Pros and cons of having an office in NYC

New York City is such a beautiful crowded place, perfect for businesses. Tourists adore it, and it is indeed one of the most popular cities in the US. Not just because of its architecture, many bars, and restaurants, but because it constantly offers a new way of busy living that we all want. Having all this in mind, for all of you owners of highly productive companies, we do have to say that you need to fight for your place under the sun. All those people walking around on a daily basis are potential clients in your eyes, and you have to reach for them as soon as possible. Well, that also is one of the downsides of this city “that never sleeps.” Here is what you need to consider if having an office in NYC and before engaging commercial movers in NYC.

Advantages of having an office in NYC

As every owner, you need traffic and customers. What is the best way to get them other than moving your company to the most visible place in the US? You made an excellent decision. First of all, make it visible, and everything will come to you, well, almost everything. Here are some of the advantages of having a traditional store in New York:

Everything is close to you

Your position is the key factor to succeed in this job. Moving your company to the most visible place like Manhattan is a great option. With a great marketing strategy, your services and logo will be visible to everyone that pass by, and you’ll surely get more clients than someone in the near. If you decide on hiring commercial movers in Manhattan, be ready to pay more than you expected. If you’re asking us, in the end, it always results in success only if you are ready to work hard constantly and invest more than usual. One of the best things is that bars and cafes are close, so you can take a walk during a lunch break. Plus, if you’re living in the near, you won’t need to travel to work and spend hours monthly for travel. Isn’t it great?

Cafe in the center.
Everything is close so you can grab your coffee quickly.

Social scene

One of the best advantages of having an office in NYC is having an opportunity to meet people constantly. For a serious business, this is a great chance to develop further. Because of the numerous restaurants, museums, and galleries, the chances to meet someone who is sharing the same interests as you do are extremely high. If you are an extroverted type of person, ready to talk about various subjects, not just about your job, you can meet someone interesting. However, being professional gives the best first impression, so it’s good to be aware of that. There are indeed countless things to experience here, and we advise you not to miss a chance. You never know when some old friends can become your business partners and help you invest more and build an empire.


As you probably expected, salaries in New York are much higher than in other cities across the US. Businesses in marketing are much better paid than elsewhere. One of the things you should also know is that living here requires tons of money, so it would be great to consider moving outside of Manhattan. Try contacting commercial movers in Queens for more information. They are the best.

Dollars on the table.
Salaries are higher as well as the costs of living in this city,

Disadvantages of having an office in NYC

Although there are countless benefits of living and working in this area, we must mention the cons as well. They can really help you realize that nothing is ideal as it looks.


If we are looking at the wider picture, there are over one million businesses in New York City. Being an owner of one of them is not as easy as you think. You need to convince people to choose you over and over again and to create that type of bond with your clients. It’s extremely hard to be the best here because if you’re weak, having an office in NYC can be the past sooner than you think. After all, this costs, and you can’t just give up. These are the reasons why you need to stay strong and fight your competition. Get up every time you fall. Sounds unbelievable, but it’s business. Everybody is looking at their own businesses and your goal is to figure out how to deal with everything around you and win after all. Try exploring the best places in New York and keep going.


Traffic is one of the worst things that can happen to you in New York. If you don’t live near your business, be ready to travel for hours weekly. Even if it means getting up much earlier to get ready and find a taxi, you have to deal with it just like any other person here. Subways sometimes have delays and repairs, and even if it’s the cheaper option, you can’t really rely on them. Some people say that traffic is the number one problem people can experience here, and be ready to look patient even if you are exhausted. In the afternoon when everyone wants to go home, traffic conditions are unpredictable. Slow down, breathe and think about the fact that there are surely tons of people in the same situation as you at the moment. You’ll get used to it… sometimes. But, if you decide on changing a location, find commercial moving companies in the Bronx.

Taxi drivers waiting for the green light.
Transportation is the biggest problem in the crowded city.


Even dough having an office in NYC sounds exhausting, it can result in success. Nobody says that it’ll be easy, but we can only tell you that you can try everything and hope for the best. If you’re aware that traveling to work takes you too much time every day, you can always move a bit closer. We can recommend Best Movers NY for that significant step. Just practice your patience and work hard. Every effort pays off at the end of the day. We’re sure you’ll make a huge progress.


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