How to avoid fraudulent movers in NYC?

There are many different types of relocations. Likewise, there are also numerous different movers that you can hire. The process of moving is difficult and usually very complicated. So, you will need to get the right movers for your relocation. However, how do you avoid fraudulent movers in NYC? If this is your question, then you are in the right place. In this article, we are going to cover ways in which you can avoid moving scammers and fraudulent movers. We are also going to cover the reasons why you would want to hire reliable and professional Best Movers NYC when relocating.

Avoiding scammers and fraudulent movers

Hire movers based on their experience and knowledge

The easiest way to hire professional movers and avoid fraudulent movers is to take the experience and knowledge of the movers you plan on hiring into your consideration. Moving is not easy and thus it is far easier to do with movers who have lots of experience. Regardless of the type of your relocation, even if it is a local one, try to hire reliable local movers NYC based on their knowledge, experience, and efficiency. The more experienced your movers are, the easier it will be for you to relocate. Furthermore, you will have a lot more trust in your movers if they have years of experience to back them. You will likely feel relaxed when they handle your inventory.

Hiring reliable movers.
To avoid fraudulent movers in NYC, hire reliable and professional movers based on their knowledge and experience.

Communicate with your potential movers in person or online

Communication is the key to a successful relocation. There are many tasks that you have to complete before, during, and after your relocation. So, you will obviously have a lot of things to discuss with your movers. One of the best ways of avoiding fraudulent movers is to communicate with movers directly. Talk to a representative of a moving company or go visit them in person. During this meeting with your movers, you can ask all of the questions that you have that are related to your move. Furthermore, you can talk about the type of inventory you have and determine whether you need residential movers NYC for example or others.

Ask about the prices and get an in-home estimate

It is good to be in mutual understanding from the start. When you sit down and talk with your potential movers, ask about moving estimates. There are a few basic moving estimates that your movers can provide you with. These are the following:

  • Biding estimate.
  • Non-biding estimate.
  • Biding not-to-exceed estimate.

All of these moving estimates are different but they are meant to determine the costs of your relocation. Nowadays, you are probably better of getting an online estimate via your computer or your phone. However, if you want to be extra sure your movers are not fraudulent, it is a good idea to set up an in-home estimate for your relocation. This way, the movers you hire will have to show up, inspect your home or the room you plan to relocate and inspect the inventory as well. Based on the difficulty of the move as well as the number of items you have, they will have to provide you with an accurate moving estimate. Once you know what price to expect for your relocation, there should be no hidden costs awaiting you at the end of your move to New York City.

Hire movers based on their reviews

The reviews are there for a reason. They can tell you a lot about your new, potential movers that you plan to hire. When browsing reviews of your movers, you get to see the experiences previous customers had with that company. Reviews are relatively easy to find and to go through. Reliable movers should have their websites with reviews on them. However, it is important that we mention the fact that many scammers and fraudulent movers out there also use fake reviews. So, it is still important to be careful and get in touch with your movers in person or via a phone before you hire them. Additionally, when you visit a website of your potential movers, you should also be able to find a permanent address on the site. This means that your movers can be reached in person and lowers the risks of moving scamms.

Reading reviews to avoid fraudulent movers in NYC.
Read online reviews and visit the websites of your potential movers.

Hiring professional and reliable movers – Why is it so important?

We have mentioned at the beginning of this article that the process of relocation is usually complicated and challenging. Many things can happen along the way. It is good to be prepared for any scenario and have a good plan for the move. However, more importantly, it is good to have a reliable mover that you can trust by your side when relocating. There are many benefits that come with hiring professional movers. You do not have to worry about your packed items and any heavy lifting or loading and unloading off the moving truck. They can also handle the key moving-related tasks while you focus on other things during your move. Furthermore, you do not have to worry about transportation when hiring reliable movers. Moreover, your movers can help you with many questions such as when is the cheapest time to relocate from NYC. When you choose the right movers, they can offer you the exact services that you need for your type of relocation. Professional movers will also always do their best to give you the exact estimate of all of the moving costs that you can expect at the end of your relocation.

Mover loading a moving truck.
Hiring professional movers is important if you want to have an easy, smooth, and relaxing relocation experience.


To sum up, these were some of the best ways to avoid fraudulent movers in NYC. Communication is the key. Make sure you stay organized, plan ahead, and prepare a good plan for your relocation. Remember the importance of hiring professional movers. With a good plan for the move and reliable movers, your relocation will be done in no time and stress-free!

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