Best neighborhoods for renters in Manhattan

If moving to NYC is among your plans for this year, make yourself a cup of your favorite hot drink and check some of the best neighborhoods for renters in Manhattan. Even this well-known area of NYC has so many neighborhoods to choose from, depending on your preferences. However, remember it will take time to prepare before you pack your bags and boxes and hit the road. This certainly doesn’t mean that moving is a mission impossible. It’s actually doable, as long as you have credible movers to help you complete it. We at Best Movers NYC can save you lots of time searching and match you with numerous potential movers based on your needs and budget. Feel free to contact us, and we’ll do our best to ensure you have a stress-free relocation to your chosen Manhattan neighborhood!

What makes some neighborhoods in Manhattan better than others?

Considering that Manhattan is a famous place in NYC for its many advantages, it’s difficult to say which neighborhoods count as the best ones. However, some of them have it all and are sought-after by all age groups.  When a place is perfect for students, young professionals, families, and even seniors, it becomes one of the top inbound destinations. Most neighborhoods within Manhattan are considered some of the best places for living. Those who plan to rent their place can expect to see numerous listings of various living options, be it a brick-wall loft, or a modern apartment.

two people looking for neighborhoods for renters in Manhattan
When moving to NYC, people often choose to live in some of the best neighborhoods for renters in Manhattan.

People often choose the neighborhood according to their preferences. Some prefer walkable areas with greenery and living a bit farther from city’s hustle and bustle, while other seek places with more entertainment options. All of Manhattan’s prominent neighborhoods have plenty to offer in terms of culture or entertainment. As one of NYC’s cultural melting pots, Manhattan is a place to be. No matter which of these neighborhoods to choose, be sure you won’t make a mistake:

  • Murray Hill
  • Battery Park City
  • Tribeca
  • Upper West Side
  • Hell’s Kitchen 
  • Soho

The best neighborhoods for renters in Manhattan are those with excellent connections with important parts of NYC

According to various conducted surveys, the most popular places for a living are those that are easy to commute from. Both remote and office workers confirm this. Life in NYC is fast-paced and busy all the time, which is why people look forward to saving some time commuting.

Crime rate is an important factor too

A low crime rate means more peace and a higher level of safety in the community. This is why most families and seniors gravitate towards parts of Manhattan that have a solid reputation. Battery Park, Tribeca, and Murray Hill qualify as the safest areas not just in Manhattan, but in the entire city of New York.

a person going to work in the morning
The neighborhoods in Manhattan have a low crime rate.

Move to one of the most popular Manhattan neighborhoods among renters

It’s not news that the majority of people in NYC rent their homes. However, house prices aren’t the same in every part of the city. Speaking of Manhattan, rent prices may differ from neighborhood to neighborhood. That being said, spend some time researching the neighborhoods in Manhattan and then contact qualified movers.

Murray Hill

If you wish to rent a home in a neighborhood with top-notch restaurants and bars, Murray Hill is the best choice! Although smaller in size, this place is another crucial spot in NYC. this is where the food and party hub with frequent happy hours. Tourism is on the rise in Murray Hill, as more and more people are interested in exploring this part of Manhattan. Housing is affordable, and life runs a bit slower compared to the rest of the city. Murray Hill has all you need – gyms, bars, shops with quality groceries, walkable areas like St. Vartan Park, and more. Wait no more, and check what moving companies Murray Hill residents speak highly of!

Battery Park City

Battery Park City is, by far, one of the best places in NYC to work and live. Be sure that once you book one of the best long distance moving companies Battery Park City has, your new life will begin. Those who moved to this unique neighborhood mostly speak about the benefits of living there. It’s an amazing waterfront-facing neighborhood where living is bliss. Battery Park has all the needed amenities in one place, as well as different restaurant options popular by food tourists!

What’s also good about living in Battery Park City is its proximity to New Jersey. Just jump on a ferry and enjoy when you want to break away from the daily buzz of NYC. But before that, book some of the best local movers in Battery Park City.

NYC waterfront in the sunset
Waterfront view is a common trait of the best neighborhoods for renters in Manhattan.


The community in Tribeca is something you’ll appreciate the most once you move there. Being home to the famous Tribeca Film Festival, this lovely place in NYC is a cultural and artistic melting pot. Lower than average rent prices, a peaceful environment, and low crime rates make this neighborhood popular among families. Furthermore, entrepreneurs who seek to run their small business from a peaceful NYC area with good connections to the city often move to Tribeca as well. If you see it as your new home, select your best moving company in Tribeca, and start preparing for your new life chapter.

Upper West Side

Upper West Side has plenty to offer as one of the safest Manhattan neighborhoods. Beautiful architecture, proximity to Central Park, museums, and all amenities at hand are just some of the benefits. It might take a bit longer to find a perfect place for rent since this area is quite popular. Nevertheless, it’s worth the effort and patience. Just make sure to hire a realtor who can walk you through a housing market on the Upper West Side.

empty bar in NYC
Residents of Manhattan have excellent wine and dining spots at hand.

Life in the Upper West Side is all but monotonous. People from all parts of the world make this diverse and vibrant environment! The neighborhood is also home to American Museum of Natural History, John Lennon’s memorial, and worldwide known for Levain cookies! In addition, Upper West Side has quite an affordable housing market. You should consider moving to this amazing part of NYC for all these reasons. Just pick among some of the best local movers Upper West Side offers, and get moving!

Hell’s Kitchen

We can’t even speak of top Manhattan neighborhoods without mentioning the infamous Hell’s Kitchen. There are many reasons why you shouldn’t wait any longer and start browsing long distance moving companies Manhattan residents trust the most. Hell’s Kitchen has developed in recent two decades, which resulted in an increased number of residents. Affordable living, excellent connections to the rest of NYC, and many things to do and see are enough to attract many newcomers. If you enjoy waterfront views, then this is where you will enjoy living. Plus, there will be a lot for you to explore – from an array of cafes and dining spots to unique galleries and museums such as the Irish Arts Center and Space Museum.


Moving to Soho will be one of your best decisions. The neighborhood is not only one of the safest in NYC but also pretty affordable! At the same time, you get to keep living a quality and financially stable lifestyle. Furthermore, living in Soho means keeping up with rich Manhattan’s cultural scene. Furthermore, the community is quite laid-back and welcoming, so rest assured that you’ll call Soho your new home soon! You’ll also be pleasantly surprised to see how well-connected this neighborhood is with the most important spots in the city. A short ride will do just fine. Therefore, make sure to check out the best movers in Soho as soon as you decide when you will be moving!

two women walking and talking about the best neighborhoods for renters in Manhattan.
Manhattan neighborhoods have so much to offer.

Things to do before renting an apartment in your chosen Manhattan neighborhood

Before you even start looking for moving companies, make sure you have the most important things sorted out:

  • Job situation – as much as moving to Manhattan on a whim seem like an exciting, movie-like idea, it will do you a disservice. Although NYC’s job market is booming, nothing guarantees you you’ll find your dream job in less than a week.
  • Savings – Save up some money so you can have a stress-free start in NYC until your first salary.
  • Housing – Living in a hotel or Airbnb while you’re looking for apartments will deplete a great deal of your savings. Unless you have a temporary place to say (at a friend’s home, for example), better opt for an apartment hunt from a distance.

Hire a realtor to guide you through housing options in the best neighborhoods for renters in Manhattan

Nobody can give you better housing advice than an experienced and trustworthy real estate agent who knows the area well. An agent can help you quickly find a place that combines your preferences and affordable rent price. If you’re starting a new job position in NYC soon, find a trusted realtor and solve your housing situation in no time. Also, ensure a budget is prepared since most landlords ask for a deposit in advance.

Landing an apartment in the above-mentioned neighborhoods shouldn’t be a long-lasting process. Just follow a realtor’s advice, and also make sure to browse homes online. Whenever you come across a particular listing that interests you, consult your realtor and see if it’s worth your time. Professional assistance can help you avoid any suspicious apartment listings in NYC and find a decent place for yourself.

Choose credible movers to relocate you to one of the top neighborhoods in Manhattan for renters

Good movers will go the extra mile for you and always put your wishes and needs first. This is why the company that handles your move matters a lot. It might seem trustworthy companies are difficult to find, while it’s actually otherwise. You just have to know where and how to search for the movers that provide all services your move requires at reasonable prices.

Consider only publicly listed movers

Avoid suspicious advertisements that might be posted by fraudulent companies and rather opt for publicly listed movers. To make a search process faster, you can check the companies that match the customers with their ideal movers. They have a database of reputable movers in NYC, which reduces the chance to stumble upon suspicious movers that may bring you unnecessary stress. The companies that work in the best interest of their clients will remove all your worries and take full responsibility for your moving journey.

Pick a company according to your budget and the duration of the move

If you’re moving from another part of NYC, then your move won’t take you too much time to complete. However, if moving from another state, prepare for an extensive moving preparation before the actual move takes place. This is why choosing a reliable company is extremely important. Therefore, choose a few registered and licensed movers with high ratings and prearrange their free moving quotes. Opt for long-distance moving companies that offer a wide range of different moving and packing services. Also, pay attention to the quality and safety of their indoor storage solutions. Once you are entirely sure the company has all essential points checked, contact their staff and schedule your move.

two friends chatting before they continue packing the boxes for the move
Let certified moving specialists take care of your move!

Treat your relocation journey as a step-by-step process

Once you pick one of the best neighborhoods for renters in Manhattan and a professional moving crew, all you have to do is plan your move and execute it without a hurry. Only that way, you can have the completely stress-free move you wish for and begin a new life in Manhattan on the right foot. So, take time to deal with each moving task, and enjoy the process – from planning to unpacking.

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