The cost of temporary housing in NYC

Living in NYC is a dream come true for most people. No matter what are the reasons for your move to New York City, you probably can’t wait to set your foot there and enjoy all the benefits, opportunities, and diversity it has to offer. That is why you shouldn’t wait any longer and you need to contact one of the most reliable moving companies, such as Best Movers NYC, and organize your relocation. However, when the time to pay your bills comes, you realize that living in NYC isn’t like a dream in every possible way. When you need to rent, there are so many things you need to prepare your budget for. If you are not sure you are ready for this step, we will explain what is the cost of temporary housing in NYC so that you can decide.

What does it feel like living in NYC?

As we have already said, New York City is the place where all of your dreams can come true. However, if you don’t think well and if you are not prepared for NYC, you may end up living there just for a while. Of course, there are plenty of great job opportunities, education is at a high level, and you can find many family-friendly neighborhoods. In addition to that, if you want to visit cultural events, or just enjoy clubbing and vivid nightlife, you can also do that. But you must be aware of the fact that all of that costs money. It is worth it, that is true. Nevertheless, if you are not warned, you may be unpleasantly surprised.

NYC buildings
The cost of temporary housing in NYC varies from borough to borough

What is the cost of temporary housing in NYC?

How much you will pay for housing if you rent in NYC depends on the borough and the neighborhood that you choose. When you decide to live in NYC, you can choose between living in:

  • Queens,
  • The Bronx,
  • Staten Island,
  • Brooklyn,
  • and Manhattan.

Before we go into detail about each part of NYC separately, let’s see the overall housing costs. The cost of the rent depends on the size of the residence you want to live in. Average prices vary from $1,899 to $2,499. The lowest price is for a studio apartment, and for the latter, you will have to pay if you want to live in a two-bedroom flat. In between, for a one-room condo, the monthly rent is $2,098. To get the idea of how (in)expensive these flats are, compare them to the USA’s prices, which vary from $827 to $1,175.

Manhattan buildings
Manhattan is one of the most expensive boroughs for renting

What is the price of utilities in NYC?

Even though you are renting, you will still have to pay utilities while you live there. In an average apartment in New York, the standard monthly cost of utilities is $145.55. That contains heating, electricity, water, and garbage. People in New York are getting a nice bargain. Basic utility costs in the US are somewhat higher on average, at $152.02 per month. With a monthly average price of about $62, internet costs are likewise comparable to the national average.

The cost of housing in Queens

If you want to find one of the most affordable places to live in NYC, then maybe it is a good idea to choose Queens. Living in Queens is far less expensive than in many other New York City neighborhoods, such as Manhattan or most of Brooklyn. In Queens, you’ll need $2,600 to rent an average flat. Renting in Queens might be an excellent alternative if you’re only staying for a really short period in NYC. That way, you can save money. Consider contacting some of the best movers Queens and start your relocation. It is one of the most affordable ways.

Temporary housing in the Bronx

Bronx is another one of the affordable boroughs in NYC. The cost of temporary housing depends on the neighborhood. The median rent in Bedford Park is $1,558 for a one-bedroom, which is the lowest rent cost in NYC. The highest rent in the Bronx is $1,650, which is still lower than in most New York City boroughs. Movers Bronx are the right choice for you if you decide to live in this borough.

A person holding a key
Renting in NYC can be expensive

Living in Staten Island

If you want to hire Staten Island movers to relocate there, you need to know that prices there have undergone some changes. The monthly average rent for a studio unit in Staten Island dropped by 36% to $1,400 over the previous month. A 1-bedroom apartment’s average rent rose by 3% to $1,600, while a 2-bedroom apartment’s average rent rose by 5% to $2,100.

How much does it cost to rent in Brooklyn?

Brooklyn is one of the most expensive areas, both for renting and buying. If you want to hire local movers in Brooklyn, you might want to think it through. Rent and housing costs are factored into the cost of living in a certain city. In Brooklyn, the average monthly rent is $3,194, while the median property price is $1,262,497. If you want to rent a single bedroom, you will have to pay 3,731, 4,550 for a studio, 4,672 for two bedrooms, and 7,006 for three bedrooms.

Renting in Manhattan

The cost of temporary housing in NYC is affected by the costs in Manhattan since it is the most expensive borough in New York for renting and living in general. The average rent in Manhattan is $4,265, but in some areas, the average is even $5,000. The average monthly rent for an apartment in Manhattan has reached $5,000 for the first time. Median rents have increased by roughly 25% since last year. If you want to live in NYC for a short period, we suggest you don’t choose Manhattan. If that is the area where you really must live, then – call movers Manhattan to help you organize relocation and get there much quicker and easier.

Housing cost in NYC depends on the borough

The cost of temporary housing in NYC depends on the borough you want to live in. If you want to stay for a shorter period, finding one of the cheaper neighborhoods is the best option. In any case, New York City has so much to offer, so it’s worth living there.


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