Which side of Manhattan is better for living?

Manhattan is a hub of New York and very desirable for life. In addition, it is a business center where the headquarters of large corporations are located. On the other hand, Manhattan also offers a rich cultural life. Moreover, people usually can’t easily decide which side of Manhattan is better for living. In the end, everyone’s preferences are different. That’s why we at Best Movers NYC are here to help you make the right decision! No matter which side of Manhattan you choose, our team will be there for you from start to finish! We will make your moving experience blissful so you can start fresh. 

Personal preferences will help you decide which part of Manhattan is best for you

When deciding which side of Manhattan is better, you should think of the following things before you hire movers Manhattan:

  • Different transportation options, or public transit.
  • Schools.
  • Restaurants and food markets.
  • Recreation and outdoor activities.
  • Museums and theatres.
  • Which of Central Park’s attractions are in closest proximity.
decide Which side of manhattan is better for living
It’s not easy to decide which side of Manhattan is better for living.

The Upper East Side vs. The Upper West Side

Home to many of New York City’s wealthiest residents, The Upper East Side is well-known for its museum mile and world-class shopping.  Furthermore, it’s a convenient location for exploring Central Park, as well as many museums along the Museum Mile. The famous Madison Avenue includes many luxurious houses and design shops. In case you are interested in historical sites, Park Avenue is lined with beautiful pre-war apartment buildings. Likewise, gardening according to the median makes it a nice place for a walk.

This side of Manhattan is also known for:

  • Frick Collection – Visit this villa on Fifth Avenue belonging to Henry Clay Frick to see how the most literate people of NYC lived and collected art
  • Metropolitan Museum of Art – arguably New York’s most prominent art museum, Matt has a huge permanent collection as well as ever-changing temporary exhibits
  • Guggenheim Museum – Frank Lloyd Wright building is worth visiting, as well as the eclectic exhibitions displayed in a unique space.
  • Central Park – a true oasis in the heart of Manhattan, Central Park is a great place for a picnic if you want to escape from the concrete jungle for some time.
  • Jewish Museum – permanent and temporary exhibition in this museum institution explores Jewish values and traditions through art and artifacts.
  • Cooper-Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum
  • New gallery
  • Mount Vernon Museum and Garden – located not far from the FDR, this 1799 building allows you to imagine how NYC once used to be.

The Upper West Side is culturally rich and more affordable

The Upper West Side is equally deserving to be placed on the list of desirable environments to live in. This side of Manhattan is less pricey and boasts a bit more relaxed lifestyle. However, rich cultural offer is not an exception, that is why so many people opt for local movers in Manhattan NY to get them closer to:

  • American Folk Art Museum
  • Eva and Morris Feld Gallery
  • American Museum of Natural History
  • Hayden Planetarium
  • Hispanico Ballet Tina Ramirez
  • Bach Vespers at Holy Trinity
  • Bard Graduate Center Gallery
  • Beacon Theater
  • Children’s Museum of Manhattan
  • Lincoln Center – A total of 12 performing arts companies hosted in a variety of theater and recital spaces
  • Metropolitan Opera
two guys in a moving van
You need a trustworthy team of movers to help you relocate!

Pick a reliable team of movers to help you settle

Now that you have picked your favorite side of Manhattan, it is time to choose a reliable moving company. As is well known, moving is not the simplest task to do. Certainly, this does not mean that relocation has to be stressful. Therefore, it is wise to opt for a team of professionals who will move you safely.

Make sure to review potential Manhattan residential movers, to avoid any unnecessary inconveniences. The company you choose has to be certified and verified. Also, pay attention to the company’s experience with Manhattan moves and what their customers say about them. Their reviews have to be honest and proven. Moreover, see if they offer a free estimate and insurance. The company’s crew should take care of your stuff as if they were theirs. In case of a delayed move due to unexpected changes, the movers should be capable to handle everything. Above all, you should feel relaxed and move stress-free. This is why the right choice of moving company is highly important.

While deciding which side of Manhattan is better for living stay away from scam companies

Relocation, especially to either side of Manhattan is a serious task. You will want to avoid fraudulent movers in NYC, and save yourself unnecessary stress. Fraudulent companies often embellish their site with inaccurate reviews. If you pay attention, you will see that there is no free estimate in the description of services.

Hidden fees are often a huge problem with such companies. Seemingly cheap services are there to lure customers and make a hole in the moving budget. Keep in mind that low prices don’t promise a decent quality of relocation service. When you choose a moving company, read the terms and conditions before you sign a contract. And remember that you have the right to refuse if you aren’t satisfied with the contract. Movers should be there for you and not the other way around.

four cubes
Avoid fraudulent companies.

Consider self-storage solution

After you decide which side of Manhattan is better for living, and choose a moving companylook up storage options. Storage is necessary to keep your belongings safe and sound. Whether it is a short-term or long-term move, storage is equally important. You never know if something unexpected will change your plans. There are various great options on the market. Storage doesn’t have to be expensive and rest assured you will find the one that fits your budget. Pay attention when you search for the best moving rates in NYC. The prices may or may not include storage options. On the other hand, the price itself is not the main factor, but the quality of services included. This is why the most optimal storage should be clean, climate-controlled, and accessible to you. All of these make good storage worth its price. 

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