10 Tips for moving to New York on budget

Moving can be pretty expensive if you’re trying to save money. The good news is that there are a lot of things you could do if you’re trying to relocate on a budget. Some people don’t have the experience when it comes to moving, and they don’t know how to save money doing it. That’s why we’re here to help you today. Depending on where you’re coming from and how much you’re transporting, the prices are going to differ. There are a lot more factors that weigh in. When it comes to residential moving, you will be happy to know that it’s the cheapest option when it comes to moving. Commercial, corporate and other types of moves are much more expensive. Here are 10 tips for moving to New York on budget. You’re going to relocate to the Big Apple without having to break the bank.

What’s your budget?

Before you hire residential movers in Manhattan or any other moving services, you should know the limits of your budget. It is easy to go overboard with your spending. That’s why you should always write everything down when it comes to your finances. Have a clear budget limit and never cross it, unless it’s something urgent. Once you know what your limits are, you’re going to be able to assess where you’ll be spending. Make sure that you are thorough when comprising this because you don’t want to be making any mistakes.

Pack by yourself

In order to minimize how much you’re going to be spending, you should try to pack by yourself before you move to New York. Packing services are great, but they cost money. Doing it by yourself will help you with the budget limit, but you will have to do it properly. Make sure that everything is packed and labeled accordingly before you load it in the moving truck for transport.

Girl surrounded with boxes
Make time for yourself so you can pack everything properly and save money doing it

Load by yourself

Since you won’t be relocating your office and you won’t be needing commercial movers in NYC to help you with tons of equipment, you can load all of your furniture and belongings by yourself and with the help of friends. This is pure manual labor, so if you think you won’t be able to accomplish this alone, be sure to ask for assistance. You can easily hurt yourself carrying heavyweight with no experience.

Rent a truck

Renting a truck is going to be a lot cheaper than if you were to hire a moving company. If you manage to pack and load by yourself, all while renting a truck, you are going to experience a very cheap move. Even though that’s entirely true, it can be quite difficult to do all of this. You will also need a truck license in order to do this.

Ask for a free estimate

When you’re looking for a moving company, make sure to ask for free estimates. It is a perfect way of knowing how much a move is going to cost you. If a company doesn’t offer free quotes, you should skip on them. They probably have hidden fees. You can also visit Best Movers NYC so you could compare free estimates between the best moving companies in New York. This will result in you finding the absolute cheapest, yet trustworthy moving company.

budget limiting when moving to New York on budget
Asking for a free estimate will allow you to calculate exactly how much you’ll spend when moving to New York on budget

Donate or sell unneeded items when you’re moving to New York on budget

When people have a lot of items that they can’t bring into their new home, they rent out storage space. You can do this, but if you wish to save money, maybe consider donating or selling them. This is something you will simply have to do, especially if you’re downsizing. Donating clothes to homeless shelters is also a great way of doing a good deed while saving money.

Pick a weekday for your moving date

When you’re about to select the moving date for you and your family, make sure that it’s a weekday. Most moving companies have higher rates on the weekends, and you will want to avoid that if you’re looking to keep your money. You should also avoid Fridays. Pick between the first four days of the week so you can maximize your savings.

Make sure that you don’t pick the weekends for your move date

Don’t buy packing materials

If you are going to pack by yourself, try finding the materials without spending any money. While this can be easy enough to do, you shouldn’t do this for all of your items. The most fragile ones should be placed in the best possible moving box you can afford or find. Placing fragile items into boxes that you have acquired from friends or family can be risky. It can result in those items being damaged, and that can lose you more money than if you were to buy a couple of proper boxes.

Look for discounts

A lot of moving companies tend to offer discounts from time to time. You should always be on the lookout for those. They are either seasonal or promotional. In both cases, you’re going to be able to move for a lot cheaper than you would usually.  Make sure that the company that offers discounts is still credible. Testimonials and the aforementioned online reviews will greatly help you with that. There are dozens of websites that are dedicated in finding discounts and coupons, so give that a shot as well.

The cheapest isn’t necessarily the best

When you’re moving to New York on budget, you’re naturally going to try to find the cheapest possible moving company. That may be a mistake. The cheapest things can sometimes be suspicious, and for a good reason. If you find a moving company that is suspiciously cheap, do a lot of research on them before deciding on it.


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