How to move your small business from NYC to NJ

Every relocation is time-consuming and very stressful. However, when you’re moving your company, it is even more so. Apart from having an endless number of tasks you have to finish, you also have to take care of all the details. You have to include your coworkers and your employees in the process. Sometimes it can be exhausting and nerve-wracking. You don’t only need to find some of the best movers NYC to relocate your office and company items, but to make sure everything else goes flawlessly. Moving a business sometimes looks like you have to start over. And when you’re moving from NYC to NJ, there are some additional points you have to pay attention to. This is especially the case if you have started your company in New York City. So, if you want to know how to move your small business from NYC to NJ, read on.

Before starting a move, make a plan

As with any relocation, making a plan is crucial. When relocating a business, it is even more important to have everything thoroughly planned. First of all, you need to include your coworkers and employees in the process. You should:

  • Make a moving and packing checklist;
  • Give tasks to other members of your company;
  • Find a reliable company;
  • Handle all the legal tasks.
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Handle all of the legal tasks when moving a business from NYC to NJ

Make sure you hire reliable long distance movers NYC that will be able to help you with your relocation. If you want to downsize the number of tasks you are going to give to your employees, you might even see if they offer packing services. Or, if they don’t, they can recommend trustworthy and efficient packers too.

How easy is it to move your small business from NYC to NJ?

If, in addition to moving your business from NYC to NJ, you decide to live there too, you will gain a lot. Some immediate benefits of leaving New York City include having more room, a lawn or backyard, a larger home, and reduced taxes. Therefore, for most people considering relocating to New Jersey, the advantages typically exceed the disadvantages, making the decision straightforward. In this case, of course, you will also have to hire residential movers NYC to help you conduct your relocation. It may be a lot to handle, two types of relocation at the same time. However, moving to NJ will be worth it once it is over.

The difference between registering a business in NYC and NJ

Well, there is an additional matter that New York-based business owners must take care of in order to lawfully operate their enterprises in their new home state during the transition. As we have already mentioned, when relocating your company from NYC to NJ, there is one detail you have to pay special attention to. You may need to register your LLC or company with the New Jersey State Division of Revenue and Enterprise Services in any case.

Of course, you have known you will have to do that if you plan on conducting the business in both states. However, you will also have to do it, even if you plan to shut down your NYC office and transfer your business to NJ. According to New Jersey law, you are required to register as a foreign business entity if you are doing business or within the state. The phrase foreign here simply denotes the fact that your company was not first registered in New Jersey but in another state.

Don’t forget to inform your clients

Whether your business move is permanent or temporary, you should always inform your clients and business partners. If you don’t do so, you will create a lot of problems. First of all, it will seem unprofessional and you may lose clients. Secondly, they may not be able to contact you, and you may lose them anyway. Of course, relocating a business, in any case, means losing some of the clients because when you move to a state, that won’t fit everyone. But, at least you can stay professional and contact all the partners to tell them the news.

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Inform your clients about the relocation

Certainly, keep the clients, partners, and vendors informed on the dates. This means you have to tell them if you are doing business during the relocation process, or if you are taking a break. Either way, change and update the information on your website and social network profiles. This way, your clients will know that you are working hard. They will most likely want to stay in business with you, even if it can be inconvenient for them when you move your small business from NYC to NJ.

Change the address

Of course, thanks to the NJ law we have already mentioned, you won’t have any problems when you finish all the paperwork in that state. However, make sure you do the same in NYC. While commercial movers NYC are transferring your belongings, make sure you don’t leave anything else behind you unsettled. In the same way as you have (or you are going to soon) informed your clients and partners, inform all the necessary authorities in NYC. First of all, change the business address. You don’t want the important documents to get lost. Not just that, you don’t want to keep paying taxes. Most certainly, you don’t want to have any law problems because you forgot to do such a simple thing.

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It is easier to move your small business from NYC to NJ if you include employees in the process

Take care of your employees

Relocating a business may be difficult because you have to finish a lot of paperwork and handle the legal tasks. However, don’t forget to be considerate toward your employees. First of all, some of them are losing their job because they can’t move. Those who can are going through a significant change, as well. So, show them that you understand them. Including them in physical labor can be useful. However, if you ask for their opinion about other things also, you will show that you value them. Only if you work together, you can move your small business from NYC to NJ easily.


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