Best parts in NYC for single parents

Trying to give your kids everything they need and want is something that every parent is trying to do. Every day. One of the biggest challenges people with kids are struggling with is choosing the best neighborhood for their kids to grow up in. There are so many things that you need to search for in a place. And all of these things are twice harder for a single parent. So, check this guide for the best parts in NYC for single parents. Hopefully, it will help you determine what the place to move to is. And one of the biggest help you can find is hiring some of the best moving companies, such as Brooklyn Movers NYC. They will make your relocation much easier.

Why is NYC the best choice for you?

NYC is one of the most famous and most visited cities in the whole world. Therefore, many people are trying to find their home here. People of all ages are just waiting for their chance to move here and have some of the best life ever. And as soon they get a chance, they hire NYC long distance movers and start the journey of a lifetime.

When it comes to the costs of living, it mostly depends on the neighborhoods in NYC and the ways of living. Of course, we do not have to mention that NYC is also in the top 5 cities in the whole world when it comes to great new job opportunities. The school system is very well developed here, so your kids will be having a chance to go to some of the most prestigious and famous private and public schools.

If you are looking for a place that has many activities and possibilities to have fun as single parents, neighborhoods in NYC are just the right for you. Once you decide which neighborhood will be the best for you as a single parent, do not hesitate to contact the moving company and hire professionals to help you with this task.

view of best parts in NYC for single parents
Look for some of the best parts in NYC for single parents

Best parts in NYC for single parents

As we have said before, NYC has some of the finest neighborhoods that are suitable for people of all ages. But when it comes to the best parts in NYC for single parents, few of them stand out.

  1. Forest Hills, Queens
  2. Battery Park City, Manhattan
  3. Great Kills, Staten Island
  4. Park Slope, Brooklyn
  5. Riverdale, Bronx

No matter which one of these you choose, you will not make a mistake. However, if these neighborhoods are not something that you are looking for, there are plenty of others that you might find the best for you. Either way, the best advice for relocation is to hire some of the best residential movers NYC has. Having a relocation organized by a professional is something we will recommend to anybody, no matter the location they are moving to.

Forest Hills

This lovely neighborhood is located in Queens, one of the best NYC neighborhoods. Single parents choose this part of NYC mainly because of the low crime rate. Forest Hills is 80 percent safer than the rest of the NYC neighborhoods. This is maybe the main reason why people choose to move here with help from Queens local movers.

The question that interests you all is what is the home price and median purchase price. You can find a home with an average price of $444,350, and the median purchase price is around $1500. But do not let these numbers scare you. there are many great things about this place that once you figure out how lovely it would be to raise a child here, you will forget about the costs of living.

Forest Hills is a perfect destination for those who love green areas and lovely food, which makes this place perfect for single parents. The best part of this neighborhood is that here you can find Forest Hills Montessori School. This school has been voted for several years to be the best school in the whole of NYC. Other schools are also highly rated, so you can relax once your kid gets there.

What can you do here?

Things you can do with your kids here are numerous. There are so many seasonal events that will give you a sense of hospitality and loyalty to the residents of Forest Hills. You can find numerous festivals and happenings that both you and your kids will enjoy. The cultural events are also on a high level. Whatever you and your kid like to do together or separate, you can find it here. So take your phone and make a call to hire residential movers Queens has and start packing.

kids playing
Think about the kids when you choose the best parts in NYC for single parents

Battery Park City is one of the best parts in NYC for single parents

This lovely part of NYC is located in Manhattan and gives you a chance to live in a simple small home and still be close to the center of the city. There are tons of reasons why single parents choose to move here. One of them is that if they work in the center, it will not take too much to commute to job and from job. Kids they have will spend minimum time alone after school.

Speaking of schools, Manhattan is known to be the best place for developing and learning. Numerous schools will provide your kids with some of the best education possible. Therefore, many single parents are moving here because of the get job opportunities. So, if you are this type of a single parent, if you are looking for a better job opportunity and still live in the nice neighborhood for your kid, hire commercial movers Manhattan has and relocate as soon as possible.

It is a little more expensive than the Forets Hills. The home price is around $750,00 and the median purchase price is around $3000. On the other hand, it is also a safe place to live, with only 5 percent more crime level than the Forest Hills.

The streets here are so clean that you will be surprised and also shocked at the same time. You will not believe that you are living in the heart of New York, yet in a different area. Battery Park City does not have many tourists as the Manhattan center, making it easier to maintain.

Things you can do here

There are numerous parks and sports fields that your kid will enjoy. It will also give you a chance to spend quality time outside with your children. You will be able to see Manhattan from a different respective. It is not so busy and overcrowded, and you might have thought so. And for those who like shopping, there are Madewell, Louis Vuitton, Suitsupply, and all of that in Brookfield Place. When it comes to bars and restaurants, there are some nice cuisines that you will enjoy. You can even find a place that will be your and your kid’s routine. Research about those places before the local movers in Manhattan has relocated you. This way you will be ready the moment you enter your home.

mother and kids
Provide your kids with the best you can

One of the best parts of NYC for single parents is Great Kills

Located on Staten Island, this place is the safest one. The crime level is less than 5 percent. You will be able to let your kids play outside even when it is late at night. This part of NYC represents the perfect suburb for people of all ages, not only for single parents. The neighbors are polite and friendly and everywhere you can find pet-friendly places. This is important if you want to give your kid an obligation, such as having a pet.

It is pretty easy to commute from here to the center of the city, so finding a job in the center will not make you lose too much time n transportation. Speaking of transportation, the public one hire is voted to be the perfect one. The trains and the buses are never late, and you will not be in a chance to miss any happening or occasion.

Things single parents are looking for are great schools. And you can find some of those here. Some of the greatest ones are The Barbara Esselborn School, The Gifford Schools, etc.

How to have fun in Great Kills

You can have a kayak tour to start. If you are not a fan of this sort, you can just spend your time at the beach. And while your kid is having fun with his friends, you can join a Book Discussion Group, one of the most famous ones. You can participate in so many activities and meet so many new people. If you choose to relocate here, you will not be without friends for a long time.

kids in school
Choose the place with great schools

Park Slope

This might be the perfect place for single parents looking to expand or start a new business. Even though it cannot measure with Manhattan, Park Slope offers much. Located in Brooklyn, Park Slope is a great combination of living on the edge. And by that, we mean living in the big city but still feeling like you live in some kind of a suburb. The commute from here to every other part of NYC is really easy and simple.

There are so many tree-lined streets, a lot of restaurants and what is most important, so many activities suitable for children. Another great thing that makes this place great for single parents is that here you can find one of the best private schools in the area, Berkeley Carroll School. So if you like what you read and you are willing to move here, do not wait any longer and contact one of the best residential movers Brooklyn has.

Things you can do in Park Slope, one of the best parts in NYC for single parents

One of the things that people here really like o do is to have a picnic. You can do it in sprawling Prospect Park. Or you can just take a walk on the numerous trails. There is one more thing people like here. And that is Ladybird Bakery. this place is number one according to the residents. You will love ts spend some time here with you.


Among the listed ones, Riverdale in the Bronx is the most affordable one. With home prices of $360,000 and the median purchase price of $1400, you will be able to find a nice place with your average salary. The reason we are mentioning this is that most single parents are struggling with the salaries and the things they can afford. So if you live in a more affordable place but are still in NYC, you will be more productive. What is more important, you will have a desire to grow.

Riverdale is also one of the most family-friendly parts of NYC, and there are many reasons for that. The number one is the easy commute and the other is nature. Hudson Rivers’s views are something that everyone should experience in their life. So if the opportunity comes by, do not waste it. Call residential movers Bronx has and start packing.

You will be able to get a home with a yard. This is important for single parents. Your kid will have a place to play outside without leaving the house and you will be able to watch him and feel safe.

Make your new routine that you and your kids will enjoy

No matter where you choose to live, we are sure that you are giving your best to educate your kids and give them the childhood they deserve. Looking fr these best parts in NYC for single parents, you will have a more vivid picture of what makes your place the most suitable one. Do not forget to include the kids in this decision Even though they are younger and inexperienced, they still have a right to vote and choose the place they want to grow up in.

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