How Much Does it Cost to Move to NYC?

Relocation is a process that is not cheap at all. People are saving years before a certain move, so they can afford it. Of course, that’s not always the case. It all depends on your budget limit and how much are you willing to spend on a relocation. And the main thing is the location. The price is not the same for a local move and a long-distance one, for instance. If you were thinking about moving to New York, you will need to do some calculations first. In addition, to find the Best Movers NYC has, you need to know how much does it cost to move to NYC first. It is a quite simple process, but you will have to know what are your preferences and what exactly are you looking for in a move. All you have to do is calculate.

A woman using a calculator and counting something.
Cost to move to NYC is quite high so start preparing and saving on time.

When you wonder how much does it cost to move to NYC, the first thing to do is to calculate your budget!

Calculating your budget is the first step of every location, not only for New York. Without knowing how much money you have at the start to spend, you won’t be able to find movers, apartments, or anything. If you don’t have enough resources, moving away won’t be even possible. Visit your banks and check the amount on all of your bank accounts. If you have some check, and money in cash somewhere at home, now it’s time to take them out and count. Try to remember all finances that you own, and where. The more you have, the better.

Write down everything, and get the final number. That is the number from which you will have to pay quite a lot of things. Also, remember that you should definitely find a job in advance since you will need more money right away after you move. Therefore, while you are still in preparations for the move, start looking for some job offers.

You will have to find your NYC movers

Most of your money when you are relocating will go to your movers and moving costs. That is the reason why the principal thing to do is find your local movers NYC has, or long-distance one and negotiate. To find your movers, you will have to do some research, so be prepared. Firstly, the best option you have here is to use a word-of-mouth method. It’s a method where you contact your friends and relatives and you ask them for a recommendation from a moving company. You must be wondering why it’s the best one. Well, no one will explain to you the experience with the movers better than people you know. And you can be sure they are telling the truth. But, sometimes, it can easily happen that you don’t have anyone who used moving company services and can give you some recommendations.

Therefore, it is better to start searching online. This is the best shot you can get. It is a longer process, since you don’t know those moving companies, and you have to check them out to figure if they are reliable or not, but you will have to do it. Write down the services you want to use, and other requirements that you would ask them. According to that start searching all the options and mark only moving companies that can offer you all that, and they have experience and license. After that, when you have a final list, contact all of the long-distance movers NYC has that you choose. Start negotiating the price with them, so you can do your final calculation. Also, you should expect some extra costs. This is the second step of figuring out how much does it cost to move to NYC.

A view of buildings and park in NYC.
Choose your neighborhood carefully.

Renting an apartment is also a part of the cost to move to NYC

If you planned to move, you probably thought about where you will live, right? You don’t want to move to New York and be homeless. That is the reason why it is very important that you figure out this before the move. Finding a nice apartment in NYC is not hard, but it can be quite expensive. It all depends on where you want to live. Definitely try to avoid the Manhattan area. Yes, it’s probably the best one, but the apartments there are luxurious and it will costs you a lot. Instead, try looking for a new home somewhere around:

  • Brooklyn where the median sales price is $900.000
  • Queens where you can expect it to be around $605.000
  • Staten Island is also a good choice with a median sales price of $550,000
  • The Bronx is the cheapest one, $519.000

If you think that this is too much, and it’s something you can’t afford, remember that you are moving out of your home. In other words, this means that you will have to sell your home. And you will have a lot more money for your NYC life. 

Start selling your home on time, so you have more money for your relocation

Many people completely forget the income of their own homes when moving away. Well, you won’t go anywhere if you don’t sell your own home first, right? So, before even looking for the residential movers NYC has, put your home on sale. Probably, this will take some time until you find a buyer that offers a pleasant amount of money for it, but you have to do it. Selling your home will make everything easier for your move. A good thing about it is that you can start packing in advance. You want your home to be nice, clean, and tidy when potential buyers come inside to check it out. So, packing things up is a good idea. This way, after you sell it, you will be able to move even immediately. And NYC is waiting for you.

Two girls hugging and looking at NYC.
Hurry up! New York is waiting to get you on some new adventures!

Have you tried using a moving distance calculator?

Every relocation depends on the miles from where to where you are moving. You should know that the price is really different when moving from New Jersey to New York and from California to New York, for instance. That’s why you should try out the moving cost calculator. It asks for the zip codes of both cities and tells you the approximate price. Which is exactly what you need!

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