Best places to spend Christmas in NYC

There are not many places that completely transform during the holidays. One of the cities that changes and makes you feel like you are at home is the city of New York. This magical place is giving you many activities and attractions you can see and do during Christmas. And when people spend this magical holiday here, they want to become full residents of New York City. That is why most people move after the holidays here. If you have chosen to spend Christmas here, you will most likely need help from Best Movers NYC because, after these days, you will most definitely like to move here for good. But before you make that decision, you need to see some of the best places to spend Christmas in NYC.

A guide to the best places to spend Christmas in NYC

As you know, New York City has 5 boroughs. All of these places have something that will make your Christmas days better. You will have to choose between the top 10 things people do around here during this period. And depending on where you live or where you have moved with some of the best local movers NYC has, you will be able to choose an activity for you and your family.

Christmas tree
Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, so find the best places to spend Christmas in NYC

Some of the best activities you can do in NYC boroughs

  1. Visit Christmas Markets,
  2. Ice skating,
  3. Sledding in the city,
  4. Enjoy the ride in a vintage train,
  5. See Holiday Windows and decorations,
  6. Check Santacon,
  7. Find bars and restaurants that are Holiday themed
  8. Grab a hot chocolate
  9. Be part of a Christmas tree and lighting ceremonies,
  10. Finally, meet Santa.

Christmas markets in New York City – some of the best places to spend Christmas in NYC where you can find those

People choose to spend their holidays by visiting vendors that are usually open every day. But on Christmas, they have some magic. You will be able to find everything you need. From food to decorations and small gifts for your loved ones. There are even some unique vendors that will melt your heart and make you fall in love with his holiday all over again. Some of the most famous markets that you should visit:

  • Bryant Park Winter Village – If you want to spend more time with different people, you can do it here while shopping. It is located in Manhattan. So if you have just moved here with one of the movers in Manhattan, you can use this opportunity to meet new people and find new friends.
  • Union Square Holiday Market – This is the perfect spot for shopping
  • Columbus Circle Holiday Market – is right next to Central Park, so you can just take a walk after shopping in this small place.
  • Grand Central Terminal Holiday Fair – Suitable for those who do not like to shop in cold.

Ice skating is very popular in NYC

One of the main pieces of advice you will get is that these plates are very busy during December. You will have to book a ticket or make a reservation on some of the most famous days before you plan on ice skating, That is why the best thing you can do if you are a fan of ice skating is to book a ticket before you have ever relocated. Residents of NYC know this. And you will be able to find a place for ice skating in a few boroughs in NYC. So, if you are moving to Brooklyn, with some of the best movers Brooklyn has, you should book a ticket at Lakeside Prospect Park.

Other places for ice skating in NYC:

  • Rockefeller Center Ice Rink
  • Wollman Rink and Lasker Rink in Central Park
  • Bryant Park – Bank of America Winter Village
  • Brookfield Place
  • Riverbank State Park Ice Skating Rink

Sledding for families with kids

No one likes gross snow mixed with rain and water. But it does not have to be that gross. Central Park is one of the favorite places for kids. You can also find the best two hills – Pilgrim Hill and Cedar Hill.

snow on the streets
Enjoy the snow as much as you can

Are you a fan of riding a vintage train? If you are, check out these best places to spend Christmas in NYC – trains-related

Most of us love the spirit of Christmas and what it represents to us. If you are newlyweds, this is a whole different tradition you and your partner will enjoy. You can do it every year and make this ride a very special one. These cars are dated from 1930 and you can enjoy rides between Thanksgiving and New Year. This is even something you can use to explore NYC. Especially if you have just moved here. One of the most favorite routes is located in Manhattan. Just make sure that you have booked a ride before you relocate with one of the best residential movers NYC can offer you. It knows to be the crowd. Most people make this mistake and do not book a ride earlier. The reason for this is that people think families are at home, spending time together. But you will be surprised how many families use this tradition as something special. Especially when they have some guests over during the holidays.

In every borough of NYC, you will find amazing holiday windows and decorations

You are used to seeing the decorated windows of some big stores and corporations in big cities. However, if you dig deeper and visit some local stores and places in the boroughs of NYC, you will see how dedicated people are when they decorate their stores. People also like to decorate their windows that you can see from the streets. If you are in for a walk on Christmas morning, you can go and see numerous holiday windows and decorations. Some of the best windows that always surprise:

  • Barneys
  • Shops at Columbus Circle
  • Henri Bendel
  • Lord & Taylor
  • NY Transit Museum Gallery Annex
  • NYBG’s Holiday Train Show
  • The Plaza’s Palm Court
  • St Regis’s Kong Cole Bar
  • Two Little Red Hens
  • William Poll – Gingerbread Houses
  • Dyker Heights

The last one on our list is located in Brooklyn. One of the best tips you can find is that these windows are at their best during the sunsets. You will see a mix of natural light and the lights from the windows. It is the best way to spend an evening walking. Of course, if you have just moved and you want to see your neighborhood, you can take a walk after you have been relocated with one of the best residential movers Brooklyn has and see these wonderful places with holiday windows and decorations.

Christmas decoration
If you are moving during the holidays, make sure the decorations are the last ones packed


Maybe one of the favorite things people like before Christmas is visiting SantaCon. It is not on Christmas day, but it is worth mentioning it. This year, it will be on December 10th. You will be able to see so many people dressed as Santa and see the joy they like to spread. This is a nonprofit organization that collects money and gifts for people in need. You will enjoy this and take so many pictures. The joy of Christmas is in the air and kids love it the most. Santa is there to make kids laugh and have a good time. Which is Christmas all about, right? If you have just moved here with the most reliable movers Staten Island, do not think that you cannot attend this. There are special MetroCards that will take you from Staten Island to Manhattan. The details of the routes will be a week before the SantaCon. So you will have plenty of time to pan going on this event, no matter in which Borough in NYC you live.

The best places to spend Christmas in NYC are in some of the numerous bars and restaurants that are holiday themed

As we have mentioned, most people like to spend Christmas in their homes with their families. However, if you are alone in this city during this holiday, you do not have to worry. There are so many amazing places where you can meet new people, and taste the joy and the smell of Christmas. You will be able to find special menus that are made just for Christmas. There are even some traditional places that can offer you the food and drinks people used to eat and drink through the ages. Some of the best bars and restaurants that are holiday themed:

  • Miracle on 9th St
  • One If By Land, Two If By Sea
  • Rolf’s
  • Tiny’s
  • Waverly Inn

These listed places are located in Manhattan. However, there are so many unknown and not-so-famous places outside of Manhattan. If you are visiting or you have just moved to Queens, many bars and restaurants will become your favorites. So pay attention to the Butcher Bar, where you can taste soft and delicious meat, plus enjoy Christmas decorations. Keep in mind that this place can be super busy during the holidays, make sure you have made a reservation even before the movers Queens locals trust come to relocate you.

dinner table
Choose some of the nicest holiday-themed restaurants in Queens

One of the best places to spend Christmas in NYC is the Bronx, and it is because of the most tasteful hot chocolate you will ever taste

Warming up during Christmas is very important. And the residents of the Bronx know that. No matter how you decide to spend your Christmas, you can always count on numerous places and vendors where you can taste hot chocolate. Most of them are located in Manhattan, but some of the most tasteful ones are actually in the Bronx. If you have moved here, you will not have to worry about keeping warm. When the snow hits and all you can think about getting warmer and coming home, you will bump into the hot chocolate shops and forget about getting home. There are even some shops where you can buy chocolate and take a beverage on your own. It can be the tradition you make after you have relocated with the movers Bronx provides. It will be something you have since the day you came to NYC. And no one can take that away from you. Places in the Bronx where you can taste hot chocolate:

  • Chocobar Cortes,
  • La Casa Del Caffe,
  • Prince Coffee House, and
  • CHOCnyc.

One of the favorites things people like to do is to be part of Christmas trees and lightening ceremonies and you can do this in the best places to spend Christmas in NYC

Residents of NYC, of any borough and neighborhood here, take Christmas lighting very seriously. There are even some places that like to compete with each other. To see whose tree and lights are better and prettier. If you want to be a part of this tradition and you want to do it in some of the most famous places, you can visit:

  • Al Smith Playground
  • Belarusian Autocephalous, Brooklyn
  • City Island Holiday Tree at Hawkins Park, the Bronx
  • Dante Park Tree, Lincoln Square
  • Historic Richmond Town, Staten Island
  • Queens Botanical Garden
Santa near the tree
Find the best places where you can participate in tree lightening

Finally, who wants to see Santa?

This is one of the most important details related to Christmas. Especially for kids. So if you want to meet Santa, you can do it in these places:

  • Brookfield Place Santa’s Winter Garden
  • Macy’s Santaland
  • The Shops & Restaurants at Hudson Yards

And if this is not enough for your kids, you can even find places where you can dine with Santa: Stella 34 Trattoria and Rawther Fancy Tea. Let us tell you a secret. Not only kids adore this. You will too!

man dressed at Santa shocked after heard about the best places to spend Christmas in NYC
Use a chance a get to meet Santa with your kids

As you have seen, there are many places to spend Christmas in NYC. Find the one that is in your borough or your neighborhood. You will see that NYC residents take Christmas very seriously. And you will enjoy Christmas all over again. After you have done some of the most amazing things we have listed, you can have that lunch and dinner with your loved ones. Happy holidays everyone!

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