How Much Do NYC Movers Charge Per Hour?

Moving is an endeavor that takes plenty of time and money to execute the right way. In the sea of various moving services and price ranges, it’s not easy to pick the most optimal, cost-effective option. That’s why researching the movers and average prices is the first step toward finding the right company that will be friendly to your estimated moving budget. For these reasons, we at Best Movers NYC came up with this comprehensive guide so you can learn how much do NYC movers charge per hour, and how to choose the right company. Make sure to keep reading and contact us at Best Movers NY for additional questions. We are there to give you all the information you need and help you find the best movers for you!

Many factors contribute to the average rate NYC movers charge per hour

Since the city of New York has some of the best companies in the US, it’s not easy to pinpoint the average cost of a move per hour. Every company has its rates and special offers. Furthermore, not every relocation will cost the same amount of money. If you’re moving to another state, be sure that the entire endeavor will go up in price compared with local relocations. Also, unexpected events may prolong the moving period and add up to your moving budget. For these reasons, you must make sure the movers you want to hire respect their customers and take their work seriously. You deserve to get the service quality you are ready to pay for.

woman wondering how much do NYC movers charge per hour
So, how much do NYC movers charge per hour?

Professional moving companies consider the following factors when determining their price of the move per hour:

  • Type and duration of the move
  • Labor
  • Transportation

NYC movers estimate the amount per hour depending on the duration of the move

The average rate for a local move in NYC is between 25$ and 55$. However, keep in mind that moving rates for short and long-distance relocations vary from company to company. Not all movers offer identical price ranges. That’s why it’s still necessary to do your own research and not rely too much on the average rate per hour. Besides labor work, other additional services will contribute to a final relocation price.

Short-distance relocations:

  • Minimum estimate – 800$
  • Maximum estimate – 2600$
  • Average estimate – 1400$

Long-distance relocations:

  • Minimum estimate – 2000$
  • Maximum estimate – 5700$
  • Average estimate – 3600$

Local moving

Local relocation journeys are the cheapest ones. So, if you’re moving within the same city, you won’t need as many moving services. However, don’t forget that even a short-distance move can take a bit longer. Moving delays are quite common and cost extra. Keep in mind that the value of services provided by your chosen local NYC movers also matters. Therefore, make sure to hire budget-friendly movers who know how to work even in unexpected circumstances.

happy black woman packing for the move
You can have an affordable yet quality moving experience.

Residential moving

It’s possible to find proper residential movers in NYC that offer reasonable rates. In order to be fully satisfied with relocation, the quality must meet suitable pricing. Pay attention to reviews when looking for the movers to pack and move your home. In addition to pricing, the quality of services plays a big role.

Long-distance moving

Moving long-distance is a more complex endeavor. Often it takes more time, energy, and money, which is why you must prepare on time. Your search for some of the best long distance movers NYC has on offer must begin at least two months before the move takes place. Otherwise, you risk settling for lower service quality at a higher rate per hour than you expect. Therefore, don’t rush and take time to gather enough information about any particular NYC long-distance moving company.

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The movers who provide quality services are worth the investment.

Commercial moving

No matter how big is your office/business, only skilled commercial movers in NYC are up to the task. A good commercial moving service is always worth the investment. However, keep your estimated budget in mind and cross-compare commercial moving services before you make a final decision. Most importantly, don’t rush and include your team in the decision-making process. The balance between service quality and the money you pay is what you should focus on.

Other services add up to the final price

Relocations, especially long-distance, aren’t complete without safe storage space. Although there are many free DIY storage tutorials, renting an actual unit saves you lots of headaches. The price of the move will certainly go up, depending on the size, type of storage, as well as rental period. However, it’ll come as a much more cost-effective solution. Your items will be fully protected and monitored all the time. Furthermore, your items have to be packed in decent packing supplies while they’re waiting in the unit. The quality and prices of supplies also vary. Fortunately, there are full-service movers who offer quality and decent prices all at once.

What people tend to skip when hiring a moving company are moving insurance options. Without insurance, you aren’t fully protected. However, keep in mind that insurance rates aren’t the same at each NYC moving company. The prices may vary, so do your best to inquire about insurance options on time.

How to know if the NYC movers that interest you are worth the coin?

Believe it or not, it takes a little bit of research to find the best movers that offer per-hour rates that get along with your relocation budget. While it’s definitely not rocket science, it’s not enough to just go online and pick whichever company with a well-put website and advertisement. You may hit the jackpot right away, or you may settle for a company that doesn’t care too much about its customers’ needs. That’s the risk you definitely don’t need. Furthermore, you must watch out for numerous fraudulent schemes that are not as friendly as they seem. Often their ads and website appearance leave a good impression. Also, they tend to leave fake reviews on different online platforms although they started working recently.

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Make sure to learn about price ranges and other moving-related things.

You will find the movers who work in your best interest by following these tips

  • Look only for licensed movers with a good reputation. The movers who have been around for years know how to execute the most complex relocations. Their crew is skilled at packing various kinds of items and is always there to help. Without any doubt, such companies are definitely worth the investment.
  • Make sure the company that interests you includes all the necessary services in their offer. When you find everything in one place, you don’t have to spend time looking for packing supplies across the city, for instance. Furthermore, supplies, and even storage solutions, are usually cheaper at full-service companies in NYC.
  • Don’t forget to contact several most promising NYC movers and ask them directly about everything that interests you. Reading reviews is useful, however, it doesn’t mean you should skip talking to the company’s staff. When you have direct communication with them, there’s no room for confusion and misunderstanding.

Are high-quality moving services necessarily expensive?

The best answer to this question is – yes and no. While there are high-end movers that provide top-level service at higher prices, there are many companies on the market on a more affordable side of the spectrum. Therefore, rest assured that you can find a quality moving service offer that is suitable for your moving budget. The moving market in NYC is diverse enough so everyone can find the best moving solution.

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How much do NYC movers charge per hour? That depends on many factors.

Honest NYC movers will gladly help you plan your budget for the move

Besides quality moving services, a reputable NYC moving company is also there to give you the best advice. That also includes helping you come up with a moving budget that works best for you. Budget planning is something that takes time, which is why asking moving experts for help is a great thing to do. That way, you can have a better idea of your total moving expenses and remove all worries regarding moving finances. So, don’t hesitate to ask for help in this matter. A professional company that cares about customer experience is the one that will have all your questions answered and provide the assistance you need.

It’s not enough to ask NYC movers how much do they charge per hour

There are other things you need to confirm with the movers you think of hiring. Besides their per-hour rates, you must know if they include a free estimate in their offer. There are strong reasons why a free estimate is non-negotiable:

  • You will have an insight into the approximate cost of your move which consists of labor per hour and additional services. Any company that charges moving quotes isn’t worth your time, let alone money.
  • An on-site moving quote free of charge allows you to make the best decision. You have the right to know how much are you expected to pay for the relocation services provided by any particular company.

Remember to also ask about additional fees. The last thing you need is to get stressed over undisclosed fees that catch you by surprise as soon as you sign the contract. Therefore, make sure to communicate all moving-related matters with the company you want to hire.

There are ways to reduce the final price of the move

A price per hour for your move doesn’t mean the final cost can’t go down. As it’s already mentioned, the final price of the move depends on many factors. That being said, it’s possible to save some money while moving by doing this:

  • If you reduce the workload for your local movers Brooklyn offers, they’ll spend less time packing which will reduce the cost of your move. Therefore, pack the items that don’t take too much time and effort, place them downstairs, and make sure there are no items on the floor.
  • When you declutter your home, the movers will have fewer items to work with.
  • You won’t need to buy too many packing supplies when you already have some in your home. Put spare suitcases and boxes you already have (if they are in good condition) to good use.

The move costs more than the total amount that NYC movers charge per hour

Keep in mind that free estimates don’t give you the actual price of the move. It’s only an approximate amount that indicates the average price of your relocation. In addition to the cost of the move per hour, many other services and insurance options contribute to the final moving cost. That’s why a price per hour isn’t the only thing to think about when making a moving budget. It’s only a starting point that helps you plan relocation expenses for your upcoming move and sets a base for hiring your Manhattan movers, for example.

NYC buildings
There are many NYC movers that provide quality services and reasonable rates.

Let us help you find the best NYC movers at affordable rates!

Not only can we tell you how much do NYC movers charge per hour, but we can also inform you about top-quality moving services. Rest assured that we at Best Movers NYC always have your best interest in mind when helping you find the best moving company for you. All you have to do is contact our team and give all relevant information about your move. Our rich database contained a plethora of licensed NYC movers who deliver the best services you can think of! However, our work doesn’t stop. We always do our best to expand our database and provide as many moving options for our users as possible. Having a team of seasoned movers who are masters of the relocation craft by your side is much-needed nowadays. Only then you can fully relax, knowing that your relocation -whether local or across the country – is in safe hands.



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