How to spend summer in Brooklyn

Summer is a season many associates with rest, relaxation, and enjoyment. That’s why it’s a perfect season for holidays. If you are looking for a place to spend your summer days, it might be best to search somewhere near and more local. Due to the recent global pandemic, your travels might be restricted. Not to worry if you won’t be able to spend your summer this year in Greece or Italy. There will be another time for that. Instead of feeling sad, take the opportunity to explore hidden gems for summer vacations. Why not try to spend your summer in Brooklyn, New York? You would be surprised what wonderful adventures awaits you in this place. You will almost want to hire Best Movers NY and start relocating your entire household. For ideas on how to spend summer in Brooklyn, continue reading this article.

Getting to know Brooklyn

This iconic place is the largest of all five New York City boroughs and surely the most popular one. Over the past couple of years, residential movers in Brooklyn helped a lot of families, professionals, and young people to move here. This is why Brooklyn became the third-largest city in the USA, with 2.5 million residents. Many generations of immigrant enclaves left their marks on this place, making it among the most historically rich and ethnically diverse areas in the country. Walking through Brooklyn’s neighborhoods, you may hear as many as 15 languages!

Nowadays Brooklyn still attracts many people from all over the world with everything it has to offer.  Its beautiful nature, hip cafes and restaurants, art galleries and many other places won’t make you regret the decision to spend summer in Brooklyn. You can always search for the top places to visit in Brooklyn online and make your visiting plan. But we have selected a few that you definitely don’t want to miss out on. Here’s a visiting plan for vacationers that are looking for:

  • Relaxation and enjoyment – unwind in one of the most beautiful nature spots
  • Sense of culture – spend the summer in Brooklyn enjoying art
  • Family fun – do various family activities

Spend summer in Brooklyn unwinding in nature

If you are burdened by all the hard work you’ve been doing over the year’s course, a good idea might be just looking for a place to relax. Brooklyn can definitely offer you spots for this kind of vacation. One of the most popular places to just sit back and relax is surely Prospect Park. This green paradise is just calling for relaxation or recreation. Miles of beautiful trails await to be explored. You can spend the day jogging and admiring nature, horseback riding through the trees or just having a romantic picnic with someone.

woman sitting on grass
Relaxing in nature is one of the best ways to spend summer in Brooklyn.

One of the greatest attractions of the park is the Prospect Park Zoo. Enjoy watching the sea lions do their tricks or grab a handful of grain to feed the llamas. And if you are in the mood for some colorful nightlife, go to Celebrate Brooklyn – New York’s longest-running free summer music festival under the open sky. Spending even a few days in Brooklyn can make want to move there. You just might want to find Brooklyn movers and start packing. The sense of community will make you feel at home right away.

Enjoy the art of Brooklyn in street galleries and museums

Brooklyn has one of the biggest art collections in New York. The Brooklyn Museums houses over 1.5 million works of art. By visiting this museum, you can appreciate art that ranges from early African sculpture art to modern American landscape paintings. If you’re looking to discover new art and artist, galleries such as A.I.R Gallery and Cuban Art Space showcase new artists all the time.

people decide to spend the summer in Brooklyn looking at art
Discover new artists by visiting galleries in Brooklyn.

Any true art lover will appreciate the fact that art in Brooklyn can be found outside museum and gallery walls as well. Walking through the streets of Brooklyn you can admire many large and small street art pieces. From beautiful sculptures scattered throughout parks to mesmerizing graffiti. Many walls painted by street artists get assigned to other artists, so you can visit it more than once and enjoy different pieces in this gallery under the stars.

Spend summer in Brooklyn with your family and visit Coney Island

Among the many things to do in Brooklyn when travelling alone or with friends, there is also a lot of fun stuff to do with your family. Visiting Coney Island is among the most popular with children. This entertainment district has one of the most famous Luna Parks. Your children will be thrilled to ride the infamous Coney Island Cyclone or play one of the games in the arcade to win prizes. The whole family can enjoy eating delicious hot dogs from Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog which has hosted the International Hot Dog Eating Contest for many years.

amusement park
Enjoy some quality family time in Coney Island.

Your family might enjoy Brooklyn so much that you’ll soon be looking for the best long distance movers in Brooklyn. If you and your family need a break from the heat, visit the New York Aquarium or spend a relaxing day at Coney Island Beach. Afterwards, you can have a friendly family competition at Brooklyn Bowl and see who the best bowler in the family is. Last but not least, your children would definitely love a ride on the Chocolate Bus Tour of Brooklyn where they will be able to taste delicious treats from the best chocolate makers in the area.

Additional advice

Planning to spend summer in Brooklyn can be really fun. If you are in need of a vacation as soon as possible, a good idea would be to plan ahead. Search for available accommodation online and look through the hottest spots in town. In addition to the suggestions above, you can research many more possibilities that the Brooklyn borough has to offer. You will see that you don’t have to go abroad to make your summer unforgettable.

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