The best NYC neighborhoods for college grads

It’s finally time to graduate college and it’s time to make another big step in your life. That’s choosing the best place when it comes to living as a young person. Thankfully, there are many options for you, especially in NYC. On top of that, our Best Movers NYC will help you with the actual move and with some tips on picking your next place. That’s why we made the list of best NYC neighborhoods for college grads. We’re sure you’ll find the right place for you. Here are just some of the neighborhoods that we’re sure you’ll be able to enjoy.

Upper East Side is among the elite NYC neighborhoods for college grads

Let’s start the list with a neighborhood that maybe isn’t the most affordable, but will appeal to the younger population. The Upper East Side is one of the most luxurious parts of Manhattan and NYC overall. However, the high price tag doesn’t stop our residential movers in Manhattan from helping many college grads to move here.

People crossing the street
The upper East Side is among the best NYC neighborhoods for college grads

However, besides the astronomical price of housing and living in the Upper East Side, there are actually a lot of things to do for you. It’s not only fancy apartment buildings that you’ll experience here. You can’t miss all the artists and culture that this part of Manhattan has to offer. On top of that, bars, restaurants, and many other places that are great meet-up places for young professionals are booming here. So make sure to enjoy it in your own special way.


Another part of NYC that has a lot to offer and is not cheap is Greenpoint. It’s located in northern Brooklyn and besides high rent, it has great bike lanes and overall a great young-people feel to it. The majority of the population in Greenpoint is around 30 years old and it really is worth it to move here. Be it for work or the amazing art scene, our Brooklyn local movers are here to help you move to Greenpoint in no time. There’s a plethora of bars and bookstores to unwind after a hard day of work. Find out what Greenpoint else has to offer and you’ll soon forget about the fact that the rent is pretty high in the area. There’s just so much to do.

Looking for NYC neighborhoods for college grads? Astoria is the right place for you

Planning to move to Queens after graduation? Then your best place to go is Astoria. There are just too many housing options available to you. From big apartment buildings to smaller houses, it’s up to your taste and needs to pick the right home for you. It’s overall a very quiet neighborhood and our long-distance movers Queens usually move a lot of young families to this part of town. Astoria isn’t a place that will only appeal only to you as a college grad but has all the necessary attractions and amenities in order to make your life enjoyable. It’s really a great mix of everything great about NYC in one place.

View from Astoria, Queens
You’ll find a lot of young people in Astoria


Everywhere in NYC prices of housing and living are on the rise. That’s not really great news for the younger generation. However, certain parts of the Bronx are fighting hard against it, and with recent gentrification around NYC, Fordham has become a bastion of quality living at affordable prices. However, there are more reasons besides money that makes our residential movers in Bronx work with younger people more than usual. There are many things to visit around, from the Bronx Zoo to Edgar Allan Po’s cottage. On top of that, you’ll find out that Fordham is the place when it comes to shopping in the Bronx. Don’t miss all the great things it has to offer.

Central Harlem

If you love culture and great food then you’ll adore Harlem. It’s also a place for history lovers as the complete neighborhood has so many things to offer to you. However you look at it, this part of NYC is full of legendary places that you will appreciate. From the Apollo Theater to restaurants like Red Rooster you will feel the energy of old electrify the whole neighborhood. As a younger person, you will soon learn to appreciate it. And the prices are more than affordable for everyone’s budget when it comes to housing options.

Washington Heights is popular among the NYC neighborhoods for college grads

There’s nothing better to expect from a neighborhood in NYC than low rent and great places to unwind. On top of that, you’ll be very well connected with other parts of NYC. Washington Heights doesn’t really have that appeal as many other parts of NYC and that’s why there are not many tourists.

However, our long-distance movers in Staten Island are bringing more and more people that are young professionals to the area. You will feel like you have much more space to go around. It’s no wonder as the majority of things to do are historical attractions. For that reason, you can’t expect stampedes of tourists to invade your space. If you want to plan a family in a safe and quiet environment then this is the right place for you.

A bird eyes view of NYC as a symbol of NYC neighborhoods for college grads
NYC has a lot of amazing places to offer you

Finding the best place to live after graduation can be challenging. However, with the right mindset and if you know your needs everything can be easier. For that reason, make sure that you set up your priorities first before you start looking around NYC. Among many NYC neighborhoods for college grads, the point is that you find the one that fits you the best. Whatever neighborhood you choose, one thing is certain. You will absolutely love NYC and everything it has to offer. We wish you all the luck with your move whatever your decision ends up being.

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