What are the different types of apartments in NYC?

Finding a home in New York City is different from looking for a home anywhere else. It refers to a way of life rather than a kind of house. If you’re not from New York and you are looking for an apartment, you may need help comprehending the jargon and the atmosphere. There are so much different types of apartments in NYC. It is a must to know the terms for available spaces. Whether you’re buying or renting. We’ve made a little guide to NYC housing terms to help your search. And once you find the right place for you, you can leave the rest to Best Movers NYC.

It is hard to even imagine all the different types of NYC apartments

You would be totally lost if you would try to find an apartment in NY before you first find out about all the different types. Depending on your budget, preferred neighborhood, and living condition, we are sure you will find something for yourself. When you hear the word “apartment” in NYC, keep in mind that it refers to any residence inside of a communal building. It’s crucial to know that a bedroom in New York City is a living area where people sleep. And the bedroom must meet the following requirements:

  1. A minimum of 80 square feet for the floor area
  2. It must have at least one window that measures 12 square feet
  3. It’s not a bedroom if you have to walk through it to get to another part of the apartment that’s open to everyone

    Corner of apartment with table and sofa
    To be considered a bedroom, a bedroom in NYC must meet certain criteria.

Studio and apartment types suitable for one person or couples

A studio apartment is a single room that includes a full kitchen and bathroom. It typically consists of a single rectangular space. However, alcove studios have an L-shaped layout instead of a rectangular one. This extended half is usually a sleeping corner. Couples often use a room divider to split the living area from the bedroom. The same is with adaptable studios.  Micro studios occasionally have high ceilings and unusual storage options. This allows you to be creative with how you arrange your space. Lofts also have high ceilings, as they are usually transformed from business to living spaces. If you are a student or you plan to stay in the city temporarily you may find it suitable. And with residential movers NYC offers, you will get all the help with moving that you need.

Different types of apartments in NYC with several bedrooms

A convertible or flex apartment is one that has enough area to add a bedroom. A large one-bedroom apartment with a large living room may be a two-bedroom flex. This means it has one bedroom and the potential of adding another. Online rental prices may be lower for it than regular two-bedroom apartments. A duplex or triplex apartment is one with two or three floors and bedrooms on the second or third floor. A family may live here, or one floor can be rented by the landlord. Industrial apartments or railroad apartments are located in smaller, older structures with symmetrical floor designs. Without a hallway, three or four rooms make a long, narrow rectangle with bedrooms in the central, side, or both. It is popular with families with young children. In a two-bedroom wing type of apartment two bedrooms are separated by a living room.

Big apartment is one of type in the NYC
Spacious apartment with two or three bedrooms is one of the most popular types of apartment in NYC.

Condos and Co-Op apartments

Renting a condo is much different when you are renting an apartment. The main difference between a condo and an apartment is how you pay to rent and report issues. When you are renting an apartment, you are dealing with the landlord or management company that manages the entire building. With a condo, you deal directly with the owner of the condo. A huge advantage when you rent a condo is that you have better chances that the unit is high-quality and well-kept. As for co-op apartments, they can be from a small landowner. Renters profit from amenities that are shared and well-kept spaces. The rent may be lower than for nearby apartments. But you might have to pay co-op fees to make sure the building stays in good condition. If you are a New Yorker and you are switching condos, check for local moverss NYC.

Special types of apartments in NYC

A garden apartment usually has access to a backyard and is on the ground floor. Although some people might find this intriguing, you should take into account the difficulties of living on the first floor or lower in New York City. Rodents and other pests are more likely to infest a ground-floor apartment. This type of unit also presents a security issue. Pre-war apartments are the ones constructed between 1900 and 1939. They are popular with renters because they don’t have that management firm’s modern looks. Walk-up buildings typically have six stories or less. Be aware that moving into your apartment will need you to do it without an elevator. The cost of your relocation may increase. Make sure to check movers Manhattan provides for the best rates. Living on the fifth or sixth story of a walk-up will also have an effect on your daily life.

Building with different types of apartments in NYC
There are so much different types of apartments and buildings in NYC.

Choose your type of apartment and enjoy the city that never sleeps

No wonder New York is known for its diversity. It is clear that the city offers a lot of choices. And this is applicable to almost everything. As you have seen there are so much different types of apartments in NYC. And that is just one example. Even though it can be hard to keep track of all the different housing types and terms in NYC, it won’t be long before you get the hang of it. It is important to understand first what kind of accommodation you really need. Only then you will find the right place for you. We truly hope that with our guide you got some ideas and you can start looking for your dream apartment!

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