5 reasons to move to Astoria this year

Whether you’re living somewhere in New York City, or you’re only now looking to move there, choosing Astoria won’t be a mistake. Queens in general is right up there with Manhattan as the best out of 5 NYC boroughs, and Astoria is surely one of the best neighborhoods in Queens. It is a diverse place with many young people living in it, and it’s very appealing as a moving destination. In this article, Best Movers NYC will present you with 5 reasons to move to Astoria, and after reading it, we’re sure that you’ll want to move there as soon as possible. So, let’s jump into it.

Compared to the surrounding neighborhoods and NYC in general, Astoria can be considered affordable

Not often do you get a chance to talk about certain parts of New York City and call them affordable, but, by NYC standards, Astoria seems like an exception. While the cost of living in the neighborhood is severely higher than the USA average, almost 100% to be precise, compared to the nearby neighborhoods throughout Manhattan and Queens, Astoria can be considered affordable. The utility bill for the average home is around $140, which is less than in most of NYC. Groceries are moderately priced as well. And, of course, before you give a call to local movers in Queens, you should learn a thing or two about the housing market in Astoria. Stay tuned, because we’ll cover the real estate prices in the next section.

A woman counting money on a table and using a notebook to write down some of the best reasons to move to Astoria.
A moderate cost of living compared to the other NYC  neighborhoods is one of the best reasons to move to Astoria.

Reasonable housing prices are one of the best reasons to move to Astoria

We’ll start with the home prices in general, although most Astoria’s residents are looking to rent rather than buy a house. But, don’t worry we’ll cover that as well. The median home price in Astoria is $800,000. That is higher than the NYC average of $770,000 but keep in mind that the neighborhood of Astoria has a much better location than the majority of neighborhoods across the 5 NYC boroughs. It goes without saying that house prices are rising continuously, so if you’re willing to purchase a home in Astoria, you should do it sooner rather than later.

Moving on to the rental prices, this is where it gets really good. Below, we’ll list average rent prices in Astoria based on the size of the unit.

  1. Studio apartment – $2,100
  2. 1-bedroom apartment – $2,500
  3. 2-bedroom apartment – $2,800
  4. 3-bedroom apartment – $3,300
  5. 4-bedroom apartment – $3,500

To give you something to compare these prices to, the average rent price of a 1-bedroom apartment in NYC Is $3,800 while the 2-bedroom unit is $4,200. So, Astoria will offer you some budget-friendly apartments, especially if you don’t mind living in a studio or a 1-bedroom unit.

A bridge photographed from a park in Astoria.
In Astoria, you can find quite decent apartments for $2,000-$2,500 a month.

A great location

Astoria’s location could benefit you greatly. The neighborhood itself is amazing and you have everything you need within it, but it’s good to know that if you want to spend your free time outside of it (or you’re working outside Astoria), Midtown Manhattan is really close. Central Park and Times Square are around 15 minutes away from Astoria, so you won’t be spending a lot of your time commuting. Besides the closeness of Manhattan, we should also tell you that Bronx and Harlem are just a short ride away as well. And, of course, the whole borough of Queens is around you.

Simply put, Astoria is one of the best-placed neighborhoods in NYC. If you’re moving business to Astoria, it could boost your prospect significantly. But moving an office in NYC without some help is difficult to manage. So, hiring commercial movers Queens would be the safest choice.

Astoria Park

Some neighborhoods in NYC have a shortage of green surfaces. But luckily, that’s not the case with Astoria. This neighborhood is home to one of the most beautiful parks in the city. Astoria Park has everything you need. You can enjoy so many outdoor activities there. It has the oldest and largest pool in NYC. We’re sure you won’t want to miss it during the summer days. But, if you’re up for a different activity, or if it’s not summer, there are many tracks, sports courts, and playgrounds to enjoy. And finally, if you only want to clear your mind and rest in a nice picturesque area, Astoria Park offers some of the most amazing waterfront views of Manhattan. As soon as you move with the help of moving companies Astoria NY, we suggest you go to Astoria Park and start enjoying it right from the start.

The Manhattan Skyline after sunset.
When you want to take a break and relax while looking at Manhattan from a distance, you can come to Astoria Park.

Culinary scene

Last but not least, the food scene in Astoria is exceptional. Of course, it’s a big and diverse neighborhood, which is why you’ll encounter dozens of cuisines. There are some top-notch restaurants, and trying new food is always exciting. So, we suggest you keep an open mind and give a chance to all cuisines in Astoria. But, we have to emphasize one of them. Astoria is the heart of Greek-American settlement in the United States, not just NYC. Therefore, you will encounter Greek food everywhere you go, and we’re sure you’re going to love it. Those who have tried Mediterranean food are always coming back for more.

Final thoughts on moving to Astoria

Well, there you have it. Moving to Astoria is certainly a big step. While it’s not easy to make a final call and decide to go on relocation, it’s hard to ignore all the benefits and opportunities that Astoria offers. Remember that these were only some of the best reasons to move to Astoria, which means there are many more.  And since the traffic in NYC can be a bit difficult to deal with, especially for people who are in the middle of relocation, we advise you to hire professionals and ensure a safe moving experience. All that’s left for us to do is to wish you the best of luck!


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