Ways to Make Moving to NYC Cheaper

Moving can be expensive, there is no way of getting around that. It doesn’t matter if you are renting a truck and moving on your own or hiring professional movers. Getting all your belongings boxed up and transporting them is not a cheap task. But, there are many ways to make moving to NYC cheaper. From saving on packing supplies to finding the right moving company. The trick is to not let your search for cheaper relocation prices drive you toward a mistake you will regret. Because old boxes break and cheap movers are often fake. Here is how to have an affordable yet safe NYC relocation.

What is the price of moving to NYC?

Moving prices vary due to many different factors. They are different from company to company and from service to service. So, there is no single set price that will tell you how much moving to NYC costs. But, even without the exact amount, we know which items go into your overall moving expenses. And by knowing them, we can come up with ways to make moving to NYC cheaper. The main items are:

  • Packing materials
  • Moving company costs
  • Storage costs, if you need it

There are, of course, many smaller expenses that you need to account for. If you are moving long-distance, you will need a place to stay until your belongings arrive. You’ll also need to prepare food and other necessities for the road. Getting all your paperwork will also cost you extra. 

man counting money for moving to NYC
Moving expenses quickly add up

Saving on packing materials is one of the ways to make moving to NYC cheaper

One expense that most people overlook as a minor one is packing materials. A lot of people simply take the price that local movers NYC give them and plan their budget strictly according to it. But, even though a single cardboard box might be cheap, they quickly add up. So, finding ways to save money on packing supplies is a great first step towards making the entire relocation more affordable.

Pack creatively to lower the cost of moving

The first order of business would be to minimize the need for moving boxes. One of the best tricks to move to NYC on a budget is to minimize packing supply costs. There are many ways in which you can pack that don’t require you to buy boxes. For example, take your suitcases and fill them with clothes, books, and other smaller items. You will save at least a couple of moving boxes that way. Use all the empty spaces that you can to your advantage. Additionally, you can use your clothes as cushioning for your more fragile items. 

Using old boxes is a great way to make moving to NYC cheaper

While it’s always best to use new boxes, sometimes it’s completely ok to use old ones. First, make sure that they aren’t wet or torn somewhere. The last thing you would want is for a box filled with your glassware to break. There are many ways to find free or cheap packing supplies in NYC. First, look at your own home. It’s actually recommended to transport electronics and other smaller household appliances in the boxes they came in. They already come with proper padding and should fit your items snuggly. For other items, you can borrow boxes for friends and neighbors. Most supermarkets allow you to take used boxes off their hands for free. So, explore that option as well.

old carboard box representing ways to make moving to NYC cheaper
One way of lowering moving costs is by using old moving boxes

Choosing the right moving company is one of the best ways to save money

Your moving company of choice can make all the difference in relocation. Both in terms of reliability as well as in terms of pricing. Some moving companies might be worth the premium, but some are simply overpriced. Furthermore, some moving companies, even though affordable, offer excellent service. So, make sure you hire the right long distance movers NYC. You still need a reliable moving company, but make sure you weigh all your options before committing. You can save a lot of money by just waiting a little bit.

Get multiple moving estimates to find cheaper options to move

The best way to find an affordable moving company is to get moving estimates from multiple moving companies. Most movers offer free moving estimates which are a great indicator of how much your relocation is going to cost. A great way to do this is to use Best Movers New York service, where you can get multiple quotes without having to jump through hoops. And as a bonus, you’ll know that all moving companies you get matched with are legit movers.

Avoid paying for storage services to lover NYC moving cost

More often than not you will need some sort of storage space for your items during relocation. So, one of the ways to make moving to NYC cheaper is to find free storage alternatives. Contact your friends and family and ask them if you can store your items temporarily at their place. A few boxes here, a few items there and you won’t have to pay a cent in storage costs. It’s a great way to lower the expenses of an NYC move.

Find a perfect time for your relocation

Moving costs aren’t always the same. Moving in the summer is generally more expensive because it’s more convenient. So, if you have the luxury of waiting a couple of weeks or even a few months, do it. You will be able to get much better moving rates during autumn and winter. Just make sure to check the long-term weather forecast. If you can pick a dry day to move on you’ll have an easy relocation at a great price. But, even if it does rain on your moving day, it’s not the end of the world. It doesn’t take much to prepare for such a scenario.

metal coins
There are many ways to make moving more affordable

There are many ways to make moving to NYC cheaper

While moving is expensive, there are ways to make moving to NYC cheaper. You just need to be a little bit creative and willing to compromise. Aside from these ways to make moving to NYC cheaper you can come up with many more if you just spend some time thinking of ways to save money. The only thing to remember is not to fall for offers that are too good to be true, since they usually are. So, choose a good moving company, use what you have, and enjoy your affordable NYC relocation. 

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