Tips on Moving into a New Apartment in NYC

If the recent pandemic can be said to have any upsides, moving into a new apartment in NYC is cheaper than ever! However, the prices are steadily going up by the day and you might need to make the decision quickly. That said, there are still a few things that you will want to take care of. You will want to find a good moving company, and you want to find it fast. The best way to quickly assess various moving companies in NYC is to utilize the services that Best Movers NYC offers. We can help you choose the ideal moving partner in the shortest amount of time! Apart from finding good movers, you will also want to make sure that your move-in date is set in stone, and verify your lease terms. We will be covering all of those things in this article!

Moving into a new apartment in NYC – A few tips

Here’s a shortlist of the most important things to do before moving in:

  • Make sure that you confirm the move-in date
  • Double-check your lease terms
  • Consider hiring a professional mover

There’s also the matter of finding the ideal apartment if you haven’t done so already. But don’t worry, we will be covering that as well! The important thing is that you get these sorted out and that you have one of the best local or long distance movers NYC has to offer by your side. With their help, your relocation experience is going to soar! But for now, let’s see how to go about these tasks.

a comfy living room
Before you can get comfy in your new NYC apartment, you may want to verify a few things.

Confirming your move-in date when moving into a new apartment in NYC

If you have ever relocated before, you will know just how important confirming the move-in date is. It is rather easy to confuse Friday for a Saturday, for example, which can lead to some unfortunate circumstances. Therefore, make sure that both you and your landlord are “on the same page” where the move-in date is concerned. You may also want to check the working hours of your apartment building’s office. This is a common mistake to make, thinking that they will simply work on Sundays, for example. Additionally, make sure that you get your keys before the date swings by, especially if moving on holiday or on a Sunday. 

Which lease terms to look out for

The lease agreement is the most important document when moving into a new apartment in NYC. Even if you’ve already signed the lease, you might want to double-check that you fully understand what they contain. Here’s a small list of things to verify:

  • Rent due date
  • Quiet hours
  • Pet policies
  • Maintenance
  • Internet connection
  • Any building-specific rules

Due date, quiet hours

The rent due date is particularly important, as you might want to know if you have some leeway or not. Most apartment buildings will allow for some “grace period” but some will not. In fact, some “shady” landlords might make it so you need to pay huge penalties if you miss a payment on the exact date.

person signing the documentation for moving into a New Apartment in NYC
Remember to re-read the terms of the lease, quiet hours especially.

You also need to take note of the “quiet hours” that are in effect. Even if you are doing something that is absolutely necessary, such as relocating your belongings to your new home, you can get in trouble if you do so in this quiet time. While your local movers NYC might be as silent as possible, it is practically impossible to conduct a truly sound-free relocation. Therefore, either conduct the move in the regular hours or see if you can notify the residents well in advance. You might want to start your relationship with the neighbors on the “right foot”, as well.

Pets, maintenance, internet

Also, make sure whether you’re allowed to have your pets in the building, or whether there are any pet fees or animal limits. What do you do if your apartment requires repairs? Is there someone you need to call? All of these questions, and more, need to be answered in the lease, and you need to know the answers before moving in. You might also want to know which internet provider services the building, as well as the procedure of setting up a connection.

You also might have your hands full when you arrive at your new home. This is why having someone relocate your belongings for you is always a good idea.

Hiring a professional moving company can make everything easier

Most people choose to go with a moving company when they are undergoing a relocation. The fact of the matter is that these professionals make everything easier. They will do all of the “grunt work”, freeing up your time and energy for more important matters. Furthermore, hiring one of the expert residential movers NYC has on offer will maximize the safety of your move. This is something you might want to consider doing earlier rather than later, though, as you might be able to get a much better deal. If you want to hire last-minute movers, it is possible but it will cost you quite a bit more. Therefore, the best option is to book your movers early and save some money by doing so.

professional movers
Professional movers can make your relocation much easier.

Finding an apartment in NYC

Even if you’ve already “zeroed” in your new apartment, its availability can change at moment’s notice. It is the NYC renting situation we’re talking about, after all. Even though it is the most favorable it has been in recent years, it is still a wild west of sorts. You always need to be prepared for another search. It might be in your best interest to search for a good broker, as they can provide you with some options you might not be able to find on your own.

Apart from that, the standard “rules” for apartment hunting still apply. Research the neighborhood before you rent, consider the living expenses as well as nearby amenity costs, and make sure that you actually like the place. Even if you get a good deal, if you don’t like your new apartment, it’s all for naught. You want to be moving into a new apartment in NYC with a smile on your face. Make sure that you have one!

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