Brooklyn vs Manhattan – which is better to move to?

Manhattan is definitely a place full of life. Also, it is one of the most famous neighborhoods in the world. It is home to some of New York’s top tourist spots. On the other side of it, we have Brooklyn. It’s a wonderful place that can really be a worthy opponent to Manhattan when in a dilemma about which neighborhood to opt for. Brooklyn vs Manhattan is a debate as old as time itself. Everyone has an opinion on it, and people on both sides have good arguments to support them. So, let us give you some really good reasons for both places so you can make a decision based on facts without fear that you missed something or that you made the wrong decision. With our insight and analysis, you’ll make the right choice.

The cost of living in Brooklyn vs Manhattan

There is a huge difference when it comes to price. However, that is to be expected from the Brooklyn vs Manhattan situation. If you are a person who likes to live an exciting life, you can immediately book a relocation with some of the best movers in Manhattan and move to this luxurious part of town. It will cost you significantly more, but it will be worth the money. The average rent in Manhattan is a little bit over $4000. Even though the gap between the prices is getting smaller these days, Manhattan is still significantly more expensive to live in.

On the other hand, the average rent in Brooklyn is around $2600. That creates a gap of more than $1000. Of course, there is quite a lot that Manhattan offers and that Brooklyn can’t provide. However, if you are a person who prioritizes their peace over a neighborhood filled with noise and hustle, you’ll find Brooklyn much more appealing. There are some areas of Brooklyn that are reaching rent of around $3000, and that means Brooklyn might catch up to places like Staten Island and Manhattan, but that won’t be happening any time soon. Of course, if you’re considering other options too, you can always relocate here with the help of trustworthy movers Staten Island has.

A picture of the Brooklyn bridge.
Manhattan might look like a better choice in every way when deciding between Brooklyn vs Manhattan. However, that is far from true.

What’s the real price?

According to some analysts, you’ll need a salary of around $6000 to have a comfortable life in Brooklyn. However, as expected, in Manhattan, it’s significantly higher, and you’d need around $8300 to be able to avoid worrying about your expenses and the price of food.

This doesn’t even include taxes. So make sure you think about that as well. There is also child care for families with children. And don’t forget you’ll be living in the most entertaining city in the world. New York has so much fun stuff to offer, from food to all kinds of adventures, and that costs as well. Maybe not too much, but you still need to keep a couple of hundred bucks on the side, just in case.

Brooklyn vs Manhattan: Expensive and affordable neighborhoods

What neighborhood you opt for when you move to Brooklyn vs Manhattan will influence the overall cost of life. Let’s imagine you wish to live in one of the poshest areas. You may rent in Dumbo for $4,500 or purchase a home in Carroll Gardens for about $2.6 million in Brooklyn. In Manhattan, Tribeca has a typical asking price of $4.5 million and a median rent of $7,500.

coins and bills
The cost of living in Manhattan and Brooklyn will depend on the type of neighborhood you choose. Anyway, you will need to be prepared for high prices.

In case that is too expensive for you, the chances are high that you can find a more affordable option. Namely, it is a fact that some cheaper neighborhoods also boast a wealth of splendor. When architecture lovers argue Brooklyn vs Manhattan, they have plenty of evidence on both sides. Such evidence includes exquisite brownstones and old-fashioned apartment structures. When it comes to these less expensive areas, the median rent for apartments in Manhattan is $2,000. The same price applies to Sunset Park’s $2,000 in Brooklyn. When it comes to buying a property in Washington Heights, Manhattan, you can expect to pay $530,000 to buy one. On the other hand, you will pay $490,000 in Kensington, Brooklyn.

If Brooklyn is your final choice, choosing the best local movers Brooklyn will help you relocate there safely and easily. There’s a good chance you’ll find more than one local moving company in Brooklyn that appeals to you. In order to help you opt for the best one, you might request precise quotations from them. You can make the best decision by choosing the least expensive company based on their prices. You can save money and get the professional moving services you require at the same time.

Other costs: Brooklyn vs Manhattan

Apart from the renting costs, there are many others that influence your budget. Namely, Brooklyn’s food and grocery score is around 118, which puts it quite close to Manhattan’s value of 121. As it was already stated, the housing between these two is where the biggest distinction lies. The cost of living index for Brooklyn is 331. However, Manhattan is at point 521. As a result, owning a home in Brooklyn is significantly more expensive. So, if you’re considering hiring local movers Manhattan, think about all the expenses.

Compare the electricity bills when making a decision: Manhattan vs Brooklyn

If the price of your electricity is something you’re thinking about while deciding whether to live in Brooklyn or Manhattan, you should be aware that there isn’t much of a price difference. Usually, the typical electricity bill is only around $30 more expensive in Manhattan. Electricity costs $162 per month for Manhattan residents compared to $133 for Brooklyn residents. Maybe other expenditures show a difference between these two neighborhoods, but this is not the case with electricity. Whether you decide to move to Manhattan or Brooklyn, this is one of the factors you don’t need to think much about.

You might consider roommates when thinking about Brooklyn vs Manhattan

If you already have solid financial ground, you can call the best movers in Brooklyn right now and schedule a relocation. However, if your financial situation isn’t as good as you would like it to be, you need a solution. A lot of people who need to live in Manhattan due to their work like to find a roommate. It’s an excellent solution to a lack of finances to support your living. It also depends on Manhattan vs Brooklyn choice because you will be far more likely to find a roommate in Manhattan due to prices being significantly higher.

Manhattan during the sunset.
If you can’t afford to live in one of Manhattan’s apartments by yourself, make sure to find a roommate.

Choosing a type of property when moving to Manhattan or Brooklyn

The choice of properties you are looking for might greatly influence your decision: Brooklyn vs Manhattan. Despite the fact that both boroughs have every style of building, Manhattan is more well-known for its skyscrapers and townhouses. On the other hand, Brooklyn is better recognized for its lofts and brownstones. It is crucial to consider the type of building you’d like to live in and concentrate on looking for those neighborhoods. In case you decide to move to Brooklyn, bear in mind that each neighborhood will have a unique vibe and provide a variety of housing possibilities. If you want to save some money, make sure to do thorough research.

On the other hand, when it comes to Manhattan, you might also need to establish the type of neighborhood that would suit your needs. You might want to focus on Tribeca and Soho if you’re searching for well-lit apartments. Moreover, the Upper West Side is the place to be if you want a taste of glamor, charm, and comfort. Moreover, the Financial District is where those looking for a residence in a contemporary skyscraper with all the newest luxury features should concentrate. If you are moving with your family and children, make sure to opt for one of the safest neighborhoods. Also, making a choice when it comes to choosing the best movers is crucial. If you have chosen to move to Manhattan, one of the best residential companies in Manhattan will assist you and help you have a stress-free move.

Job opportunities are crucial when the decision Manhattan vs Brooklyn is supposed to be made

When we talk about business, it is a fact that Manhattan serves as the city’s administrative and financial center. Most of the largest companies in NYC have their headquarters in the offices in Manhattan. Because of this, Manhattan is arguably the best area to find well-paying work. At the same time, Manhattan is the greatest NYC borough if you’re seeking a location to launch or grow your business. Do not be discouraged if you are thinking about moving to Brooklyn as well. In addition, it is reported that in March 2022, the unemployment rate decreased to 4.5%. The chances are high you will find a job there, too.

Before you think about getting a new job, it might be a good idea to hire one of the most reliable commercial movers Manhattan. Every commercial relocation involves a lot of tasks and potential issues, especially when it involves traveling to or from a busy location like Manhattan. This is why one of the first ways to deal with the relocation is to hire movers to handle the move for you. Best Movers NYC provides a wide variety of moving companies that can assist you in effectively completing this process.

a man thinking about making a decision Manhattan vs. Brooklyn
If you have decided to move to Manhattan, rest assured that you will easily find a good job there. Brooklyn also has a low unemployment rate.

Crime rate

One of the most important criteria when moving to New York is to consider the cost of living. Since NYC is not considered one of the safest places in the world, make sure to pay special attention to this factor. However, over the past 20 years, violent crimes have steadily decreased across the city. The crime index for Manhattan is 30, while the one in Brooklyn is 32. Therefore, Brooklyn has a higher crime rate than Manhattan. However, this might be a result of the fact that Brooklyn has a much greater population. Therefore, when it comes to safety, Manhattan might be a better option for you, especially if you have a family and kids.

The safest places in Manhattan and Brooklyn

One of the safest areas in Manhattan are Roosevelt Island, Battery Park, Tribeca, and Murray Hill. If you still want to make sure that the neighborhood you have chosen is safe enough, make sure to pay a visit to a prospective neighborhood where you’re looking to rent or buy an apartment. There are certain things that might indicate that the neighborhood is quite safe. Namely, things like clean, well-lit streets and well-kept buildings are excellent indicators that the locals have invested in their community.

On the other hand, one of the safest places in Brooklyn are Bay Ridge, Borough Park, Midwood, and Sheepshead Bay. Investigating the parts of this borough that have the lowest crime rates will be a crucial step in your decision-making process. Whether you’re relocating with a family and want to locate a safe spot to raise your kids or you’re living alone, doing your own research is the best possible option.

Transportation comparison: Brooklyn vs Manhattan

If you live in New York City, you will definitely be compelled to travel between various locations. Therefore, transportation options are quite crucial when it comes to moving to Brooklyn or Manhattan. Namely, you can use the subway to quickly go from one location to another when traveling from Brooklyn to Manhattan or vice versa. However, there are connections for transit between these two communities and the rest of the NYC region. Whatever place you choose, it will not be difficult to travel from place to place. On the other hand, when it comes to hiring movers to transport you and your belongings to NYC, Manhattan movers are the best choice for you.

a person on a bridge in New York during a sunny day thinking about the Brooklyn vs Manhattan question
Even if you live in Brooklyn, the city is so well connected it won’t take you more than 20 minutes to get to Manhattan.

When it comes to commuting, Manhattan definitely allows rapid access to anywhere. Namely, even if you live in the Upper East Side but have sold a lot in Soho, for instance, you will have no trouble commuting from one area to another. You will just have to get on the subway, and you will be down to Soho in around 15 to 20 minutes.

Brooklyn offers an advantage when it comes to commuting

Brooklyn might not be much more affordable than Manhattan. On the contrary, the prices are slowly becoming more and more similar. However, the truth is that Brooklyn might be your greatest option if you need some relaxation between your working hours work and getting home. Taking the F train in Brooklyn might be the perfect solution. For instance, you may take the F train from Park Slope and arrive at the 42nd Street Station in Midtown in about 40 minutes. Moreover, residents of Dumbo in Brooklyn are aware that taking the F train will get them to Midtown in about 15 minutes. Therefore, if you are concerned about how you will continue with your business once you have moved to Brooklyn, make sure to think about hiring good commercial movers Brooklyn to help you relocate your company easily and quickly.

a man on a subway thinking about which transportation options are better Brooklyn vs Manhattan
If you are a commuter, rest assured that both Manhattan and Brooklyn offer various transportation options.

The quality of life matters

No matter which of the two boroughs you pick, you can rest assured that you’ll have an awesome time and enjoy all the things that they have to offer. Apart from their entertainment options, attractions and nightlife, there are other aspects that influence the quality of life. Such factors include healthcare, climate, and pollution. Once you have been relocated to Brooklyn by one of the best long distance movers Brooklyn, you will be able to see that the quality in Manhattan is pretty high.

Both Brooklyn and Manhattan are highly sought-after by people who want to live, work, and go out in a place full of life and energy. In terms of quality of life, they are both up there, boasting an index of around 115 in Manhattan and 142 in Brooklyn. It all comes down to what your personal needs are. As it was already mentioned, the cost of living and purchasing a property in Manhattan are as high as they can get. Even though the prices might be high, you get more safety if you move there. On the other hand, in Brooklyn, you get less traffic and less pollution.

View of the Skyline – the Manhattan atmosphere is unmatched

This one goes to Manhattan. The first thing people think of when they hear the word “Manhattan” is its skyline. Pick any movie happening in Manhattan, and you’ll see what we’re talking about. You can see many tall buildings that make you feel like you’re on top of the world. You might visit places like Astoria, Greenpoint, and Williamsburg. Those will make you immediately call long distance movers in Manhattan and schedule a relocation.

a faraway view of Manhattan
The skyline in Manhattan is absolutely stunning and cannot be compared to the one in Brooklyn.

This doesn’t mean Brooklyn has nothing to offer when it comes to a nice skyline. The fact that it’s not as impressive as Manhattans doesn’t mean it’s bad. It has a lot of nice buildings and views on all sides of the neighborhood. If you get on one of the taller buildings, you’ll discover that the view is magnificent.

Suburban life vs big city life

You can immediately guess where each of the neighborhoods belongs in a Brooklyn vs Manhattan discussion.

If you want to truly feel New York’s energy, try out the nightlife, and enjoy views from skyscrapers, Manhattan is exactly the place for you. It’s a city that never sleeps and provides all sorts of entertainment. There are cinemas that work 24/7, some famous shows like Broadway, and New York is known for some wild nightclubs you can visit if you are a night owl. Don’t hesitate to move to Manhattan if that’s your jam. People who love socializing and meeting new people will feel the most comfortable in this big and famous neighborhood.

However, the problem with Manhattan is that most people you will meet there are probably going to be out of town. You’ll mostly meet students from campuses, wealthy out-of-towners, and other people who don’t intend on staying in the city for too long. That’s what makes it difficult to create some serious connections and meaningful relationships in this area.

student discussing where to move to: Brooklyn vs Manhattan
If you are concerned with the kind of population in Manhattan, consider the fact that there are many students who reside in Manhattan.

What’s different about Brooklyn?

Brooklyn is exactly the opposite. Even though it’s far from a quiet neighborhood, it is very peaceful compared to Manhattan. When choosing between Manhattan vs Brooklyn, people with children and those who are used to living in a quieter environment will not hesitate to call long distance movers in Brooklyn and immediately book a relocation to this area of New York.

Another thing that makes Brooklyn a great choice for living is the fact that you can easily access Manhattan from Brooklyn. There are many ways to do that. You can use the train, go by car or just cycle. So, you can get the best of both worlds. You can live in an area with a suburban feel to it and still visit Manhattan when you want to have some fun. You will be allowed to live a nice, peaceful life and still access some of those legendary nightclubs.

Manhattan during the evening.
If you love the nightlife, Manhattan is the right place for you. It is full of great nightclubs.

A paradise for foodies vs Top-level dining

In many ways, choosing between Manhattan vs Brooklyn will mean you will have to sacrifice some pleasures of one neighborhood for the other. If you want to go clubbing every evening, you will have to leave behind the tranquility of one neighborhood. If you want a suburban feeling in your new home, you should forget about living close to all the big events. However, there is one thing you will have in both of these neighborhoods, no matter what. They are both perfect for food lovers. Yes, there are certain differences between them, but that makes them only more attractive. If you love food, don’t hesitate to schedule a relocation with local movers in Brooklyn.

Manhattan was always known to be the center of fine dining and higher-end restaurants. People go there prepared to give a lot of money for the perfect service. A lot of people are perfectly fine with this concept and accept that a good bite will cost you. So, most high-end restaurants in Manhattan will provide you with some delicious food. If there is a special occasion you would like to celebrate, that’s a perfect way to do it. You can always take a loved one or your coworkers into one of these restaurants, and you’ll make them feel special and appreciated.

And what about Brooklyn?

It’s a bit different when it comes to Brooklyn. If you move to Brooklyn with the Best Movers NYC has to offer, you will also have a chance to find luxurious restaurants in Brooklyn. They aren’t as pricy as the ones in Manhattan, but they exist. However, the thing that makes Brooklyn better is the street food and affordability of food. A lot of world-renowned chefs have started to give back the Michelin stars they’ve won over the last few decades. The reason? They believe stars are actually making them less creative. So, in Brooklyn, you will find the very opposite. The chefs are totally free to express their culinary skills. And that attracts a lot of people. Food made with love is always better than something standardized. Their prices are far cheaper as well. Without their stars, they have to offer lower prices.

a restaurant in Brooklyn
The restaurants in Brooklyn offer much more affordable food than those in Manhattan.

So which one is the foodie paradise between Brooklyn vs Manhattan?

This one goes to Brooklyn. Even though Manhattan has some great restaurants, you can find exclusive, high-class restaurants in Brooklyn as well. The difference is that Brooklyn also offers a vast variety of street food. A lot of artists want to show their skills, and that means even people with lower incomes can get something delicious to eat.

There is also the atmosphere. A lot of people would love to grab a bite while they walk their dogs. That’s a nice way to relax, but it’s something you wouldn’t be able to enjoy in Manhattan. You might enjoy it in areas like the Bronx, but if food plays an important role in your life and you are a foodie yourself, Brooklyn won’t disappoint you.

Another important element is the number of restaurants. While Manhattan used to enjoy the title of restaurant Mecca, that’s actively changing. In the last few years, Brooklyn caught up to Manhattan, and now, in terms of numbers, they are more or less the same.

Attractions play a big part in Manhattan vs Brooklyn

When it comes to attractions, there is no better place to visit than Manhattan. Everyone who’s ever watched a movie about New York knows that the most attractions are in Manhattan. Manhattan has places like:

  • Empire State Building – the iconic tower associated with King Kong and many classic movies from the golden age of cinema.
  • Metropolitan museum of art – if you are an artist, you have probably heard of this place many times. It’s the biggest museum in the USA and it hosts one of the biggest collections of art pieces in the world.
  • Broadway shows – if there is one thing that can be called iconic in Manhattan, it’s the Broadway shows that are played every week.
a banner that states Broadway Canyon of heroes
Broadway is one among many attractions you can visit in Manhattan.

Brooklyn is totally different. When it comes to attractions, there is no specific place in Brooklyn that can be called “world-famous”, unlike a dozen places in Manhattan. That doesn’t mean attractions in Brooklyn don’t exist. There are some really nice places to visit:

  • Prospect park – It’s famous for its rich and well-equipped botanic garden, great for taking long walks.
  • Coney Island Luna Park – It’s considered to be the most fun attraction in Brooklyn.
  • Prospect Park Zoo – Great place to take your kids for a nice trip.

Cons of living in a place full of attractions

While it can be fun to live surrounded by attractions, it also has its bad sides. Manhattan is always full of tourists trying to reach a certain place. They cause you to trip over, traffic jams, and sometimes even scenes in public. If you are a person who likes their neighborhood to be a peaceful place, you should avoid moving to Manhattan, and your long distance NYC movers should take you to some more tranquil place. It’s one of the most visited spots on the planet. That tells you enough about how “peaceful” it is.

Brooklyn is much more peaceful for the same reason. Yes, there are tourists in Brooklyn, but you won’t see them everywhere all the time. You will be able to enjoy living in a relatively peaceful environment.

Times Square is full of people.
If you opt for Manhattan, you will have to deal with a lot more tourists than in Brooklyn.

So, which one is New York City’s best borough?

There are so many reasons to love both Brooklyn and Manhattan. Both are fascinating in their own way. However, your choice between Manhattan vs. Brooklyn should be based on what you’re looking for. Living in Manhattan means living literally in the center of the world. You have everything at your disposal, and the city never rests.

On the other hand, Brooklyn is much more affordable. If you plan to move with some of the best residential movers in Brooklyn to NY on a budget, Brooklyn is a far better option when deciding between Manhattan vs Brooklyn. It is also much more peaceful. Traffic jams aren’t as common, and there aren’t too many people on the streets. You can actually have quiet walks without having to endure torture from loud noises everywhere around you. Last but not least, you will be able to enjoy some delicious food for a small price.

Final thoughts

Whichever you choose, Brooklyn or Manhattan, rest assured that both are wonderful places to call home. You will never be more than a subway ride away from either of these locations. What will determine which one you decide to call home: Brooklyn vs Manhattan, is your priorities in life. First, you will need to find the answers to all the questions. Next, you will need to find the neighborhoods that might be the best fit for you with the aid of an expert real estate agent. Once you have done your research, you will be able to enjoy your new home.

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