10 trendiest NYC places in 2022

It is not easy to make the choice of what to see in the City. It offers so many interesting places to experience. And so many events and happenings that you should visit. So, limiting such an offer to 10 trendiest NYC places in 2022 can make us a little biased. Still, we hope that we will here present places that most people would like to visit. Or to spend more time hanging in there. And, in case you are lucky, and moving to one of those places, don’t forget to contact Best Movers NYC. With their assistance, your move will be safe and stress-free.

Many consider New York the greatest city in the world

Visiting or living in New York, you have to be ready for its speedy and turbulent atmosphere. Many times it looks like a whirlwind of activities surrounds you. With such a famous city, spending just a few days visiting, will be enough to see just a fraction of its famous places. So, we hope this short overview will help you see some of the trendiest NYC places.

However, maybe you are visiting to find a rental home before moving. So, use the opportunity to discover long distance movers in Manhattan. That will give you the opportunity to meet them in person. And, to book your move timely.

NYC Skyline - 10 trendiest NYC places in 2022.
Visiting NYC, you will probably like to see its trendiest places.

Why people are usually visiting NYC?

The reasons for visiting are various. And they are mostly a result of individual preferences. For example, people loving theater and young acting students will enjoy Broadway shows. Some will come to NYC for shopping. Or to have dinner in one of the famous restaurants. The priority of many visitors is to see the well know sites such as the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, the Brooklyn Bridge, Central Park, etc.

Young families with children will have different priorities. They will mostly concentrate on the attractions which are interesting to their children. So, you would probably see them visiting:

  • the NYC Harry Potter store
  • NYC museum of Ice Cream
  • the Bronx Zoo

Or some other places which are attractive to kids and parents. However, sometimes the parents are actually looking for a good place to move their business. And, since they are planning to move, they want to make the new home familiar to their children. If that is your case, consider hiring commercial movers in Brooklyn. The thing is that the NYC movers know the best and shortest routes in the City. So, instead of wandering around, they will bring you straight to your destination. And, after the move, you will have a chance to explore NYC more in detail.

Some of the more recent attractions in the City

Besides the usual places, most tourists nowadays also like to visit the following:

  • High Line
  • One World Observatory

Like many other places, they can visit them any time of the year. Or at any other time during the day or night. Which is just proper for the City that never sleeps.

Vehicles On Road - 10 trendiest NYC places in 2022.
The NYC movers know the best routes for moving.

Which are the trendiest NYC places in 2022

In case you are visiting NYC in 2022 for the first time, it would be great if you had some recommendations on what to see. By checking such recommendations, you will immediately realize which places are more appealing to you. And, you will not lose your precious time visiting the places which are attractive to others. But they might not be exactly your cup of tea.

Liberty Island and the Statue of Liberty could be the trendiest NYC places for you

The Statue of Liberty in NYC is never going out of style. And it is usually at the top of every NYC first-time visitor’s list. Since the time it was built, it has become and is still America’s most iconic sight. So, coming to NYC and not visiting Liberty Island is unimaginable. To visit the Statue of Liberty, you must first purchase a ferry ticket. However, if you want to climb the statue’s crown, you must purchase an additional ticket.

In case you are moving to New York, you might check the neighborhoods that have a good view of the statue. Such one is Battery Park City. Located at the southern tip of Manhattan, it is a nice, residential area. And, by hiring the Battery Park local movers, you will reach your new place in the easiest possible way. 

One of the trendiest NYC places in this mesmerizing city is Central Park

Visitors and residents alike, consider Central Park as one of the main attractions of NYC. And, it is one of the most beautiful places to spend your free time, regardless of the season. During the summertime, it offers refreshments. During the fall, it turns into a colorful jewel. Ice skating in Central Park is an interesting day or nighttime activity. And the spring is making the entire Park look soft and shiny.

People Ice Skating in the Park Near High Rise Buildings.
Ice skating in Central Park is an interesting day or nighttime activity.

Besides its looks, Central Park has many attractions worth seeing. They are numerous, and you can spend days inside the part and never get bored. People living close to Central Park are coming daily to take out their pets for jogging. Or simply for walking or sitting at one of the benches and enjoying the sight. In case you decide to move from some other borough to be close to the Park, you can consider the services of Upper West Side movers.

Walking the High Line

This is one of the relatively new attractions, and the Newyorkers are very proud of it. Not only the tourists but also the residents love strolling this unusual park. The Hight Lane was made on the skeleton of a former elevated subway track, which makes it unique. Walking in this green-hanging park, you will experience the unique view of Manhattan’s West Side. Along the route, you will find many benches where you can sit and rest. And, there are also a lot of kiosks, where you can get some food and drinks. Since it opened in 2009, about 8 million tourists visit it annually.

The High Line Park is 1.45 miles long. And walking beside the adorable view, you will find many murals, unique arts, and rotating sculptures posted along the Line. This miraculous park starts at Hudson Yards, and it ends in Chelsea. And, once you reach Chelsea, you will have the possibility to visit its famous Market. And, in case you decide to move to this picturesque area, talk to Chelsea movers. They will advise you about the best ways to get real estate in the area. And they will help you to move in, once you find a good place for yourself.

Brooklyn Bridge is not stopping to attract people

This iconic NYC site is not stopping to attract people since it was opened in May 1883. The bridge was designed by John A. Roebling, and at that time it was the longest suspension bridge in the entire world. And it was the first bridge connecting the two sides of the East River. Many love walking over the bridge. For that, they are using a specially designed pedestrian walkway. We have to admit that the walk is exciting and gives a unique perspective on NYC.

 At the same time, the others like seeing the bridge from the Dumbo and Brooklyn Heights areas. The bridge is ending in those Brooklyn neighborhoods. So, in case you are working in Manhattan and commuting, finding an apartment in Brooklyn Heights would save you a lot of time. In case you succeed, don’t forget to give a call to Brooklyn Heights movers. Fast and safely, they will move you to your new place. 

Socrates Sculpture Park

Socrates Park is located in Astoria, a nice and quiet neighborhood in the borough of Queen. The Socrates Sculpture Park is one of Astoria’s main waterfront attractions. It is located at the banks of the East River, besides numerous restaurants and museums, which have become very popular places lately. The park was founded in 1986. Today, it is a huge gallery in open space, where people come for picnics, yoga exercises, or to walk along the river and enjoy the Manhattan skyline. And where the emerging artists like to exhibit their sculptures.

Man walking on the bridge.
Brooklyn Bridge has a specially designed pedestrian walkway.

One of the interesting features of the park is the rotating collection of art and artwork. Since the sculptures are exhibited on a temporary basis, the Socrates Sculpture Park is constantly changing. In case you decide to hire Astoria city movers and relocate to this place, we are sure that you will enjoy this unique park. Also, you will be able to attend the Spring/Summer Exhibition, as well as the Folly/Function competition, and the Broadway Billboard series.

In case you love visiting art galleries, NYC is the right place for you

When it comes to art galleries, you can find them in all five boroughs. And you can enjoy various exhibits, from sculptures to contemporary art installations. For sure, in such a big city, and with so many galleries around, you will find those which are up to your liking. We have to mention contemporary art: The Bronx Museum of the Arts.

In case you are an emerging artist with interest in contemporary art, this museum would be the right place for you. And, in case you decide to move your studio to this borough, look no further than commercial movers the Bronx. They have the tools and staff able to relocate an art studio successfully.

Museum of Moving Images is one of the trendiest NYC places

This is another famous institution located in Astoria. What makes it unique is the fact that this is the only museum of this kind in the US. The museum is dedicated exclusively to the history, art, and technology of movies, television, and digital media. It is located in the former building of the historic Astoria Studios. And besides being able to learn about the media. the visitors will also be encouraged to take part in various plays. Also, the employees organize various courses and lessons. Which is all making the museum even more attractive.

New York Botanical Garden

Established in 1891 and located in Bronx Park, this is a very interesting place to see. It is a living museum and an educational institution. Also, the experts in the museum are doing plant research to preserve various types of plants from extinction.  Besides letting the visitors enjoy the beautiful scenery, you will be encouraged to participate in the garden work. And, if you wish so, you may attend the classes that this living museum is organizing.

People at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.
The Museum was founded in 1870.

Metropolitan Museum of Art

Visiting NYC, it would be a pity to miss the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The Museum was founded in 1870. And it is one of the most known museums in the US. The Museum has a permanent collection of over two million artworks. And, from time to time, it is hosting some very valuable and interesting exhibitions. 

Empire State Building

Although the Empire State Building is one of the trendiest NYC places, we have left it for the end. Since its opening in 1931, it has been one of the main NYC landmarks. The line to go up the Empire State Building is always long, and people are sometimes waiting for hours to get in. At the top of the Empire State Building are two observatories, and on a clear day, you can see even the neighboring states, such as New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Although this is our choice of trendiest places in NYC, there are many more of them

New York is a huge city, where everyone can find something interesting for himself. We have here presented the 10 trendiest NYC places. And our choice of places is a kind of guideline for you. So, next time you are visiting the City, you can visit some of the things from our list. Or, you can visit some of the best parks in NYC. Besides them, you may find many other attractions. You may even decide to move to NYC, attracted by its strong, vibrant atmosphere that doesn’t leave anyone indifferent.

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