Finding packing supplies in NYC: where and how

Moving to, within, or from NYC can be an absolute mess if you don’t prepare well. That, naturally, also includes finding packing supplies in NYC that are of great quality. Packing is perhaps the most stressful part of any move. No matter how much you pack, there always somehow seem to be more things to be packed. Hiring expert movers NYC residents recommend for exquisite packing services is always an option. Professional moving companies usually offer the highest quality supplies as well as great service. Still, some people can’t afford professional movers or don’t want to spend money on packers. If you’re one of those people you’re going to have to find your own moving supplies. Here’s how and where you can find these supplies with ease!

Quality packing supplies are a must when it comes to packing

Finding packing supplies is not hard. You can literally walk into almost any stationery store or a large market and find some, or even all, packing supplies. However, buying packing supplies is not quite as simple. The quality of supplies varies largely between retailers. That’s why you should rely on large retailers with a lot of reviews. However, you don’t have to go out of your way to find moving supplies in NYC. Most stores that you’ll likely be visiting during your moving preparation offer quality packing supplies. However, some stores are simply very convenient and they offer great quality supplies.

Heavy-duty moving boxes ready for packing.
It’s important to invest in quality moving supplies for the safety of your belongings!

You can find packing supplies in NYC while doing other shopping

Most people in America have access to Walmart. Walmart is absolutely the best option for people that are short on time. Walmart offers a wide variety of items. That means that you can get the moving supplies you need while doing your weekly grocery shopping. And even if you just need one thing or a couple of things, Walmart is still a great option since it offers almost everything you might need during relocation.

Get your supplies over the internet

Amazon is a great option for those looking to get their supplies online. Aside from offering reviews, Amazon is mostly very reliable. And on top of that, it’s perhaps the most convenient option, especially since the start of the pandemic. By getting your supplies over the internet you can stay safe while still completing the task of supply shopping. However, since you can’t see the supplies in real life, make sure that you’re buying from a reputable seller. Still, there are many things to do in NYC before a move, but going shopping for moving supplies doesn’t have to be one of them with online shopping.

Renovate your place and find packing supplies in NYC

If you’re moving you’re likely looking to do some upgrades. Be it to your old home before you move out, or your new one once you move in. Whatever your plans are, if you’re planning to renovate, you’ll probably visit Home Depot at some point. Luckily for you, Home Depot is one of the best places to look for packing supplies in NYC. They offer great quality boxes and, also, pretty much all else you might need for your renovation. So before you go out of your way to shop for moving supplies, consider simply getting them while doing the rest of your shopping at Home Depot.

There alternative ways of finding packing supplies in New York

Most people moving are fine with buying all the supplies they need. However, some people might be looking for secondhand or free options for one reason or another. Moving can be very expensive and people budgeting to the very last cent, looking into the cheapest time to relocate from NYC, and hoping to save as much money as possible, probably wouldn’t want to spend a lot on moving supplies. Luckily, there’s a solution for that, too.

A man talking on the phone in hopes of finding packing supplies in NYC.
Asking around is one of the best ways of finding packing supplies in NYC!

You can find packing materials in New York by asking around

Asking around is one of the best ways to find secondhand or free packing materials. You can start by asking friends and family if they have some boxes and other supplies you can use. Plastic boxes and containers are also a great option. However, these you should return to the owners unless specified otherwise. You can also ask in local shops and restaurants. They more often than not have plenty of cardboard boxes and might be willing to give some away.

Go green for your upcoming move

Reusable moving supplies are a great and cheap way to pack for a move. Many moving companies offer reusable packing supplies to their clients, so if you’re looking to move green you should find movers that offer this option. This might sound fancy, but it’s absolutely possible to find cheap NYC movers that offer this service. You’ll be able to get as many reusable plastic containers as you wish. Once you are done, you just have to return them to your movers so someone else can use them.

You won’t have to look for packing supplies if you hire professional packers

Professional moving businesses usually offer packing services. That means that if you don’t want to bother with packing, you can outsource that job to your movers. Professional packers are not only skilled at what they do, but they also offer the highest quality moving supplies. If you hire professional movers and choose to pack with them, you won’t have to spend a second thinking about anything packing-related. So if you’re hoping for an easy and stress-free move, your best bet is hiring reliable movers that will handle everything you don’t want to or don’t have the time to.

A packer closing a moving box.
Professional packers offer great-quality moving supplies!

Finding packing supplies in NYC has never been easier

Obviously, finding packing supplies in NYC is super easy. We are lucky that in 2021 there are options for everything. That makes packing and moving so much easier than they used to be.  There are many places where you can purchase top-quality supplies, and you can even do so from the comfort of your very own home. On top of that, no matter your budget you can find a solution when it comes to moving supplies. It’s all about evaluating your wants, needs, and finding the best option for you!


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