Top Neighborhoods for Millennials in NYC in 2023

There is no doubt that New York is a great place to live in. And many people dream of moving there. With so much diversity, with so many different languages spoken and different communities. There are many options, and something can be found for everyone. Whether you are in your twenties looking to start your life, or are in your thirties and starting a family, in your forties, or somewhere in between. You can find a neighborhood that will suit your needs in NYC. And you are going to want to move to one of the top neighborhoods for millennials in NYC in 2023.

Wherever you move make sure that you hire the Best Movers in NYC. Also, keep in mind that New York City can be very expensive to live in, and finding an apartment can be hard. That is why you must take into consideration the reasons why you are moving, your needs, and what you can afford.

Things to keep in mind when choosing a neighborhood for millennials in NYC

When choosing a neighborhood you must make sure that it has what you need. For example, if you are an artist then you would want one that has a good art scene. But either way, there are some things that you should take into consideration wherever you decide to move:

  • Is commuting good enough?
  • Is it affordable?
  • Does it have fun clubs and bars?
A couple moving into one of the best neighborhoods for millennials in NYC in 2021
Chose wisely which NYC neighborhood you will move to since this will impact your social but also economic life.

Astoria, Queens is quite an affordable and vibrant community for millennials

This huge and diverse neighborhood located in the famous Queens is worth taking into consideration. Should you decide to move to Astoria make sure that you hire experienced residential movers Queens offers. It is very close to Manhattan, should you wish to go there for work or to have some fun. One of the big upsides of Astoria is that you can still find very affordable apartments to rent.  Due to all those reasons, it was and still is a popular location for millennials to move to and should be considered one of the best neighborhoods for millennials in NYC. One more reason why millennials prefer this part of NYC is that it’s a multicultural part of New York.

The median home price is $397,118 and the median rent is $1,339, which is a great price for New York. If you’re a millennial then you’ll probably want to find a place a bit cheaper, especially this year, with all the post-pandemic financial crisis happening all around. Also, we’ve all heard that in most parts of NYC the rent prices and mortgage rates have skyrocketed. The price for a square foot in Asotira is $872 when compared to $1600 in Manhattan; while the cost of living in Queens is 13% lower than in the rest of New York. So you’re having a debate about Manhattan vs Queens which is better for living, we can just say that Queens is more affordable.

Queens is one of the top neighborhoods for Millennials in NYC in 2021;
Astoria in Queens is one of the best neighborhoods when it comes to paying for what you get ratio.

Financial District in Manhattan is undoubtedly one of the top neighborhoods for Millenials in New York City

Whether you wish to work on Wall Street, New York Stock Exchange, or elsewhere. Financial District is full of opportunities and is one of the most exciting and interesting places in New York to live.   It can be very complicated and hard to move to Manhattan due to how busy it is. That is why it is important to hire reliable and professional Manhattan movers. One of the best things about the financial district is that it has a wide variety of restaurants that are a few minutes walk away. You will always have quick and easy access to some of the best food in NYC. Admittedly financial district can be very pricy but it is the best neighborhood for young professionals who are starting their careers.

Now for those of you who pursue a carrier, it’ll be great to live here since you won’t spend any or at least a lot of time commuting. On the other hand, be warned that the average rent is around $4000 per month; which is almost double the price of monthly rent in Queens.  In other words, just be careful about the cost of living in Manhattan. Furthermore, we’ve already mentioned that this is the Silicon Valley of the east for Millenials pursuing their careers.  So young entrepreneurs, newbies,  juniors, seniors, managers, accountants, etc. we welcome you to the best job financial hub in the world.

Financial District is the top neighborhoods for Millennials in NYC in 2021;
If you’re into millennial who is into finance there isn’t a better than Financial District in NYC.

Bushwick, Brooklyn is one of the top neighborhoods for millennials in NYC

Bushwick is located close to the better-known Williamsburg. It is probably now the most famous and well-known for its amazing murals and street art. And is another great neighborhood filled with galleries and art studios. It also serves as a more affordable alternative to Williamsburg, but it’s a great place for an artist to live in. For all those reasons Bushwick is one of the best neighborhoods for millennials in NYC. If you consider moving to Bushwick, pick from the reliable Brooklyn movers, so you can relocate stress-free. The average price for one bedroom apartment in Bushiwch is $2,699 per month; while the price of a studio apartment is $2,475 per month.

If you’re into jogging, running, or just want to take a walk you can visit the seven-acre Maria Hernandez Park. During summer in Brooklyn, there is an event every year Movies Under the Stars. So here’s an idea for a free date, just don’t forget a blanket! Also, the park features a bunch of fitness equipment and basketball courts; for the fans of handball this is a place where you can find the court for this sport, and there’s also a performance stage.

On the other hand, if you’re into bookstores and vintage shopping that this is the place for you. Go and check Molasses Books, Human Relations Bookstore, Better Read Than Dead, and Urban Jungle (L Train Vintage).

Graffiti and cars in Bushwick
Wherever you go in Bushwick you will run into some art, including graffiti.

Nolita, Manhattan

Another great neighborhood to live in Manhattan is Nolita. It is north of Little Italy and has a European feel. Also, it is almost completely free from tourists and large crowds. Nolita is a great place for a young person to move into as much as it is for starting a family and raising kids in NYC. Additionally, Nolita is well known for being one of the best shopping districts. So you will always have a variety of shops to buy from and be able to wear something great and unique at all times. It is also worth noting that it has a lot of art galleries worth visiting once you relocate here.

On the financial aspect, the median rent price for a 1-bedroom apartment in NoLita is $4,495 per month. So it’s a bit more expensive than the rest of New York and also the price has increased 36% since last year. On the other hand prices of four-bedroom apartments have plummeted to $6,000 per month, which is maybe a better deal at the moment; especially if you have a partner of you who can share your place with a roommate.

As a millennial you should check an art gallery Storefront for Art and Architecture (art gallery) or a famous flavored rice pudding shop Rice To Riches; if you’re a fan of music please visit the Openhouse for some; there’s also an indoor part and a lot of restaurants as well as the luxurious nail salon.  Finally, you can’t come to Little Italy without having a pizza at L’asso.

Three pizzas;
Since most Millenials love pizza in Nolita it’s the best one in town. So if you don’t move here, at least visit it for pizza.

Williamsburg, Brooklyn cannot go without mention when it comes to the best neighborhoods for millennials

Known as a hub for artists of all kinds, Williamsburg is one of the best places to move for young people. Especially if you are an artist yourself. It does have the reputation of being the most hipster neighborhood, but that is slowly changing since big stores have started opening there. It remains trendy and is a great neighborhood for young people and millennials to move into in 2023. Due to its popularity, it does have quite high rent prices, but then again it is worth it if you can afford it. There are many fun things you can do in Williamsburg.

You can visit the biggest sketchbook library

Enjoy visiting the Brooklyn Art Library with a huge sketchbook collection. The museum is free and you can browse through thousands of sketchbooks to find some which might pique your interest. If you are an artist you can get a sketchbook, fill it up, and donate it to participate in the Sketchbook Project.

One of the places that make Williamsburg one of the best neighborhoods for millennials in NYC is Brooklyn Brewery

Founded in 1988 by two men, Tom Potter and Steve Hindy – a famous brewery with great beer. Should you visit try the famous Brooklyn Lager among many other great beers worth trying.

A glass of beer on a table
You can enjoy some of the best beer in New York at the Brooklyn Brewery.

Visit McCaren park

One of the nice things about Williamsburg is that unlike many other neighborhoods it has a lot of green spaces. And that includes McCarren Park, which is conveniently located close to the Brooklyn Brewery. Among many other things, it has tennis courts, a green market, dog-run areas, a skatepark, and a pool. Taking all those things into consideration there is no doubt that Williamsburg is one of the best neighborhoods for millennials in NYC you can find.

Fort Greene is another hidden neighborhood for millennials

We have to mention also some high-end neighborhoods for millennials, one of which is Fort Greene. Here you’ll find tons of young professionals from all aspects of life and all corners of the business world. Here the first thing that you’ll notice is the mix of contemporary and classical architecture.  We have to warn you that when we meant high end we meant it, the median rent price is $4,278 per month for one bedroom apartment. Although you can find a studio apartment for $3,300 per month, which is an increase of 12% since last year. If you’re ambitious enough and you fall in love with the irresistible charm of Fort Greene, its magnificent beauty has a price you’ll have to pay; 1.3 million dollars is the median price for a house.

Now enough with the talk about the houses and apartments, let’s talk about what drives millennials here. As you can hear and read, there are a lot of free things to do in Brooklyn. One of the most iconic things in Fort Greene is Pratt Institute Sculpture Park which features over 70 sculptures. From there on you can take a walking tour to Fort Greene Park where you’ll see the true beauty of Fort Greene’s architecture and arts. You can also enjoy Fort Greene Park, Brooklyn Academy of Music which features the world-renowned Cinderella, and Swan Lake which are performed by Mariinsky Theater of St. Petersburg. When it comes to food if you’re hungry for some sweets visit Petee’s Cafe for some of the best pies in New York.

Millenials enjoying the sun in the park and thinking about top neighborhoods for millennials in NYC in 2021;
Millennials enjoy parks because it makes them more creative and less stressed.

Hell’s Kitchen is a jackpot neighborhood for your professionals in NYC

Trust us it’s much better than it sounds. Nowadays most people call it Clinton while older generations associate it with the name Hell’s Kitchen. Either way, people we’re still in a high-end neighborhood; so the rent is a bit high. The median rent is $4,308 per month for a one-bedroom apartment and $3,696 is the price for an apartment studio. Since most millennials haven’t moved a lot they probably aren’t familiar with how to estimate the moving costs. So once you’ve got this figured out we can help you move anywhere in Manhattan or anywhere in New York.  This is a place with a large LGBTQ population so expect there are a lot of businesses that are  LGBTQ-friendly.

If you’re new to the moving process and renting, go ahead and check certain questions to ask before renting a Manhattan apartment. We have to mention that Hell’s  Kitchen neighbors Times Square, one of the top five attractions in New York. There you’ll see a lot of shops, restaurants, movies, etc and it’s always crowded. Since New Year’s Eve is closing in, it’s a great place to spend your evening there, if you haven’t before. It just has that New York special feeling to it. We would like to mention that 51% of the population of Hell’s Kitchen are millennials. Visit it before all mom and pop’s shops leave Hell’s Kitchen since more and more skyscrapers are being built.

Old and new building in black and white photo;
Just like this, new vs old in one neighborhood.

Garment District, Manhattan

Once more we’ve got the Garment District now, with the median price of $4,300 per month for a one-bedroom apartment. It’s close to Downtown Manhattan and this place is crawling with Millenials.  The numbers say that 64 % of all people in the Garment District, Manhattan are Millenials.  Now if this is still too expensive there is an apartment studio with a price of  $3,875 per month; these prices increased by 3-4% since last year. Don’t forget that you’ll need a guide for surviving Manhattan traffic since it can be quite awful sometimes; though most of the time it can be okay, just try avoiding rush hours, and if you’re a freelance or you can work remotely do it.

So let’s focus on why is Garment District so attractive for millennials. One of the top five reasons why millennials are moving to Manhattan is fashion. You all know about Fashion Week and this is the center of fashion for the whole year. This is the place where you’ll find most of the designers living, making, and storing their clothes. Simply this is where the fashion is made; so if you want to see Kelvin Klein, Carolina Herrera, Donna Karan, Liz Miller, or perhaps Oscar de la Renta, come to Garment District. Also, here you can find their support offices and other businesses related to the fashion industry. So, hit the road and say hello to the Hollywood of fashion in the Garment District!

Different types of clothes and accessories;
In Garment District, Fashion Week is every day.

Long Island City is one of the top neighborhoods for millennials in NYC

Welcome to Long Island City in Queens where about 63% of the population are millennials.  So let’s start with some rent prices; the median rent for a one-bedroom apartment is $3,968 per month and the studio apartment is $3,375 per month. Prices are a bit cheaper than in Garment District and Garment District, but it’s still considered a high-end neighborhood. Here is the problem with prices skyrocketing since they’ve increased 20% since last year.  Just like other parts of NYC this neighborhood has a lot of trendy bars, restaurants, art galleries, etc.

Some of the most honorable places that you can visit are The Noguchi Museum. This place has been founded by a world-renowned sculptor Isamu Noguchi back in 1986 and it was renovated in 2004. If you want to enjoy the Manhattan skyline then visit Gantry Plaza State Park; other than that park is safe and clean just like Central Park. Also, don’t forget to visit and of course, take some of the best and most memorable photos at the Pepsi Cola Sign; it’s located at 4610 Center Blvd, Long Island City, NY. If you like beer then don’t forget to visit the Fifth Hammer Brewing, Rockaway Brewing Company, and LIC Beer Project; these are just some of the most famous places that millennials (over 211) like to visit.

City skyline view from the harbor;
Whatever part of NYC you choose – you can’t go wrong!

Final thoughts

Before we end this topic let’s take a quick recap of the places we’ve talked about in this article. If you want to move to Queens two best places with the most millennials are Astoria and Long Island City. On the other hand, the center of New York is Manhattan and thus it’s the most expensive; so if you want to move here and your job is about finances you can visit the Garment District, Hell’s Kitchen, Financial District, and Nolita. Finally, in Brookly, you should check out Fort Greener, Williamsburg, and Bushwick. So all in all New York has something for everyone’s taste, the most important part is to find good movers and check the rent prices to see where you can move at the moment. There are numerous renting websites like Zumper, so give them a try.

Thank you for reading this article and we hope that you found it useful. These were just our thoughts about top neighborhoods for millennials in NYC. We hope that you liked them and have a great time in New York. If you need any reputable movers, check them online first, since there are many scammers. Once you find them it’ll be a lot easier to move around the city. If you can try to look for local movers since they know to navigate through the streets of New York. You’ll also hear some useful advice from them about your neighborhood and they’ll also know how to move your furniture through different types of buildings. We hope that you’ll have a great stress-free move and a great day!

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