you are selling your own, you should factor in cleaning expenses. Also, incorporate moving-in cleaning costs
A professional mover holding an inventory list
Interstate movers will provide you with the exact moving estimate so you can prepare your moving budget accordingly

Hire professional movers and avoid additional expenses

An interstate relocation requires different expenses. So, you should plan your moving budget carefully. The first thing to consider when preparing moving budget for an interstate move is to define the types of moving services you’ll need. However, it’s not recommendable to conduct a DIY move since it may cost you more than planned. That’s why it’s better to hire professional movers. By getting moving quotes, you’ll be able to budget accordingly. Luckily, you are just a click away from the best moving companies in New York. Check our database and find a company that meets your requirements. Enjoy your interstate move without worrying about additional expenses.

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