Questions to ask before renting a Manhattan apartment

It is a challenge to move to a new city or area. Aside from the hassle of moving, you must also worry about finding a new place to live. And getting a nice apartment in Manhattan that will not break the bank is a different kind of challenge. So, you should feel lucky if you succeed in completing this task. Nevertheless, you should not be singing anything before you find out more about the apartment, no matter how good it may initially seem. To help you make sure you have found the best apartment possible, we at Best Movers NYC have created this list of the most important questions to ask before renting a Manhattan apartment.

Ask about the lease terms before renting a Manhattan apartment

This is one of the most important questions you should be asking your landlord. The lease terms will dictate the rent and other aspects of living in the building. So, make sure you have an in-depth conversation with the landlord. Ask the landlord to explain the terms of the lease in detail. Ask about the security deposit, the lease length, vacation notice, the move-in dates and notice, and so on. Before the Manhattan movers come to help you move in your things, you should be well aware of all the clauses in the lease. Should there be any concerns, feel free to ask the landlord for more information. Or, you can get in touch with a professional dealing in real estate and discuss the lease with them. They can ease any concerns you may have and help clarify the lease terms.

Man checking lease terms before renting a Manhattan apartment
Check the lease terms carefully before signing

Check how you will pay the rent and what it covers

Different properties have different policies when it comes to renting. Some rent fees may include utilities, while others don’t. Also, some landlords will require you to pay rent in cash to them in person, while you can pay electronically at another apartment. So, make sure to find out as much as you can about what the rent covers and how you will be paying. Also, you can always try to negotiate the price with the landlord. Try to see whether you can come up with a more suitable price together. Once you are comfortable with the rent and you have all the details, you can get in touch with your local movers in Manhattan and start the moving process.

When renting a Manhattan apartment, ask whether the rent is expected to go up

In New York, landlords can raise the rent price when the lease expires, and you are expected to renew it. Rent can also go up if the building is undergoing renovation or upgrades. So, find out if there are any expected rent raises in the future. Also, do some research on the property and try to find out if it is rent-controlled. Rent-controlled places are much more stable when it comes to rent prices. Here, you can expect no sudden major increases in rent prices. After you have confirmed that the rent will not go up unexpectedly in the future, sign the lease and start moving in with the help of the best residential movers in Manhattan and New York.

Find out what changes you are allowed to make to the apartment

When moving into a new place, we want to make it feel more like home. So, you might want to hang your artwork or photos on the wall, and you are eager to set up your shelf and unpack your library. However, some apartments do not allow you to make changes to the unit. Should you end up making some changes, you could risk losing your security deposit, or you could end up paying a penalty. So, find out what changes you can make before you start drilling holes or adding extra walls to the place. Then, you can start decorating the place once the best commercial moving companies in Manhattan finish bringing all your belongings to the new apartment.

Picture frame on wall
Make sure you are allowed to make changes to the apartment

Ask about the safety of the building and the neighborhood before renting the apartment

Before you settle on an apartment, check if the area is safe. You might think the apartment is perfect, but the neighborhood or building where it is might not be so safe. So, you can do research online or talk with the building residents about the safety of the neighborhood. Also, you can look up the building’s history online or talk to your landlord. You would not want the long distance movers in Manhattan to move in all your things and then find out that the building is in a high-crime area. Moving in Manhattan can be expensive, so avoid moving twice unnecessarily.

Check whether you can keep a pet in the apartment

If you are moving with a pet, you should ask the landlord if the building is pet-friendly. This should be among the first questions you ask before renting a Manhattan apartment. Some properties do not allow pets, and you should avoid wasting time looking at them. You should also find out about the breed and size restrictions when it comes to dogs. If you are moving in with cats, there should be no such restrictions. Still, make sure to get as much information from the landlord as you can before signing the lease.

Dog in apartment
Before renting a Manhattan apartment, confirm you can bring your pets with you

Finding a good place in Manhattan will take some time and effort. Before you sign a lease, make sure you are well aware of all the terms and conditions of living in that apartment. Ask about everything that you want to know and get as many details from the landlord as you can before renting a Manhattan apartment. Once you have settled into your new apartment, you can check out the top attractions in Manhattan and start exploring the new neighborhood.


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