Should you live in NYC or move to the suburbs?

There are many benefits to living in NYC. At the same time, suburbs are becoming more and more appealing to those who would rather live away from the city noise. If you wonder if you should live in NYC or move to the suburbs, simply go through this guide! Moving is one of the most important decisions to make. The place you’re moving to is best if it has all you need for a fulfilled and comfortable life. So, don’t rush, but rather choose our moving destination carefully. Once you do, feel free to contact us at Best Movers NYC, and we’ll connect you with a moving company that will carry out your relocation with ease!

What benefits come with moving to the suburbs nearby NYC?

Those who need a break from the daily buzz and rushed NYC lifestyle often consider relocating to the suburbs. It’s safe to say that peace and quiet have become one of the top reasons for people to look up NYC suburbs and move there. In addition, the suburbs are ideal for families. Furthermore, it’s much more affordable to live in the suburbs than stay in NYC. Moreover, the rise of remote work positions is another reason why smaller places have become more popular than some large city areas. Since NYC rent prices are higher, remote workers usually search real more affordable housing.

a family discussing whether to live in NYC or move to the suburbs
Should you live in NYC or move to the suburbs? Think of what works best for you and your family.

In the suburbs, life goes at a much slower pace. Days become longer, and you actually get to enjoy every moment of your life. In addition, there’s a lot more greenery and walkable areas.

Top NYC suburbs

Here are some of the best livable NYC suburbs:

  • Great Neck Plaza – If you love to walk often or run in the morning, you’ll have plenty of space to do so in Great Neck Plaza. This amazing suburb is just what someone who likes peace and quiet needs. People there are quite welcoming and helpful to newcomers. Also, you’ll have fun trying out delicious dishes at the restaurants. About 40% of people own their homes. The median household income ($96,180) goes above the national average ($64,995).
  • Manhasset Hills – Another quiet suburb perfect for families as well. It’s considered to be one of the best places to live in NYC. More than 60% of people own their homes. House prices go far below the national average. It’s even cheaper to live there than in the Bronx.
  • Greenville – Located in Westchester County, Greenville provides a mix of urban and suburban vibes. If you’re one of those that love to live in such mixed surroundings, then you might want to research what this place has to offer.
  • Kensington – If you look forward to living in a suburb perfect for people of all ages, Kensington might be just what you need. It’s far from the city noise and much more convenient for living. Median home income is even higher than in most NYC neighborhoods.

The best way to relocate to any of these suburbs is by hiring one of the best moving companies in Brooklyn (or another borough). With their help, your transition to your new place of residence will be completely stress-free.

Diversity in NYC suburbs is quite present

The communities in the suburbs around NYC might be small. However, they’re one of the most liberal and diverse places you can think of. In the suburbs mentioned above, there’s enough cultural diversity. Moreover, there’s a place for everyone from any cultural background. So, be sure that once you relocate to any of these suburbs, you’ll start feeling at home very soon.

Why do people choose to stay in NYC?

Dynamic life in the famous New York City, a strong economy, and cultural diversity are some of the reasons why staying in the city is what many choose. Although famous for the dynamic, fast-paced rhythm of life, NYC offers various living options, even if you wish to live in a more quiet neighborhood.

a man taking photos of NYC
There’s so much to do and see in NYC.

Lots of different neighborhoods

Each part of NYC has its story to tell. If you’re into laid back lifestyle, Harlem is a place to be. If you seek a brick-wall ambiance and some of the oldest NYC buildings, Brooklyn is definitely your borough. Manhattan, home to the famous Metropolitan Museum of Arts and Tribeca International Film Festival, is a more affluent borough with rich cultural life. Queens is where living is affordable yet of great quality. Last but not least, Staten Island has all one needs for a peaceful life. So, put your needs and preferences on the paper, and based on them, decide which borough is the best for you.

There are neighborhoods in each borough that are connected to the city and yet far enough from the noise. If this is something that works for you, check out these neighborhoods with the least percentage of noise complaints:

  • Brooklyn: Borough Park, Brooklyn Heights
  • Queens: Lenox Hill, Hamilton Heights, Marble Hill
  • Bronx: Bayside Hills, Woodhaven
  • Manhattan: Upper East Side, Lenox hill, Marble Hill

Staten island definitely takes the first place as a borough with the least noise complaints. It also offers convenient transport via ferry, proximity to parks, and waterfront view. If this is what works for you, start browsing some of the best residential movers in Staten Island, and choose the right company!

Arts and Culture

People moving to NYC look forward to experiencing exciting cultural life. Festivals and exhibitions take place every now and then. Rest assured, you’ll witness some of the most epic concerts performed by your favorite artists in notable NYC event centers and clubs.

street art
Arts and culture are one of the reasons why people choose to live in NYC.

Living in NYC vs moving to the suburbs

Rest assured that you’ll make the right choice whether you decide to live in NYC or relocate to one of the suburbs. Each option has its pros that match your preferences. That being said, make sure to compare both of them based on what you want. Before that, get enough information, and put them on the list. Next, think of your current situation. Are you able to work from home? Do you seek a more family-friendly place? Answers to these and similar questions will show you what choice would be the best for you.

Housing in the suburbs is way more affordable

If housing is your primary requirement, then moving to the suburbs would be your best choice. Real estate in nearby NYC suburbs tends to be more affordable compared even with the cheapest housing options in the city. However, make sure you aren’t super dependent on public transportation. While some of the suburbs have good connections with NYC, others don’t. Therefore, having a car might be necessary.

Keep in mind that the size of apartments isn’t the same in suburbs and NYC. While lower rent price is certainly the biggest pro, the size of an average apartment is smaller than, for instance, in Brooklyn.

Groceries are cheaper in the suburbs

If you choose to stay in NYC and live on a budget, then it’s best to move to Queens neighborhoods where living is cheaper. On the other hand, groceries in the suburbs are more affordable. Make sure to examine all options before you finally decide. Seek safe environments where you can live a financially-comfortable life.

focused girl thinking whether to live in NYC or move to the suburbs
Before you decide whether to live in NYC or move to the suburbs, make sure to do your research. Suburbs might be better if you want to live in calm surroundings.

Life in the city is more exciting

Let’s keep it real – life in NYC is anything but monotonous. There are always events happening, arts is basically everywhere you go, and multiculturalism is noticeable. Of course, it depends on which borough and neighborhood you choose to move to. New York City is a multicultural hub, so that you can expect a wide array of festivals, art shows, and sports events. In this amazing city, there’s something for everyone. So, if you don’t mind the noise from time to time and rather enjoy the big city life, you won’t make a mistake if you stay in NYC. Maybe you just need a change of neighborhood. In that case, ask some of the best movers Queens locals trust the most to help you relocate, and start packing!

Diversity isn’t the same in all suburbs

Some of the suburbs are pretty diverse, while others aren’t that culturally mixed. To many, diversity and the way community is in the suburbs matter a lot. If you are one of them, then it’s best to look for a liberal community to move to. Also, you can pick some of the safest neighborhoods in NYC that don’t lack diversity.

The best movers in Jackson Heights, for example, are some of the busiest on the market. The reason is simple – neighborhoods with all the benefits Jackson Heights has are ideal for families. Plus, it’s quite great for those who prefer a peaceful environment with little to no noise. At the same time, cultural diversity is quite noticeable in art, restaurants, shops, and people in general. So, if you don’t find any of the suburbs appealing, there are alternative living places in NYC.

There are nice parks in some NYC neighborhoods and suburbs as well

Proximity to parks is another thing people look for when choosing their next moving destination. They want a spacious area for family gatherings or morning sports activities. If you are one of them, focus on either NYC neighborhoods or suburbs that include parks.

people relaxing in the park and discussing should they live in NYC or move to the suburbs
Proximity to parks and green surfaces in general matters to many who plan to change their location.

It all comes down to your needs and preferences

So, should you live in NYC or move to the suburbs? Whether you prefer exciting city life or quiet suburban surroundings is completely up to you. Whichever option fulfills your needs is a potential moving destination for you. If you happen to have a change of heart in the future, you can always relate.

Choose some of the best NYC movers to relocate you wherever you want

Start looking for movers as soon as you decide on your next place of residence. Whether you’re looking for the best movers Brooklyn Heights, or any other neighborhood, has on offer, make sure they are professionals at their work. A stress-free move from start to finish is possible only when moving experts are there to carry it out.

NYC coffee shop
Learn more about top NYC places before the move.

Look for licensed NYC movers that offer a free estimate

Without credentials, you can’t be sure the company has your best interests at heart. Many fraudulent companies try to convince people through too-good-to-be-true marketing to hiring them, although they don’t hold the necessary licenses. So, if you search for the best moving company in Melrose, make sure it’s licensed. Then, check on the official webpage if a company offers a free estimate.

Read terms and conditions before you sign the deal

If you’re new to moving, it’s important to learn your moving rights. That way, you’ll notice if there’s anything suspicious in a moving contract provided by a company. To avoid confusion, make sure you know your responsibilities as a customer. Also, feel free to always ask for clarification before signing a moving contract.

Discover more about your future place of residence

Whether you choose to live in NYC or move to the suburbs, take time to learn more about your new living place. Check what restaurants are known for exquisite food, where people go jogging, what outdoor areas are in close proximity, etc. This is excellent mental preparation for an upcoming move. It will keep you motivated throughout each phase of your move. In addition, the crew you choose has to be the one that puts your best interest in the first place. So, do your best to hire credible movers.

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